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\r\nGetting your phone into an Otterbox Symmetry and Otterbox Commuter\r\nNobody wants a phone case that's a headache to get on and off their phone. Getting your phone into each case is relatively easy and shouldn't cause you any trouble. Once in the case, they are held snugly in place.\r\nTo install your Otterbox commuter protective case:\r\n\r\nRemove the outer shell (hard shell) from the inner shell\r\nPlace your phone in the inner shell\r\nThen place your phone into the outer shell starting from the bottom\r\nBe sure to ensure that the phone placement lapses with buttons and port openings\r\n\r\nTo remove your phone from its case, push your thumbs through the icon logo hole and use your fingers to pull back the top corners and support your phone out of the case.\r\nTo install your Otterbox symmetry:\r\n\r\nPlace your phone into the base sideways. Making sure your placement lapses with all button-holes and portholes\r\nPress your phone into the case from the corner and along the sides\r\n\r\nTo remove your phone from the case, pull it away at the top corners, and gently peel it off your phone. And that's it for getting your phone in and out of its case. Easy as ABC.\r\nPrice Difference Between Otterbox Symmetry and Otterbox Commuter\r\n If we're being honest, the price difference between the Otterbox symmetry series and the Commuter series, isn't massive in any way. The difference in price between both cases comes down to what model phone you use. And possibly what brand as well.\r\nFor example, cases for an Apple iPhone X or an Apple iPad would cost more than a case for iPhone 6, 7, and 8 due to their size. Both phone cases are affordable and are worth the additional aesthetics they'll add to your phone.\r\nOther cheaper cases are on the market, but the chances that they'll offer the same amount of protection as these Otterbox cases are slim.\r\nPros and Cons \r\nOtterbox Symmetry Case\r\nPros\r\n\r\nRelatively slim profile\r\nMore style options\r\nEasy to put on and take off\r\nPocket friendly\r\n\r\nCons\r\n\r\nVisible scratches over time\r\nClear case parts yellow over time\r\n\r\nOtterbox Commuter\r\nPros\r\n\r\nDual-layer\r\nApple logo window\r\nVariety of color options\r\nLightning port cover\r\nDurable\r\n\r\nCons\r\n\r\nBulky frame\r\nPlastic appearance\r\n\r\nAlternative Options\r\nUrban Amor Gear Trooper\r\n If you're not interested in either Otterbox Symmetry Commuter, then you should check out the Gear Trooper. This phone case is made by the well-known brand Under Armor. The Gear Trooper offers a wider range of features asides protecting your phone with four layers. It has a hidden pocket that allows you to store your wallet and some cash.\r\nIt also has an oversized charging port that makes it compatible with all kinds of chargers.\r\nAnd finally, the phone case meets the military drop-test standard. UAG's design allows you easy access to your phone's control and ports. And are available in a myriad of vibrant colors. All for an affordable price.\r\n
UAG Trooper Case | Amazon

UAG products reflect the independent spirit of our designers and represent a dedication to superior quality and craftsmanship. Our feather-light composite cases feature a hard outer Shell and a soft impact resistant Core. Although visually striking, the unique shape of the case also provides strength while minimizing size and weight. 

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07/21/2024 06:12 pm GMT
\r\nGriffin Technology Survivor Extreme\r\n Here's a phone case that's best described as rugged. It is perfect for anyone who is likely to drop their phones regularly on solid surfaces. Griffin's Survivor Extreme is able to withstand an incredible 10 ft (3 meters) fall on a concrete floor.\r\nNot only that, but it is also able to get past wet conditions and even mud. Although the chances of dropping your phone in the mud are slim, knowing that your phone would be fine in such a device case is relieving.\r\nAnd you guessed it, the phone case is designed to meet and surpass military standard drop-test. The phone case also comes with a built-in screen protector and a grip belt for your phone. Which is a feature popular amongst its users.\r\nIf you don't fancy keeping your phone in your pocket or holding it in hand, the grip belt gives you room to attach it to your backpack or belt for easy access.\r\n
Griffin Survivor Extreme Protection Case for Apple iPhone 11 Pro Max | Amazon

Designed to deliver maximum defense in a sleek form, Extreme offers a full 16 feet of drop protection. For your toughest journeys, work and play, choose the high performance and adaptable style of Extreme.

