Prana Mojo Shorts Review: Are They Right for You?

No outdoor adventure in the summertime would be perfect without a lightweight and comfortable outfit. Prana Mojo Shorts might have been originally designed for yoga sessions, but in practice, they’re much more versatile.

Should you add them to your outdoor wardrobe too?

Read our Prana Mojo Shorts review and learn if they’re really worth it.

Whether it’s hiking, trekking, running, climbing (climbing short), or camping, if you’re doing it in summer, it will surely involve a lot of sweating. That’s absolutely fine – as long as you’re wearing the right clothes that help you feel fresh, light, and fully flexible regardless of the heat. And that’s exactly what you should expect from Prana‘s Mojo Shorts.

Prana (or prAna) is a popular outdoor clothes and accessories manufacturer based in California. The brand is characterized by sustainability, a minimalistic yet thoughtful approach to design, and very good quality and durability.

But even the best apparel won’t fit everyone. Hopefully, this review will help you decide whether the Prana Mojo Short selections are going to suit your needs. Let’s start with their most distinctive features and specifications.

Features of Prana Mojo Shorts:

  • Synthetic shorts made of 100% polyester
  • Elastic waistband
  • Regular, slightly loose fit
  • Above-knee length
  • UPF 50+ protection
  • Suitable for all activities

Specifications of Prana Mojo Shorts:

  • Style: 2 front pockets + 1 back
  • Belt loops: No
  • Fit: Regular
  • Stretch: Casual
  • Inseam: 9.5-10 inches
  • Available sizes: X-Small – XX-Large
  • First release: September 2, 2009
  • Product dimensions : 7 x 7 x 1 inches
  • Product weight: 4.8 ounces

Advantages of Prana Mojo Shorts

When it comes to perfect sport shorts, each of us probably has slightly different expectations. Some of us need numerous dedicated pockets, others prefer tight-fitting elastic shorts that feel like a second skin. Prana Mojo Shorts stand somewhere in the middle. Their strength lies mainly in their perfect fit, cool minimalistic design, and wonderful durability.

Many avid sportsmen and outdoorsmen consider these shorts their all-time summer favorites. Here are some of their features that might convince you too:

Super-comfortable Prana Shorts

At first sight, Prana Mojo Shorts look like a basic pair of surfer shorts. Not too tight, not too loose, very simplistic and casual. Also, they look like they’re super comfortable to wear – and I’m pleased to confirm that they really are.

The fit is just perfect – no overhanging legs, but no pressure points either. The material is not entirely elastic, but it’s stretchy enough to allow you to move freely, whether you’re scrambling some boulders (bouldering) or just working out on your mat (remember, these shorts were originally designed for yoga which includes many demanding positions and movements).

I really like Mojo’s elastic waistband. It looks sleek and feels absolutely comfortable – just like wearing your boxers. The band is tight enough to feel secure, but it makes no pressure on your stomach or hips (of course, you have to pick the right size for you, which can be a bit difficult as we’ll discuss shortly).


Prana is known to produce clothes that are extremely versatile. Some of them can be literally worn anywhere – from office to metropolitan streets to mountain trails. While Mojo shorts certainly can’t hide their sporty nature, you can rest assured that you won’t attract weird gazes if you wear them in the streets.

But the true versatility of Prana Mojo Shorts lies in their ability to adapt basically to every and any activity you might think about. They’re perfect for hiking, rock climbing, trail running, cycling, or any kind of workout. If you like to keep your wardrobe as minimalistic as possible, this is a perfectly universal solution.


Contrary to how soft (almost plush), light, and delicate these shorts feel, they’re really going to surprise you with their durability. If you’re looking for pants that will endure longer treks or activities that include high friction, you’ll be pleased with the amount of rubbing, scratching, and scraping these shorts can survive without any harm.

Mojo shorts are also perfectly fine with frequent machine washing and drying – the colors are stable and don’t seem to fade, the plush elastic waistband is maintaining its sturdiness and elasticity (including the elastic waist). All in all, these shorts feel just like new for a long time of intensive use.

Timeless design

Would you believe that Prana Mojo Shorts have been released for the very first time in 2009? Yet even after 11 years on the market (with some minor alterations and improvements), they still look perfectly fresh, modern, and cool.

When it comes to design, Prana really nailed it with Mojo, and the vast amount of color variations only underlines how stylish and universally adorable these shorts are.

Disadvantages of Prana Mojo Shorts

Prana Mojo Shorts might be almost perfect, but they still have some weaker points you should know about:

They could be a bit shorter

Yes, I know that when it comes to shorts, our length preferences are highly individual, but I still think that if these pants were just a tiny bit shorter, they’d fit even better. Although their just-above-the knee-length feels perfectly adequate most of the time, I came across some situations (like long and high leg stretches) when I wished I wouldn’t feel their bottom hem getting in the way.

This might have been resolved if the shorts were available in various inseam lengths, but they’re not. In fact, even their smallest version (XS) and largest version (XXL) differ from each other in this regard almost unnoticeable. It would be nice to see more length versions so that everyone could pick their favorite.

Occasional issues with size

Although I didn’t have this problem personally (my Prana Mojo Shorts were perfectly true-to-size), I can’t ignore that many reviewers mention their Mojo Shorts were not accurately large or small for their size.

Unfortunately, since occurrence of these issues seems to be somewhat accidental and unpredictable, there’s no reliable advice to follow (something like “buy one size bigger/smaller”, etc.) On the other hand, if this happens to you, you definitely have a right to return your unfitting shorts in exchange for the proper size. Just make sure to do it asap after the delivery.

