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The Oboz Bridger BDry Hiking Boots Review: All You Need to Know

Oboz Footwear was founded 10 years ago in Bozeman, Montana. The company got their name by combining the two things they loved most – Outside + Bozeman. Despite humble beginnings, Oboz Footwear is

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Everything You Need to Know About The Zamberlan Vioz GTX Hiking Boots

Zamberlan is an Italian footwear company that was founded back in 1929. This brand is still owned by the Zamberlan family today, with the third generation siblings now running the company. The Zamberlan

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Darn Tough vs Smartwool – Which is the Better Sock?

Not all socks are created equal and every outdoor enthusiast who has experienced cold, sweaty, or blistered feet can attest to how important sock selection is. There are a variety of different sock materials

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Fugitive GTX

Asolo Fugitive GTX Boots Review: Are These Worth It?

Asolo is a popular footwear company that creates a range of different shoes but their hiking boots are some of their most popular. The Italian company has been around for nearly 4 generations now and they

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The Top 3 Best Insoles for Hiking

The Top 3 Best Insoles for Hiking to Keep You Going

Nearly every hiker has experienced foot pain at some point during a hike. In fact, roughly 75% of people, in general, will experience foot pain during their life. Sore feet and blisters are one of the

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The Top 4 Best Insulated Hunting Boots

The Top 4 Best Insulated Hunting Boots to Keep You Warm

There is nothing quite as exciting as getting out your gear and preparing for the upcoming hunting season. This time of the year attracts people from all walks of life to pack up and head out into nature.

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Bare Access 4 Shoe

A Review of Merrell Bare Access 4 Shoe: Is This the Trail Shoe for You?

Merrell is one of few brands that has really mastered the art of creating high quality shoes for outdoor enthusiasts. They are well-known for their innovations on the barefoot/minimalist shoe trend, being

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A Review of Five Ten Quantum Climbing Shoes

A Review of Five Ten Quantum Climbing Shoes from an Expert

The Five Ten brand was created back in 1985 and has been steadily producing some of the best high-performance shoes since it was founded. Five Ten is well known for focusing on constant innovation tied

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A Review of the Farm to Feet Socks

A Review of the Farm to Feet Socks: A Way to Buy American!

Farm to Feet is one brand that deserves more recognition than it has gotten so far. This brand is owned by Nester Hosiery, one of the most advanced sock manufacturers today. The goal of the Farm to Feet

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scarpa helix

The Ultimate Scarpa Helix Climbing Shoe Review for Serious Climbers!

If you want a quality pair of climbing shoes you can’t go wrong with Scarpa. This Italian brand has been around for generations and is easily one of the best outdoor footwear manufacturers out there.

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