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Casetify vs Otterbox Compared: Which Brand of Phone Case Should You Buy?

Casetify vs Otterbox Compared: Which Brand of Phone Case Should You Buy?

Protecting your smartphone is essential when heading for a hike, climbing, or participating in any outdoor activity. In my Casetify vs Otterbox comparison, I will look at the ins and outs of these two popular smartphone accessory brands.

I’ll compare the different features of Casetify and Otterbox, look at their two best smartphone protective cases to find out which is better, and list a couple of alternatives you can consider.

Bottom Line Up Front

If you want to combine protection with style, I recommend choosing the Casetify Impact phone case to safeguard your device in the great outdoors. Even though the safety of your phone should be your main concern, you may as well have a nifty and aesthetic phone case too. With Casetify’s qitech material, good drop protection, and great functionality, the Impact is a fantastically stylish way to defend your phone.

Main Differences Between Casetify vs Otterbox

The main differences between Casetify vs Otterbox are:

  • Casetify has quirky and stylish designs on their cases, whereas Otterbox cases are very plain
  • Otterbox provides cases compatible with more smartphone brands, whereas Casetify is limited to a few brands
  • Otterbox provides a seven-year warranty for their phone cases, whereas Casetify only offers a six-month warranty
  • Casetify has quick response times from their customer service team, whereas Otterbox is slower
  • Casetify offers a one-piece phone case, whereas Otterbox phone cases are multi-layered

Exploring Casetify and Otterbox – Features

Casetify vs Otterbox

Before I review the Casetify Impact and the Otterbox Defender, let’s go through the main features of these two brands to see how they compare if you need smartphone protection for outdoor activities.


Both Casetify and Otterbox offer smartphone and tablet cases that provide a high level of protection. They are two of the best brands if you want to protect your device when going on a hike or if you are worried about the safety of your phone when camping.

I will compare two smartphone cases from Casetify and Otterbox later on, but they both do a great job safeguarding your device. Casetify and Otterbox are definitely at the higher end of the market for protection and provide excellent impact absorption compared to some other brands.

Smartphone Compatibility

Otterbox offers a broader range of smartphone cases than Casetify. Casetify mainly focuses its phone cases on iPhone, Samsung, and Google devices, limiting its market, especially if you have a smartphone from another manufacturer.

Otterbox provides smartphone cases for:

Casetify vs Otterbox for iPhone 13

  • Apple
  • Samsung
  • Huawei
  • Google
  • Xiaomi
  • Motorola
  • ASUS
  • ZTE

And more. So, you get a better choice with Otterbox, and their cases are compatible with more smartphone and tablet brands than Casetify. This doesn’t necessarily make Otterbox a better brand, but they offer a wider selection of different smartphone models.


When purchasing any outdoor gear such as GPS watches, water filters, or tents, you need to have a good warranty. This ensures that you are covered should there be a manufacturing defect or issue with the product.

Otterbox has a better warranty than Casetify, and it isn’t even close. Otterbox cases are covered by a lifetime warranty that lasts for seven years. This is a limited warranty to cover manufacturing, material, or workmanship defects.

Casetify only offers a six-month warranty on their phone cases, covering one-time replacement of the same product. I have found their warranty to be excellent as they will replace the case for you right away within the six months (you just need to take a picture of the defect and send it to them), but it is much shorter than Otterbox.


If Otterbox clearly wins when comparing the warranty of the two brands, Casetify takes it away with the design of their cases.

Otterbox cases won’t win any style competitions, and they are very much designed for complete protection rather than aesthetics. They don’t look bad, as you can customize the cases with different colors, but they can’t compete with Casetify.

Casetify vs Otterbox cases

If you want a beautifully designed protective case for your smartphone, Casetify is the brand to choose. They offer a ton of fantastically styled phone cases, and the only issue is there are so many, so the choice can be a bit overwhelming!