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\r\n\r\n\r\n \r\n\r\n
\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nOur Verdict: Otterbox Commuter Vs Symmetry - Which is Better? \r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nBoth the Otterbox commuter and symmetry offer protection to a wide option of smartphones, but which does it better? The phone cases are reasonably priced and do not have any major differences in their prices. The price differences between the cases can be caused by what brand or size your phone is.\r\n
Our Pick
Why Go With the Otterbox Commuter?

The Commuter just offers more protection for outdoor purposes (2 protective layers vs 1). It's a great compromise between the Defender (bulkier with 3 layers), and the single layer Symmetry series.

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\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nBottom Line Summary: For a cover that protects your phone from the rigors of the outdoors life such as hiking, mountain climbing, skiing, and the likes, the Otterbox commuter is the way to go.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nWhile both the Otterbox commuter and symmetry offer great protection from falls, the commuter offers a tad more protection than the symmetry does. This is thanks to its double-layer design. Not to mention its lightning port cover which protects your charging port from dust and dirt serves as an extra layer of protection.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nThe major drawback of this series is its lack of creative options for users to choose from. It is only available in 2 toned solid colors that have already been pre-packaged by Otterbox. And also its bulkier design is a turn off for people who are looking for a sleek look.\r\nRemember earlier we mentioned that phone users of models such as iPhone 7 plus or 8 plus aren't interested in making their devices any bigger.\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nNow that we've gotten that out of the way, it is safe to say that the Otterbox commuter phone case is the perfect device accessory for your phone when you're communing with mother nature. Perfectly designed for heavy-duty usage at an affordable price.\r\n
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MagSafe Compatible Impact Cases | Casetify

One of the new features of the iPhone 12 Pro Max is MagSafe. These cases will allow you to freely utilize the MagSafe functionality plus they are customizable. The supported technology extends to a family of beloved CASETiFY products, including the best-selling Impact Case.

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\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nFurther Reading on Otterbox Case and Screen Protector Options:\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\n\r\nOtterbox Defender Series vs Commuter: Which is Best?\r\nOtterbox Symmetry vs Defender Series- Which is Best for Your Phone?\r\nOtterbox vs Yeti Coolers [2022 Comparison]\r\nOtterbox Defender Series vs Defender Pro - Which is Best for Your Phone?\r\nSpigen vs Otterbox Cases [2022 Comparison]","author":{"name":"Jodie Chiffey","link":"https:\/\/\/author\/jodie-chiffey\/"},"date":"May 29, 2023","dateGMT":"2023-05-29 05:45:38","modifiedDate":"2023-05-29 10:49:25","modifiedDateGMT":"2023-05-29 10:49:25","commentCount":"0","commentStatus":"open","categories":{"coma":"Phone Cases<\/a>","space":"Phone Cases<\/a>"},"taxonomies":{"post_tag":""},"readTime":{"min":10,"sec":7},"status":"publish"},{"id":41572,"link":"https:\/\/\/otterbox-prefix-vs-symmetry\/","name":"otterbox-prefix-vs-symmetry","thumbnail":{"url":"https:\/\/\/wp-content\/uploads\/2022\/05\/Otterbox-Prefix-vs-Symmetry-Compared.png","alt":""},"title":"Otterbox Prefix vs Symmetry Compared","excerpt":"","content":"If you\u2019re an avid Otterbox fan but are confused about the differences between the Otterbox Prefix vs Symmetry series cases, look no further. Today I\u2019m going to break down the pros and cons of each case, along with my overall recommendation. I\u2019ll also supply some decision-making tips, and a couple of Otterbox alternatives to consider. Let\u2019s dive in!\nBottom Line Up Front\nThe bottom line here is that the Otterbox Symmetry is a significantly better case, in that it is officially supported by Otterbox and held up to the company\u2019s rigorous standards. However, the Prefix shouldn\u2019t be ruled out entirely. Although the case has been discontinued by the manufacturer, it still performs well as a basic, functioning case at a cheap price.\n iPhone 13 Pro Max and iPhone 12 Pro Max Case Symmetry Series[\/caption]\n
\nMain Differences Between Otterbox Prefix vs Symmetry\nThe main differences between Otterbox Prefix vs Symmetry are:\n\nThe Otterbox Symmetry is still currently in production by Otterbox, whereas the Otterbox Prefix has been discontinued.\nThe Otterbox Prefix case is noticeably slimmer and has a better grip, whereas the Symmetry case is a little larger and slicker.\nThe Otterbox Symmetry is more resistant to scratches, whereas the Prefix is easier to mark up.\nThe Otterbox Prefix is is a bit more of a budget-friendly case, whereas the Symmetry case has a more premium price point.\nThe Otterbox Symmetry has a larger selection of colors available, whereas the Prefix is limited to clear, black, and white colors.\n\nOtterbox Prefix\n
Otterbox Prefix Series Case for HUAWEI P20 Pro | Amazon

