Best Insulated Waterproof Boots Guide

best insulated waterproof boots

I’m one of those people who always have cold feet. It doesn’t matter how cold it is outside or what I wear.

I pretty much have to do everything possible to keep my feet warm, especially since I live in a place with winters where snow falls, and temperatures drop below freezing frequently. If you’re anything like me, you’ll also need the best insulated waterproof boots out there.

Insulated waterproof boots are just about the only thing that can keep my toes from feeling like they will fall off during subfreezing temperatures.

I’ll be going over a few insulated waterproof boots that I love and others that are fantastic for various scenarios. No matter what you need insulated waterproof boots for, there is a perfect pair for you.

Best Insulated Waterproof Boots Up Front

My overall favorite pair of insulated waterproof boots are the Xtratuf Insulated Legacy Lace boot. I own a pair of Xtartuf boots, and they have some of the best waterproofing I’ve ever experienced.

These boots also come with various features that make them great for many uses, from laces that make it impossible for snow to enter your shoes to a Chevron outsole that sticks to the ground.

A few other insulated waterproof boots that you may like are as follows:

How I Chose These Insulated Waterproof Boots

Waterproof Boots

If you’ve ever looked up insulated waterproof boots, you probably realized how vastly different each pair is. Some thought of everything when it comes to keeping your feet dry and warm, while others focus more on one or the other.

I looked for the best insulated waterproof boots based on what you may use them for, but here are the specifics I looked for in each boot:

Keeps Water Out in All Ways

When it comes to keeping your feet warm, keeping water out is a must. Your boots should keep water out from the base to the top, with waterproof coatings, mid-layers, and ways to keep water from entering the boot. Most boots on this list even have moisture-wicking properties to keep your feet dry from the inside.

Warmth Rating

If you are looking for insulated boots, you will most likely wear them in sub-freezing temperatures. All these boots should keep your feet comfortable at freezing or much colder temperatures.

Everyone’s comfort level is different, though. For example, my feet run much colder than others, so I look for temperature ratings around 0 F or lower. People with warmer feet will be more comfortable in boots with a higher temperature rating.


Durability is essential for any boot you’re buying, but it is even more critical for insulated waterproof boots. If your insulation starts tearing or even one tiny hole forms in your waterproofing, the boot is basically unusable. All the shoes on this list have been around for years and are known for their ability to last for years.


Even though this list of boots isn’t about the best traction, it goes hand in hand with insulated waterproof boots.

You’re most likely looking for the best insulated waterproof boots because you’re using them in snowy or icy conditions. All the boots I picked have outsoles made of materials that stick to the ground or lugs shaped to grab onto snow and ice.

Best All-Round Insulated Waterproof Boots: Xtratuf Insulated Legacy Lace Boot

Best All-Round Insulated Waterproof Boots: Xtratuf Insulated Legacy Lace Boot

Xtratuf took the idea from duck-style winter boots and made it ten times better with this boot. If you know anything about Xtratuf, you know they make some of the best waterproof boots on the market.

I own a pair of Xtratufs, and I’ve never experienced another boot quite as waterproof. You get some fantastic insulated boots when you add in fleece insulation and a leather upper that laces.

Having the laces come to the top of your insulated boot alone is a massive game-changer in winter boots. You can tighten those babies up as much as you need to keep all the snow and ice out so your foot stays dry and warm. The insulation also helps keep your feet dry because it builds an extra barrier around the opening.

The construction of these boots is also highly unique, being hand-dipped in neoprene to keep your feet dry and warm for the long haul.

You hardly ever hear of boots being put together by hand like this anymore, and it makes a difference. The rubber is more flexible where it needs to be, while strength can be built in specific areas of the boot.


  • Laces all the way up, ensuring a tight fit so water can’t get in.
  • Easy to get on and off with a pull tab on the back and lacing hooks at the top.
  • Triple-dipped in neoprene with a full-grain leather upper, these boots are super waterproof, acid-resistant, and chemical-resistant.
  • The Chevron outsole is super slip-resistant.
  • They are incredibly durable, being hand-layered.


