Best Xtratuf Commuter Boots Guide

best xtratuf commuter boots

I used to ride my bike to my professional job every day, and we most definitely were not allowed to wear tennis shoes or any other type of utilitarian shoe.

So I went down the rabbit hole of finding the perfect shoes to commute to work every day that I could easily change out of. Xtatuf has many different boots that fit all the criteria I was searching for, so here are the best Xtartuf commuter boots. 

The Best Xtratuf Commuter Boots Up Front

Even though Xtratuf isn’t traditionally known for making commuter boots, they work extraordinarily well as such. I love my Legacy Chelsea boots and run nearly all of my errands in them.

There are also a few other pairs of Xtratuf boots that I would be excited to try out for my next pair of commuter boots. Here is a quick glance at the best Xtratuf commuter boots:

Why Xtratuf is a Good Choice for Commuter Boots

Xtratuf boots aren’t traditionally advertised as commuter boots, but should be! Below, I’ll go over why you should choose Xtratuf boots for your commute.

All Boots are Waterproof

Xtratuf boots are original boat boots made for fishermen and women. It only makes sense that every pair of their boots is 100% waterproof.

They’ve perfected their waterproofing over the past 70 years, making them some of the best waterproof boots on the market. This means they are great for those rainy commutes or simply a commute near a mass of water. 

Super Slip Resistant

women's leather legacy chelsea boot

If you’ve ever been on a boat when it’s wet, you know that those floors are incredibly slippery. Xtratuf boots are made to create traction on those surfaces, so you don’t have to worry about falling on any wet surfaces during your commute.

All of their boots are either SRA or SRC certified, meaning the boots were tested for traction on wet, soapy tile and steel surfaces covered in glycerol. 

A Good Mix of Comfort and Style

Whenever you think of fishing boots, your mind probably goes to a typical-looking rain boot. While Xtratuf has this boot style, they also make a wide range of styles with the same benefits.

You can get everything from Chelsea boots to combat-style boots. All Xtratuf boots also have some support inside them, making them much more comfortable for walking in than standard rain boots. 

How I Chose These Xtratuf Commuter Boots

Almost any of the Xtratuf boots could be used for commuting, but there are a few that I like in particular for a few reasons. Here are the things I look for in these Xtratuf commuter boots when choosing the best ones. 

Easy to take On and Off

If you’re looking for a boot strictly for walking to and from work, you will likely change into more professional shoes once you get there. Therefore, you will want your boots to be as easy as possible to take off.

Slip-on boots are my favorite, but other features make removal more manageable, like speed hooks for lacing and pull tabs at the heel. 


Nothing is worse than starting your work day or coming home from errands with achy feet. If your feet are uncomfortable, it can lead to a wide range of other issues, like knee and back pain. Luckily most Xtratuf boots have some support in the sole, but these are some of their most comfortable boots.

Do they Stand Up to All Conditions

If you’re looking at Xtratuf boots as your commuter boot, it’s probably because you expect to commute in some wet conditions. You will also want to consider ice and snow when choosing your boots.

These boots all have some of the best traction. Plus, one of these Xtratuf commuter boots is excellent on rough terrain for those that like to take the path less traveled.


This may not be important to all, but I like to look somewhat decent while I’m out and about. I have included sporty and trendy styles in my search for the best Xtratuf commuter boots, so there’s something for everyone’s style preference. Some of these may even be able to be dressed up for a night out. 

Best Overall: Xtratuf Legacy Leather Chelsea Boot

women's leather legacy chelsea boot

I recently got a pair of Xtratuf Legacy Leather Chelsea Boots, which are now my overall favorite Xtratuf boots for commuting. When I saw that Xtratuf makes a leather Chelsea boot, I knew I had to have it.

They have all the benefits of the Xtratuf brand, like being waterproof, slip-resistant, and super comfortable. However, they are also a super trendy style. 

Upon first glance, I had no idea these boots were waterproof, highly slip-resistant, and extremely tough. They look like your normal casual boot, which is hard to do when you’re making something this functional. I’ve dressed up these boots and worn them casually. They’re just good-looking all-around Xtratuf commuter boots. 

One of the biggest things that stood out to me when I first got these, beyond their functionality, is they are instantly comfortable. It has taken me three months to break in other leather Chelsea boots I’ve had.

The leather on these is highly flexible compared to different leather boots, and the insole perfectly forms to my foot. I could walk in these all day on the first day that I got them without any fatigue in my feet.

I also love how easy they are to take on and off. Usually, it takes me a while to get my leather boots to slip right off by simply stepping on the heel, but these slide off easily. The pull tabs on the front and back are big enough that it’s easy to get a good grip and slide the shoes on quickly. 


  • The Chelsea boot is super trendy right now, and they look good with just about any outfit.
  • The leather material is super durable and can be dressed up or down.
  • They are slip-ons, so they are easy to change out of once you get to your destination.
  • Memory foam insole and a flexible build make these boots extremely comfortable.
  • Comes in a men’s style and a women’s style.


  • These aren’t their most breathable pair, being made completely of leather.

Other Xtratuf Commuter Boots that I Like

While the Xtratuf Legacy Leather Chelsea boot is my overall favorite commuter boot, you may be looking for something that is made for something more specific. Below are a few other pairs of Xtratuf boots that would make great commuter boots for different people. 

Most Stylish: Xtratuf 6″ Leather Lace Ankle Deck Boot

xtratuf 6 inces leather lace ankle deck boot

Combat-style boots rarely go out of style, and these Xtratuf boots are about as stylish as they come. You can dress these boots up for a night out on the town or dress them down for a day of shopping. They even come in various colors in both men’s and women’s styles, so you can pick a color that fits your wardrobe best.