Prefix Series passes extensive testing protocols so you know your phone is safe from daily tumbles, drops and scrapes. Its slim, one-piece design incorporates internal coring that absorbs shock and external features make for great grip and easy access to phone features. 

Buy at Amazon Buy directly at Otterbox
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07/21/2024 09:47 pm GMT
\nLet\u2019s start with the Prefix, a unique case in the Otterbox world. Although it may come as a surprise, this case has actually been discontinued by the manufacturer. \nIf you look online, you\u2019ll notice that the case is only available on Amazon or third-party retail websites. At face value, this tells you a significant story about the case. Although there is no official statement as to why the case was discontinued, at some point, Otterbox decided the Prefix didn\u2019t live up to its brand standards.\nThe case, by my standards, isn\u2019t inherently bad. The Prefix is slimmer than the Symmetry, has a better grip, and is more budget-friendly. However, the Prefix has been known to scratch easier, and its buttons aren\u2019t positioned for maximum efficiency. I\u2019ve found that pushing them in can sometimes be difficult, especially as they began to wear down.\nAnother thing to keep in mind about the Otterbox Prefix case is that its packaging isn\u2019t nearly as sexy as the official Otterbox lines. Since this case was most likely bought in bulk and only supplied by third parties, it will most likely arrive in cheap, efficient packaging. Not exactly the best gift-giving material- and third parties aren\u2019t as reliable in terms of damages and returns. An important factor to keep in mind with the Otterbox Prefix.\nHowever, if you\u2019re looking for a basic case that\u2019s cost-friendly and can get the job done, look no further. Otterbox has a high standard bar, which means that this \u201cdiscontinued\u201d case is still more durable than many other cases on the market.\n Huawei P20 Pro Case Prefix Series[\/caption]\nOtterbox Symmetry\n
\nNow let\u2019s take a look at the Otterbox Symmetry, an official line that can be found on their website and through third-party retailers. \nAt first glance, the Symmetry looks extremely similar to the Prefix, however, this case has a few profound differences. Since this case is still supported by Otterbox, it is easier to obtain. This means more colors are available, such as Clear, Graphite, Glitter, and Floral.\nIn addition to its \u201cofficial\u201d nature, the Symmetry boasts a few other features that the Prefix doesn\u2019t. For one, it\u2019s got clear sides, to which the Prefix only has gripped sides. The Symmetry also has a DROP+ Rating by Otterbox, which means that it can be dropped 3x Military Standards. This is a huge difference from Prefix, which isn\u2019t supported by Otterbox anymore, and thus has no drop rating.\u00a0\nHowever, the premium nature of this product also comes at a price. You\u2019ll often find the Symmetry cases almost double the cost of the Prefix cases. In addition, you\u2019ll be supported by the Otterbox warranty, and have legitimate packaging.\nPros\/Cons of Otterbox Symmetry\u00a0\nLet\u2019s break down the pros and cons of owning an Otterbox Symmetry case.\nPros\n\nSupported by Otterbox\nDROP+ Rating, which means Military Grade durability\nEntirely Clear\nStylish Designs to Choose From\n\nCons\n\nMore Expensive\u00a0\nButtons are Finicky\nGets Dirty Fast\n\n Galaxy S20 FE 5G CaseSymmetry Series[\/caption]\nPros\/Cons of Otterbox Prefix\u00a0\nNow let\u2019s take a look at the pros and cons of the Otterbox Prefix.\u00a0\nPros\n\nSlimmer Design\nBudget-Friendly\nDurable in the regard that it was originally built by Otterbox\nStronger Grip\nMinimalist Designs to Choose From\n\nCons\n\nFinicky Buttons\nOfficially Discontinued from Otterbox\nBuying from Third Party Sites can Damage Products\n\nKey Features\nNow that we\u2019ve sorted out the main differences between the Symmetry and the Prefix, let\u2019s take a look at some of the key features that make up these two cases. Differences aside, these cases boast a significant amount of technology.