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It’s that time of year again. Time to get ready for the crazy rush of Holiday deals. This year, Cyber Monday and Black Friday promise to be record setting for online sales.

The hiking and camping space typically sees some steep discounts. 1) It’s the annual sales period and 2) it’s post-peak seasonally for most outdoor retailers. Last year, a good deal of name brand tents, hiking shoes, survival equipment and outdoor gear was discounted heavily.

While Amazon will have some great deals, we will also be tracking other retailers like, WalMart, Target, REI (if they have deals), Patagonia, Cabelas, Under Armour and more!

The list below will be updated in real time as the deals hit the market. Deals will start being listing in mid November and will run through Cyber Monday and the following “cyber week” period. 

Running List of Best Black Friday and Cyber Monday Outdoor Deals

This represents the full outdoor deals list across ALL categories:

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Camping Deals

If you are specifically looking for camping and backpacking deals, this section will be update with these specific deals:

  • Examples of some great camping deals last year were 30% off Mountain Hardwear brand tents
  • Big Agnes tents up to 25% off
  • BioLite Stoves (up to 80% off)
  • Solo Stoves bundles for about $60 off
  • Danner Boots Cyber Monday Deal (up to 60% off)
  • Kammok Hammock Bundle Deals

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Hiking and Fitness Deals

If you are more into hiking specifically and related outdoor fitness, these deals are for you:

  • One of the top deals last year was the Cyber Monday Under Armour deal, which offered 50% off over 3,000 products.
  • 20% off Hydro Flask bottles on Cyber Monday and Black Friday

Black Friday and Cyber Monday Survival Deals

Finally, if you are in the prepping or survival mindset, we’ve curated the top deals below:

  • One of my favorite survival deals last Cyber Monday was the Leather Sidekick for about 40% off

How to Shop Black Friday and Cyber Monday Online

Like any sales event, it’s important to come in with a specific game plan. Here are some general tips we’ve accumulated over the years:

  • Create a List of Dream Products: This is key. Come into Black Friday and Cyber Monday with a list of tents, hiking boots, or other gear that you are looking to pick up.
  • Stick to Brand Names: Online retailers sometimes have less than quality suppliers flooding the market. If you don’t immediately recognize the brand, it might not be worth the discount before offered.
  • Discounts Aren’t All Equal: Just because the discount LOOKS steep, doesn’t mean it actually is. That is one of the main reasons that we created this page. We wanted a way to track only the GREAT outdoor deals. Since we track deals and prices year round, sites like ours can genuinely recommend good discounts. Be sure to bookmark this page and check back frequently.

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