The problem with most combat-style boots is that they could be more practical for commuters. These are quite the opposite, being 100% waterproof, having excellent traction on wet and even icy surfaces, and being super comfy.

The insole is molded EVA, which they usually put in tennis shoes. The boots are also lined in mesh, helping keep your feet from getting too sweaty during long treks.

If you are looking for a universal boot that can also be worn for your walk to work, they are easy to remove and change into professional shoes. While they lace all the way up to keep your foot snug, the laces are done with speed hooks.

Speed hooks make slipping on and off your shoe easier since the laces drop out, giving you more space to slide them on.


  • The inside is lined with mesh, making these boots super breathable and your feet less sweaty.
  • Comes in men’s and women’s styles.
  • One of their most stylish pairs of boots.
  • Easy to take on and off with a helpful pull tab and speed hooks at the top for your laces.


  • They are not meant for all terrains. They are more of a street-use shoe.

Best for All Terrains: Xtratuf Bristol Bay Leather Chelsea Boot

xtratuf bristol bay leather chelsea boot

I wish so badly that these boots came in a women’s style, but sadly, they don’t. They are more of a sporty type of Chelsea boots. Although, as long as you know how to size men’s shoes to your foot size, anyone could rock them. The Bristol Bay Chelsea boot is similar to the Legacy, except amped up in the utility department.

The first thing you may notice about these boots is the outsole is much chunkier than other Xtratuf boots. I know some people don’t like the look of a chunkier sole, but it has some advantages, and I love a chunky sole look.

The sole of these boots has much deeper lugs than any of their other boots, giving you more all-terrain traction. That means you could wear this style off-roading, if you will.

These boots are also salt-water resistant due to the full-grain leather used. While all Xtratuf boots are waterproof, salt water is another thing because salt sticks and can ruin leather over time. I love how comfortable these boots are to slip on and off, with a pull tab on the front and back of the shoe and stretchy elastic at the sides.


  • Extremely comfortable with a molded insole with a layer of memory foam on top.
  • The outsole is super slip resistant, making them great for nearly any surface.
  • The material is also resistant to salt water, making them super durable for coastal commuters.
  • They are easy to slip on and off quickly.
  • The infamous Chelsea-style, but a bit sportier.


  • They don’t come in a women’s style.

Best for Long Commutes: Xtratuf Sport 6″ Ankle Deck Boot

xtratuf sport 6 inces ankle deck boot

If you are looking for comfort above all else, these are the Xtratuf commuter boots for you. This boot feels and looks more like a tennis shoe but has all the benefits of a slip-on waterproof boot.

From the ultra cushiony insole to the super lightweight foam outsole, you are guaranteed to be able to walk in these all day without the repercussions later.

The entire boot is lined with double-wall mesh, meaning your feet will stay dry from the inside. You won’t have to worry about stinky, sweaty feet once you get to where you’re going. They are also effortless to slip off with a front and back pull tab to change into professional or formal shoes.

Even though these boots’ sole is made of foam instead of rubber, they are still highly slip-resistant. They are rated SRC, which is the highest rating you can get. The outside of the shoes is still made of Xtratuf rubber to keep your feet dry in wet weather.


  • It’s a slip-on ankle boot built like a tennis shoe.
  • Super lightweight due to it being made of durable foam rather than rubber.
  • Highly comfortable for those commuters that walk long distances.
  • Mesh lining throughout the inside of the shoe to keep your feet cool.
  • They are equally slip-resistant to their rubber boots.


  • They aren’t super stylish, so you’ll want to change into nicer shoes once you get to where you’re going.


Question: Are Xtratuf Boots Worth the Money?

Answer: Regarding quality-made boots, Xtratuf boots are relatively inexpensive compared to similar brands.
You’re getting way more than just a boat or rain boot. Xtratuf boots also have fantastic support, top-of-the-line waterproofing, certified slip-resistance, and they look good. Xtratuf boots are definitely worth the money. 

Question: Should I Size Up or Down in Xtratuf Boots?

Answer: Some Xtratuf boots do have half sizes. But for the styles that do not, you should size up. I have a pair that is a size 7.5, and they fit me perfectly. However, there are some reports of Xtratuf boots running slightly small. Your best bet would be to find a vendor to try them on before you buy. You can also return your boots free of charge if they do not fit when you receive them.

Question: Are Xtratuf Boots Good for Hiking?

Answer: Most Xtratuf boots are not made for hiking, but there are a few boots that you could hike in. The Bristol Bay series, Altitude boots, and Ice nylon boots all have deeper lugs on the outsole, meaning more traction on rougher terrain and more support. 

Question: How Long should Xtratuf Boots Last?

Answer: Your Xtratuf boots should last you three to five years. You’ll most likely notice that the sole is wearing away before any damage happens to them, which is pretty standard for any shoe. If, for some reason, your Xtratuf boots do not last that long, they include a one-year warranty. If something that is not normal wear happens to them, Xtratuf will give you a new pair free of charge. 

Falling in Love with Xtratuf Commuter Boots

I’ve been wearing my Xtratuf Legacy leather Chelsea boots for some time now, and I love them. They are way more comfortable to walk in all day than the Blundstones I’ve had for two years.

I love how multi-functional they are, not having to worry about finding a different shoe for rainy days. On top of that, I have worn them for many kinds of occasions, and they look great. 

If I were to try another pair of Xtratuf commuter boots in the future, I would likely pick the Bristol Bay leather Chelsea boot. Yes, they are made for men. But I love the sportier style, and they would be great for when I spontaneously decide to go on a little hike. It happens more than you would think.

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