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kuhl revolvr pants review: a boon for adventure junkies

Kuhl Revolvr Review | Men’s Pants

Imagine yourself climbing a snow-laden mountain with your uncomfortable pants spoiling the entire vibe. I am pretty sure you wouldn’t ever want any distraction during this adrenaline-pumping activity.

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The Kuhl Renegade Pant Review That You’ll Love

The company we know today as Kuhl originally was known as Alfwear and was founded in 1983. Alfwear was created by four co-founders – John “Alf” Engwall, Conrad Anker, Jay Boyle, and Kevin

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The Best Cargo Pants for Outdoor Activities

Clothing is one of the most important things to have dialed in when embarking on an outdoor adventure. When embarking on a hike or trek, a good pair of pants becomes extremely important. Pants offer protection

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The Top 3 Best Backpacking Pants for Women

3 Best Backpacking Pants for Women (Updated for 2019)

If you’ve ever gone hiking and backpacking in denim or sweatpants, you probably found out the hard way that these types of pants just aren’t cut out of hiking activities. When it comes to gear

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The Top 3 Best Pants for Climbing

From softshells to hardshells, from layering to insulated Spandex, there’s a lot to sort out when making a decision about climbing pants. Every experienced climber knows that their clothing is just

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the best rain pants for camping

The Best Rain Pants for Camping – Stay Dry! [2019 Deals!]

So what’s up with rain pants?  Try hiking through a field after a heavy rain and you’ll find out. Our usual mindset as outdoor’s people is to think about raingear.  But while

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