  • The men’s style is slightly less insulated than the women’s, with a comfort range down to -1 F vs. -10 F.

Other Insulated Waterproof Boots You’ll Love

While the Xtratuf Insulated Legacy Lace Boot can work for many different functions, there are other great insulated waterproof boots that work great for a specific purpose. Below you’ll find some of the best insulated waterproof boots for a wide range of different needs.

Best Slip-On Outdoor Boot: Muck Arctic Sport

Slip-On Outdoor Boot: Muck Arctic Sport

I fell in love with these boots when I put them on my feet. They are the perfect boots for those early, cold mornings when you’re not awake enough to lace up your snow boots but need to walk the dog or take out the trash. Although, I might be tempted to wear them just about anywhere because of how cozy they are.

I have the tall versions of this boot, and they not only keep my feet super warm, but they keep my calves warm as well.

They have three insulation levels going on, including a neoprene lining to trap heat in and keep water out, a fleece lining, and a thermal foam footbed. The opening to the boots also comes in cupping around my legs to keep heat from escaping.

As soon as I got these boots and started walking around, I immediately noticed how comfortable they were. There was no rubbing on anything, and the insoles felt like they were already forming to my feet. This is because the outside material is highly flexible, and the insoles are made of memory foam with an EVA midsole.


  • Comes in a 16-inch height, 12-inch height, and ankle boot.
  • They do a fantastic job keeping your feet warm, with a comfort level of -40 F.
  • The outsole traction does well on rough terrain and even deep mud or snow.
  • These are very comfortable from the moment you put them on.
  • The stretchy fabric upper slightly cups around your calf to keep the warmth in.


  • The men’s and women’s versions look vastly different, although they have the same basic construction.

Best for Everyday Use: Xtratuf Legacy Leather Chelsea

Xtratuf Legacy Leather Chelsea

My favorite fashion trend going around currently is Chelsea-style boots. They are easy to slide on, look good with many different outfits, and are usually very practical. However, the problem with most Chelsea boots is that they are only partially waterproof and uncomfortable until broken in.

I own a pair of the Xtratuf Legacy Chelsea boot, and they have none of those problems while looking just as good as any other Chelsea boot.

These boots are so waterproof that I have tried to rub water into them, but nothing seeped through. The full-grain leather is super flexible, so you don’t have to worry about taking time to break them in. They also have layered memory foam insoles, making these super comfy to walk in.

Most insulated boots look a bit chunky because of all the stuff they put inside them to keep your foot warm. While these don’t technically have an insulating lining, leather is a natural insulator.

You get some heat retention but don’t look like you’re wearing pillows on your feet. I stood in super cold water in these for a few minutes and never felt my feet get colder. That’s what makes these a great everyday pair of winter boots.


  • The full-grain leather makes these waterproof, acid-resistant, and chemical-resistant. The elastic is even waterproof.
  • SRA-rated slip-resistant outsole.
  • Front and back tabs make these boots easy to slip on and go.
  • These are super comfortable right out of the box, with flexible leather and a memory foam insole.
  • A super trendy look that can be worn almost anywhere for any occasion.


  • They aren’t insulated with anything extra besides a thin lining, but leather is naturally insulating.

Best Hiking Boot: Merrel Thermo Chill

Merrel Thermo Chill

Finding a good winter hiking boot can be a challenge because there are so many factors you have to consider.

They need to keep you on your feet through slippery, uneven terrain, your toes from freezing off, and your feet dry while walking through the snow. This is all on top of what you usually expect from a hiking boot, and Merrell Thermo Chill boots do a pretty good job all around.

Merrell layers this boot with multiple waterproof elements, such as a polyurethane coating and a water-tight membrane, to ensure no water gets in.

You can stand in water in these boots and never feel a leak. These boots also have an outsole resembling a winter tire on an off-roading car. No matter what elements you’re met with, these shoes keep you safe and dry.