\nOtterbox Symmetry\nThe Otterbox Symmetry is built with polycarbonate and synthetic rubber. The case also works with Apple\u2019s MagSafe charger, as well as the Qi wireless charging. This is great for people who like to charge their phones in style. Another feature of the Symmetry I enjoy is how easy it is to apply\/remove from your phone. It takes a mere couple of seconds to put on and comes off in a breeze.\u00a0\nThe case also is sealed with Otterbox\u2019s DROP+ standard, which is a military-grade test for durability. You can count on this phone getting you through a couple of big drops and scratches. The case also works with 4G and 5G networks and allows you to use the camera and buttons with ease.\u00a0\nOtterbox Prefix\nThe Otterbox Prefix has several features that align with Symmetry. However, the Prefix is built with a slimmer case, and a different, more plastic material. Just like the Symmetry, this case works with Apple\u2019s MagSafe Charger and the QI wireless charging system. The case does claim to be military drop resistant, although it doesn\u2019t have an official certification like the Symmetry, as this product is now discontinued.\u00a0\nAlongside this, the product also works with 4G and 5G networks and is designed in a way that allows you to use the camera and buttons. It is worth mentioning that both these products (the Prefix and Symmetry) are known to have buttons that wear out over time.\u00a0\n Prefix Series Huawei[\/caption]\nDecision Making Tips\nHow Expensive Is Your Phone?\nI would say the main topic to consider is the price of your phone. If you\u2019re like me, buying a phone is a purchase that I do once every couple of years, so I aim to protect that phone with my life. I also usually opt for higher-quality phones, which means I want higher-quality cases. However if your phone is on the cheaper end or you anticipate buying new phones each year, getting a less expensive case such as the Prefix might be more beneficial to your lifestyle.\u00a0\nAre You Reckless with Your Phone?\nThe next question to ask yourself is how cautious you are with your phone. Some people treat their phones like it\u2019s puppies, while some people toss their phones around like a piece of wood. If you\u2019re a reckless user, like me, you\u2019ll find yourself getting scratches on it, dropping it from the table, and spinning it on your finger. For me, this usually means that I should get a top-tier phone case in the durability department, like the Symmetry.\nWhat Styles Do Prefer?\nBoth of these cases (the Prefix and Symmetry) come in different color patterns. If you decide to opt for the Prefix case series, you\u2019ll be able to decide between a black case, a black\/white case, and a clear case. Personally, I prefer minimalist designs. On the other hand, the Symmetry series of cases come in Clear, Graphite, Glitter, and Wallflower. I would go as far as to say that the Symmetry cases are more stylish, with a bit more flair to them.\n\nAlternatives to Consider\nNow that we\u2019re quite familiar with the Otterbox Prefix and Symmetry series, let's take a look at some alternatives to keep in mind.\nOtterbox Commuter Series\n\nThe Otterbox Commuter Series is the model built for modern professionals. It\u2019s got a slick look, yet still maintains Otterbox durability standards. It\u2019s DROP+ protected and features synthetic rubber and a polycarbonate shell. The difference between this case and the Symmetry cases seems to mainly be the colors. The Symmetry is focused on the clear cases, in which the Commuter flows with more solid color schemes.\u00a0\n
Otterbox Commuter Case | Amazon

Commuter Series by Otterbox is built for business. Featuring a durable, two-layer construction, Commuter Series withstands serious drops and falls so your IPhone 6/6s remains damage free.

