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Vasque Sundowner Review [Worth the Weight?]

Vasque Sundowner Review [Worth the Weight?]

The Vasque Sundowner hiking boot has been around since the dawn of time. Okay, maybe not quite that long, but the Vasque Sundowner has been one of the most popular hiking boots for decades. Just ask one of the thousands of avid hikers who still hike in their 20+-year-old Vasque Sundowners!

Vasque Performance Footwear has a long history of trekking the great mountain ranges from the Rockies to the Tetons, to the Whites dating all the way back to 1965. Shortly after the company began importing premium-hiking footwear from Italy, the iconic boot – the Sundowner – was born in 1984.

The Sundowner was considered to be state-of-the-art for its day, utilizing softer Italian leathers (premium leather hiking boot material), an innovative, foot-securing lace system, and a supportive yet flexible shank design. Not only did the boot become one of the premier hiking boots of its time, but it became a fashion statement for the youth of the time who called it the “Waffle Stomper.”

Vasque Men's Sundowner Gore-Tex Backpacking Boot
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First Things First – The Construction of the Boot

It’s not hard to identify the Sundowner hiking boot on a store shelf today as it has kept much of its original design from 1984. The boot is still popular with park rangers, weekend warriors, and long-distance backpackers. The Vasque Sundowner is one of the original hiking boots to feature a seamless upper.

The current model is constructed with one piece of 2.4 mm waterproof full-grain leather, which minimizes failure points and creates a solid barrier against whatever Mother Nature might throw at you on the trails.

Additionally, the upper is protected by Vasque’s GORE-TEX® waterproof membrane that keeps your foot dry and comfortable. The sole of the Sundowner is designed as a one-piece rubber cup sole with the classic lug pattern that will give you a stable footing on your next big climb.

The Sundowner Tech Specs

Weight: 3 lbs. 6 oz.
Upper: 2.4 mm Waterproof Full Grain Leather
Footbed: Dual Density EVA
Midsole: Rubber Core
Outsole: Vasque Classic
Lacing: Standard
Waterproofing: GORE-TEX®
Sizing: Female & Male
Shoe Width Sizing: Medium & Wide
Color: Burgundy (Brown)
Recommended Use: Mid-weight hiking
Manufacturer Warranty: 1 Year

While the Vasque Sundowner hiking boot has a solid reputation throughout the hiking community for years, it has garnered mixed reviews in recent years since Vasque decided to manufacture its hiking boots in China instead of Italy. The Sundowner was always known for its soft and durable Italian leather that hikers raved about for decades.

It’s not uncommon for hikers to still be wearing their Sundowners that they purchased in the 1980s! The Italians know how to make a quality and long-lasting leather boot. In the early 2000s Vasque moved their boot manufacturing plants to China where quality has seemed to go downhill for the historic Sundowner.

If you spend time reading product reviews and online hiking boards you’ll see that the Sundowner has mixed reviews.

The Pros of the Vasque Sundowner Hiking Boots

  • Vasque is a reputable performance footwear company since 1965 backed by the Red Wing Shoe Company
  • The Sundowner hiking boot has been an iconic hiking boot since it was first manufactured in 1984
  • The Sundowner was one of the first hiking boots to feature a seamless upper highlight that is still featured in today’s boot designs
  • The uppers of the boot are protected by Vasque’s unique GORE-TEX® waterproof membrane helping to protect your feet from nature’s elements
  • The sundowners sole utilizes the classic lug pattern to help you grip the trail surface better
  • The hiking boot is fairly light-weight compared to similar brand boots
  • The Sundowner is available in both female and male sizes and medium and wide widths
  • The Vasque Sundowner comes with a 1-year manufacturer warranty

The Cons of the Vasque Sundowner Hiking Boots

  • In the early 2000s, Vasque moved its manufacturing from Italy to China leading to a decline in the quality of the leather and production
  • The Sundowner tends to run on the bigger size so sizing down is advisable
  • The newer boots wear out faster on average than the older Italian made Sundowner models
  • The only color available at the moment is burgundy (brown)
  • The seam and stitching in the back of the heel may cause irritation for some people
  • The boot does not have great arch support for those who need extra support for their feet (although ankle support is sufficient)

The Vasque Boot Hiker Feedback

The Vasque Sundowner hiking boot is hit or miss. Some people love their boots while others have developed blisters and lost toenails vowing never to buy another pair again. It’s safe to say that the classic Sundowner pre-China was one of the best hiking boots of all time.

