About All Outdoors Guide

You are amazing.

You bust your butt every day to get to that next time.

The next time you climb another mountain, conquer another trail, or finally spend time at that coastal campsite others have raved about for so long.

You aren’t a “someday” person; you know when your next time will be, and which guide can help make it an experience you won’t forget. We’re so glad you’re here.


Think of us as your personal guinea pigs as we test, evaluate, and review the outdoor gear and equipment that have sparked your curiosity. Our team of experts is led by Sam Hardy, an outdoor enthusiast who believes the only way to truly review and recommend a product is to ACTUALLY USE IT for at least two months before rendering an opinion.

Do you have the time and money for a 2-month tryout? No! Who does?

That’s why we’re living the dream here at All Outdoors Guide. Our job is to use and abuse these products so we can tell you the best ones to use, and the worst ones to avoid.

So, how many days before your next trip? Before you venture out into the wilderness, let us tell you what to bring along to make it a memorable journey. Trust us, we know.

ABOUT THE WEBMASTER: Sam Hardy was born to live outside. He broke free of his cubicle and left the corporate world after feeling like a fish in a fishbowl for too long. Sam created the All Outdoors Guide to do two things: to live the life of his dreams outdoors, and to help others enjoy their own journey into the wild.

Bowl-free, Sam now swims upstream as the creative genius, outdoor guru, and owner of the All Outdoors Guide. An avid hiker that lives in the U.S., Sam is a huge fan of the Pacific Crest Trail in the West, and the Appalachian Trail out East, but is always up for an international trip to visit must-see-to-believe spots recommended by this team of experts like the Overland Track in Tasmania, Australia, or Machu Picchu.

When he’s not systematically testing and writing about the latest gear and equipment, we’re not sure what he does. He goes off the grid so much to test products we usually can’t find him, so your guess is as good as ours.  We know it’s not a cubicle.