Buy at Amazon Buy directly at Otterbox
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\nOtterbox Defender Series\n\nThe Otterbox Defender Series is built for those who live a tough lifestyle. These cases feature rubber on the outside of the case, instead of the inside like the Commuter series. This makes the Defender series the more durable option of the two, however, it tends to lack in style. The design is a bit more rugged, which can mean it\u2019s harder to slide into your pocket. \nIt also doesn\u2019t look nearly as professional as the commuter. But for someone like me who\u2019s always out exploring and dropping my phone, this is my favorite choice.\n
\nOtterbox Core Series\n\nThe Otterbox Core Series might be a solid alternative for you if like helping the environment. Although this series isn\u2019t Military certified, the Core Series is designed with 50% recycled plastic, in an effort to help fight climate change. It\u2019s a great choice if you\u2019re trying to make a difference and show others how much you care. These cases come in a variety of fun colors speckled with bits of plastic on the back. This gives the phones a rugged yet unique feel.\n
\nOtterbox uniVERSE Series\n\nThe final Otterbox Series I might recommend is the uniVERSE Series. These cases aren\u2019t for everyone, however, they may help fit a special niche. The uniVERSE Case System is essentially a modular design that allows you to add attachments to your phone. For example, you may wish to a mobile register, a backup battery, or even attach it to a vehicle mount. For the person that likes to maximize their options and opportunities, this may be a great case option.\n
\n\n\nFAQs\n\n\nQuestion: Is the Otterbox Prefix or Symmetry better?Answer: The Otterbox Symmetry is the better case. It is more durable and continues to maintain its place in the Otterbox line of products. The Prefix was recently discontinued, for unknown reasons. Our best guess is that it didn\u2019t live up to Otterbox\u2019s high standards of product designQuestion: Is the Otterbox Prefix still available?Answer: Yes, however, it is only available on third-party sites, such as Amazon. It is an officially discontinued product, and no longer supported by Otterbox. Keep in mind that by ordering this product through third-party sites, its reliability might be compromised, and it may not arrive in its original packaging.Question: Which Otterbox case is the strongest?Answer: Although you may be tempted to think that the Symmetry is the strongest case on the market, the Defender series actually boasts the highest standards. However, it\u2019s important to keep in mind that all Otterbox cases are built strong, often more so than the majority of competitors.Question: Which Otterbox case is the thinnest?Answer: The thinnest Otterbox case by far is the Prefix. The case is made out of a small, durable plastic that makes it a more minimalist option. However, the Prefix case isn\u2019t nearly as durable and tends to scratch easier than its competitors like the Symmetry and the Defender series.Question: What colors do the Otterbox Symmetry cases come in?Answer: The Otterbox Symmetry comes in four different colors. The options are clear, graphite (which is a more tinted clear color,) glitter (which is clear with gold glitter,) and floral (which features a variety of light pink flowers.)\n\n\nMy Recommendation\n\n\n\n\n\n\n\nBuying a couple of hundred-dollar phones and protecting it with a cheap case that\u2019s been discontinued by Otterbox doesn\u2019t make sense to me. I\u2019d rather dish out the extra $20 and know that my case will live up to Otterbox\u2019s reputation and get me through a couple of years of dings, drops, and close-calls. \n\n\n\nHowever, if you have a secondary phone that isn\u2019t as important to you, it might be in your best interest to go with the Otterbox Prefix. It\u2019ll hold up decently well, and save you a pretty penny.","author":{"name":"Nicholas Morris","link":"https:\/\/\/author\/nicholas_morrisalloutdoorsguide-com\/"},"date":"May 26, 2023","dateGMT":"2023-05-26 10:56:57","modifiedDate":"2023-09-26 13:17:21","modifiedDateGMT":"2023-09-26 13:17:21","commentCount":"0","commentStatus":"open","categories":{"coma":"Phone Cases<\/a>","space":"Phone Cases<\/a>"},"taxonomies":{"post_tag":""},"readTime":{"min":10,"sec":35},"status":"publish"}];

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