Limited pockets

If you can’t imagine a hike without proper cargo pants, Mojo Shorts are probably totally out of option for you. However, even if you think you’d be fine with their 3 simple pockets (two front and one back), you might end up feeling a bit disappointed.

Mojo Shorts have really shallow and not-so-well cut front pockets that will constantly make you worry about anything you might have stored in them. Especially when you sit or squat, your ID or cell phone can slide out smoothly from the pocket like a banana from a peel. At least the back pocket is enclosed with a velcro, but how much can you store in a single pocket?

As a result, I basically started ignoring the pockets altogether and put up with the idea of storing all my belongings in a backpack. Of course, some customers might consider this a deal breaker.

Longer drying

When you see such lightweight and airy shorts as Prana Mojo, you’d think that they must be dry almost instantly. The reality, however, might surprise you.

While Mojo definitely dries out faster than your regular sweatpants or jeans, its thicker parts (especially around the waistband) take a bit longer to dry completely. If you like to pack light and expect to come across all elements, this might be a bit limiting.

Higher price

When it comes to prices, Prana usually stands somewhere in the middle – while you certainly can find some cheaper outdoor apparel on the market, there are numerous significantly more expensive alternatives too.

However, these shorts (of course, depending on the reseller, style, and occasional promotions) in general cost almost the same as regular long outdoor pants for year-round use. Many customers will probably think twice about investing so much in such simplistic shorts.

Prana Mojo Shorts alternatives you might like

Prana Mojo Shorts are great, but they are definitely not the only outdoor shorts on the market worth considering. Here are some alternative products you might like too:

CARWORNIC Men’s Quick Dry Tactical Shorts

Carwornic Men's Quick Dry Tactical Shorts | Amazon

The tactical shorts are made of 90% nylon and 10% spandex, which is quick dry, lightweight and breathable fabric. The fabric is processed with great Water Repellent treatment, effectively repels stains and liquids. it is four-way stretch, flexible for operational or recreational outdoor activities. The shorts are tactical performance design. Elastic waistband comfortable fit your body; Total 7 utility pockets made to hold various tools and equipment.

Buy at
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02/14/2023 03:09 pm GMT

Not entirely convinced about Prana Mojo Shorts? If you miss proper pockets and super-quick drying material, CARWORNIC Men’s Quick Dry Tactical Shorts might be exactly what you need. These shorts come with seven thoughtful pockets designed to accommodate various tools and equipment, plus a durable key chainring in the shape of a triangle.

These shorts are also water-repelling, ultra-fast drying, their cuffs are adapted to sloped terrain for extra comfort and flexibility, and their price is very reasonable.

Fjallraven Men’s Ruaha Shorts

Fjallraven Men's Ruaha Shorts | Amazon

Travel shorts in durable G-1000 Lite. Water resistant and tough yet comfortable. Water Resistant. Light Weight. Breathable Light Weight.

Buy at
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If you want to treat yourself with a piece of luxurious outdoor apparel, Fjallraven Men’s Ruaha Shorts should be high on your list. These shorts manufactured by the iconic Scandinavian brand boast breathable, lightweight, yet impressively water-resistant material, perfect fit, and practical pockets for all the necessities.

Ruaha Shorts also look very well and somewhat old school – there are three natural colors to choose from and the cut will perfectly suit those who don’t like their shorts too loose nor too tight.

Frequently Asked Questions

Here are some of the commonly asked questions about Prana Mojo Shorts:

Are Prana Mojo Shorts made of sustainable and natural materials?

Yes and no. Prana Mojo Shorts are made of 100% recycled polyester microfiber fabric, so while their material is sustainable and environmentally friendly, it’s not natural.

Do Prana Mojo Shorts have an inner liner?

These lightweight outdoor shorts feature a full inseam gusset and both of their front pockets are mesh-lined.

Are Prana Mojo Shorts good for hiking?

While Prana Mojo Shorts were originally designed for yoga exercise, they are perfectly good for most of the sports activities including hiking, running, biking, climbing, etc.

Are Prana Mojo Shorts true to size?

Some reviewers claim that their Prana Mojo Shorts don’t fit as well as they should – some say the shorts are too loose for their size, others claim they received smaller shorts than they thought they’re ordering. Rather than trying some home recipes for shrinking/stretching such unfitting pants, we recommend simply return the product to your reseller and ask for a refund or replacement.

Conclusion – Are Prana Mojo Shorts Really Good For You?

Hiking in the summertime is something I really enjoy. I think that the sense of perfect lightness and freedom of movement is multiplying the doses of endorphins I’m getting to the maximum. Wearing an outfit that lets me enjoy this experience to the fullest is a major advantage – and that’s why I see Prana Mojo Shorts as a stable part of my outdoor wardrobe.

Will you like them too? That really depends on your personal expectations. I totally understand that these shorts don’t fit everyone. If you’re used to having lots of stuff in your pockets, Mojo shorts with their three (somewhat inadequate) pockets will probably make you quite nervous. You might also opt for pants that dry out quicker or cost a bit less.

All in all, Prana Mojo Shorts has thousands of happy users all around the world and I don’t doubt that the numbers will keep growing. Their timeless and versatile design is certainly appealing despite some of the drawbacks.

Need some more inspiration? Check out our tips for the Best Hiking Shorts for Women or Top Pants for Climbing.

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