It is also unbelievable how lightweight Merrell kept these boots. The insulation they use is a synthetic material, which keeps these boots lightweight while keeping your feet decently warm at the same time. It is also not bulky at all, so your feet won’t feel like they’re being squished in your boots.


  • Very lightweight for an insulated hiking boot at 2 lbs. 4 oz.
  • They have traction made for snow and slippery surfaces.
  • They have synthetic insulation, which is less bulky and warmer than natural insulators.
  • The insoles form to your feet but are removable, so you can put whatever insoles you want inside.
  • The leather is coated in polyurethane for waterproofing, and the shoe has a waterproof membrane.


  • They aren’t the warmest boot, with a rating of 30 F-40 F, but you don’t want your feet too warm while hiking.

Best for Extreme Cold: Baffin Impact Boot

Extreme Cold: Baffin Impact Boot

When I say extreme cold, I mean Antarctica conditions. The Baffin Impact boot has been tested at both the North and South poles and has a temperature rating of -148 F, which seems excessive for everyday wearers. However, I can guarantee these boots will keep you warm in some of the coldest conditions you’ll experience.

The reason these boots hold up to such cold conditions is that Baffin literally thought of everything when it came to how to keep your feet warm.

The insulation has multiple layers that perfectly balance heat retention, moisture control, and protection from wind and water. They’ve also added a collar around the calf that can be tightened to keep snow and ice out of your boot.

Because the insulation in these boots is so thick, Baffin made it removable in case it somehow got wet. You can remove it to let it dry before your subsequent use. They are also very comfortable despite being pretty bulky, with thick foam and a layered insole that feels like a plushy blanket surrounding your feet.


  • Six layers of insulation and waterproofing to protect against multiple types of elements.
  • The inner boot can be removed to dry if it gets wet.
  • The boot can be tightened around your calf so snow and ice can’t enter through the top.
  • The insole has a unique honeycomb pattern that traps heat.
  • These can be worn with snow shoes.
  • These boots are snug and comfortable, with thick insulation and clamps around the calf.


  • The waterproofing doesn’t go past the rubber part. It is meant for snow and ice, not to submerge your feet in water.


Question: Are waterproof boots good for winter?

Answer: Waterproof boots are a must for the winter. Wet feet can make your feet feel double as cold as dry feet, and with snow and ice, your shoes are bound to get wet. Even if you have the best insulation in the world in your boots, it doesn’t matter if water seeps through to your feet.

Question: How can I keep my feet warm without insulated boots?

Answer: Leather boots are the next best option if you don’t have a pair of insulated boots around. Leather is a natural insulator and retains heat better than other fabrics. You could also wear wool socks, which are naturally moisture-wicking and insulating. Hot Hands also makes foot-warming insoles that you can usually buy at your nearest Wal-Mart.

Question: What is the difference between snow boots and waterproof boots?

Answer: The only difference you may see between snow boots and waterproof boots is snow boots are insulated, while waterproof boots may not be. Typically snow boots are waterproof, but some may only be water-resistant. Snow boots will also have different tread patterns, better suited for snow and ice than waterproof boots.

Question: What is the best material for winter boots?

Answer: The best material for winter boots is leather. It is a natural insulator and water resistant. There are some leathers that are fully waterproof as well. If the boots have insulation, synthetic insulation like Thinsulate is the least bulky and warmest. Fleece is another common insulator that does a great job of retaining heat while remaining thinner.

The Best Insulated Waterproof Boots For You

Although the Xtratuf Insulated Legacy Lace boots would be perfect for most people, there are a few settings where better insulated waterproof boots exist.

One pair of boots won’t be perfect for every single scenario. If you do a lot of outdoor work during the winter, the Muck Arctic Sport boots will be much better for you. The same goes for all the other boots on this list.

If you are looking for an insulated waterproof boot that can work for just about anything you would need it for, The Xtratuf Insulated Legacy Lace Boot does a fantastic job.

They keep your feet warm in the snow, dry in any water depth, and have excellent traction on slippery surfaces. They are also durable enough to do outdoor work in but stylish enough to wear casually daily.

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