However, since manufacturing moved to China many hikers have found the quality of the newer Sundowner models to be average at best. The biggest change the Sundowner saw was the quality of leather used for the uppers. Soft Italian leather is just hard to find in China.

Numerous hikers have also complained about the quality of the stitching and the lacing rivets. A few hikers have gone so far as to say that the stitching in the boot of the heel caused rubbing and discomfort on their Achilles tendon and heel. Any potential rubbing can most likely be prevented by wearing the correct socks.

Many hikers recommend pairing the Sundowners with a good pair of SmartWool or Darn Tough socks for comfort and blister protection. Secondly, having the right hiking socks can also help with the rather roomy fit of the boot. The Sundowner runs big so you may have to size down.

Like any clothing or footwear item, it’s best to try a pair on for fit and size. Additionally, if you’re someone who needs any arch support you’ll probably want to invest in a good pair of insoles like SuperFeet or Ed Viesturs, to add more support to the boot.

While some hardcore Vasque Sundowner hiking boot lovers may be disappointed with the newer models, some people find great success in the new Sundowner despite the durability concerns. The boot still retains its classic and simplistic look. The Sundowner just might not be for everyone.

If you’re planning to hike the Pacific Crest Trail in its entirety with a heavy pack, the Sundowner might not make all 2,650 miles from Mexico to Washington. If you’re a weekend warrior hitting the trails for a few miles at a time, you might find true love with the Sundowner.

The Vasque Sundowner Hiking Boot is a mid-range priced hiking boot. It generally retails for $199.99 USD. However, it often goes on sale through various online retailers throughout the year, You can find it here for less than that here. Vasque is releasing the newest models of the Sundowner in August 2015.

While Vasque has been pretty hush-hush about the launch, rumors have it that the leather is tanned in the United States and you’ll have more color options than Burgundy.

Vasque Men's Sundowner Gore-Tex Backpacking Boot
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Vasque Sundowner Alternatives

So, after reading our somewhat mixed durability review of the new Sundowners, you might be wondering “what’s the best alternative to the Sundowner boot, then?”

For men, check out our list of the top hiking boot options here.

For women, see a similar list (with different contenders) at this page.

For a specific replacement, check out the Merrell Wilderness boots here. They have the same classic leather appeal but are made in the USA.

Other Vasque Sundowner GTX Traditional Hiking Boot Alternatives:

The Final Verdict: Vasque Sundowner Review

If you’ve had the same pair of Vasque Sundowner GTX hiking boots for 20 years now, you better break out the shoeshine and send those babies to get re-soled when it’s time. You’re probably not going to like the quality of the newer China-made Sundowners.

The feedback on the Sundowners is mixed across hikers. Some love them, some hate them. If you’re trekking the great mountain ranges of America on a regular basis, this Vasque hiking boot might not last as long as you’d like (concerns around durability).

If you’re a weekend warrior or light hiker, these boots might be perfect for you. Especially if this is your first pair, they are a decent option. The best way to find out if the Vasque Sundowner hiking boot is for you is by taking them out for a hike.

Vasque Men's Sundowner Gore-Tex Backpacking Boot
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We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.
01/31/2023 09:29 am GMT


Wednesday 2nd of December 2020

Still hiking in my late '80s vintage Sundowners. 1000s of km over a variety of terrain. Boots reserved for hiking. Not city wear. A few sets of bootlaces and this past year a resoling. Recommend Dave Page out of Seattle,WA. Routine maintenance over the past several years using the NikWax leather cleaner, conditioner/waterproofer. Uppers are in still great condition. +3 decades of 4 season use. Best footwear investment made.

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