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Marmot Precip vs Patagonia Torrentshell: Which is a Better Rain Jacket?

Finding the perfect rain jacket can be quite hard. When you are spending your money, chances are that you want a rain jacket that is not only going to offer top-level performance, but also one that is

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the best knee braces for hiking you will love

The Best Knee Braces for Hiking You’ll Love

Hiking is an excellent way of getting exercise, spending more time with friends and family, and reaping the benefits of being out in nature. For some hiking is a casual activity and something they do on

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Best Climbing Chalk Bags [July 2018]: How to Find The Right Calk Bag for Climbing

When most people think of chalk and athletic activities, they tend to think of gymnasts or even bodybuilders. However, chalk is also relied on in climbing, for the very same reasons others athletes use

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A Review of the Oboz Firebrand II Hiking Shoe

A Complete Review of the Oboz Firebrand II Hiking Shoe You Must See First!

The Oboz Footwear brand has been around for a decade now. Originally founded in Bozeman, MT, Oboz is now available worldwide and has succeeded in the very competitive world of outdoor footwear. Aside

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Top 5 Best Grip Strengtheners for Climbers

My Top 5 Best Grip Strengtheners for Climbers You’ll Really Love

There is little doubt that the best way for climbers to improve their grip strength is to actually climb, but sometimes getting on the wall as often as you’d like is difficult. Whether you’re

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Microspikes vs Crampons Explained

Winter Hiking Made Possible: Our Microspikes vs Crampons Comparison

Hiking in winter comes with certain challenges. You must select appropriate clothing to keep you warm and dry, especially when it comes to your extremities. One of the important factors when preparing

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Top 4 Best Ski Masks

Top 4 Best Ski Masks for Maximum Warmth on the Hills

Ski masks are a versatile piece of gear that is necessary for very cold weather or for those that are at an intermediate level or higher. You might also find that you need the type of face protection ski

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A Review of Five Ten Quantum Climbing Shoes

A Review of Five Ten Quantum Climbing Shoes from an Expert

The Five Ten brand was created back in 1985 and has been steadily producing some of the best high-performance shoes since it was founded. Five Ten is well known for focusing on constant innovation tied

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scarpa helix

Scarpa Helix Review: Is This Climbing Shoe a Serious Contender?

If you want a quality pair of climbing shoes you can’t go wrong with Scarpa. This Italian brand has been around for generations and is easily one of the best outdoor footwear manufacturers out there.

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the top 5 best composite toe hiking boots for hikers

5 Best Composite Toe Hiking Boots for 2018

Hybrid boots are popular for hikers that also need something strong enough to handle rigorous outdoor work. A popular feature in work boots, a simple protected toe, is often lacking in normal hiking boots.

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