Customer Service

One thing I always look for with any brand is how they perform with their customer service. If someone goes wrong or you just need a quick query answered, it is vital that a brand responds quickly and has good information on their website. So, how do Casetify and Otterbox compare?

Otterbox has a very useful FAQ section on their website that should answer basic questions on their products, shipping, returns, and warranty. If you need to contact Otterbox, you have a couple of options.

You can contact them through their live chat facility, which is usually relatively quick, or you can get in touch via the webform on their website; however, I have found their response times to be quite slow. Also, there are some production installation videos and articles on their website, but they aren’t that easy to find.

Casetify has a contact form, while they also offer a FAQ section on their website that covers the basic information about their products. They don’t have any production installation videos, although Casetify cases are usually one-piece, so they aren’t tricky to put onto your device. Also, Casetify doesn’t have a live chat facility which is a downside.

Comparing Casetify and Otterbox – Pricing

Casetify vs Otterbox: pricing

There isn’t much difference between Otterbox and Casetify, and their cases are priced around the same level. Otterbox and Casetify can be pretty expensive compared to other protective smartphone case brands. For example, Rhinoshield is a more cost-effective and budget-friendly brand that provides phone cases a lot cheaper than both Otterbox and Casetify. However, their cases don’t offer the same level of protection.

So, you will need to spend a bit of money for an Otterbox or a Casetify phone case, but it is an excellent investment to protect your phone in style.

Casetify and Otterbox – Performance

I’ll look at the Casetify Impact and the Otterbox Defender below, but both brands generally provide a high level of protection for your smartphone. Casetify cases use a material called qitech, which has a maximum fall drop protection of under 10 feet.

Otterbox is well-known for offering an excellent protective shield around your smartphone, and their cases consistently perform very well when tested. Their drop protection is roughly around the same as Casetify, so you could drop your phone from a similar height with a case from both brands, and it should absorb the impact.

Pros and Cons


otterbox defender


  • Provides a high level of smartphone protection
  • A varied list of smartphone and device compatible brands
  • You get a seven-year warranty with your purchase
  • Handy installation videos and articles on their website
  • You can contact them via live chat


  • Their phone cases can be quite expensive
  • Customer service response times are slow


CASETiFY 10th Anniversary


  • Beautiful and stylish protective phone cases
  • Dozens of different designs
  • Offers a good level of protection for your phone
  • Quick response times from their customer service team


  • Only offer a six-month warranty period
  • Smartphone and device compatibility is limited

Best Casetify and Otterbox Phone Cases

Several phone cases are available from Casetify and Otterbox, but I have chosen the top two to compare – the Casetify Impact and the Otterbox Defender.

Casetify Impact

The Casetify Impact is a high-performing smartphone case that will offer an excellent level of protection against drops and impacts.

I’ve mentioned above that Casetify is the choice for style, and the Impact is probably the most aesthetically pleasing and diverse phone case you can buy. The case is available in a vast range of quirky designs that will help you stand out from the crowd every time you take your phone out of your pocket or backpack.

The Impact model is crafted from a material called qitech, and the drop protection is just under ten feet, which is pretty good. You could drop your phone from a higher height, and the Casetify Impact will likely do a good job absorbing most of the blow.

Also, the Impact has reinforced corners, a 25% raised area around the camera lens, and it is wireless charging compatible. I’m not a big fan of the branding around the camera lens, but it is a minor point in an otherwise brilliant phone case model.

Read more about the best Otterbox alternatives.

CASETiFY Impact Case | Amazon

Compatible with iPhone 11 Only (6.1" Screen Size). Made from CASETiFY's innovative, shock-resistant qìtech 2.0 material, this iPhone case comes equipped with an impact-absorbing inner layer, protecting phones from up to 6.6ft drops.

Check it on Amazon
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11/26/2022 12:24 am GMT

Otterbox Defender

otterbox defender

I think the Otterbox Defender is right up there with the best on the market, and this line of protective cases does an excellent job at safeguarding your phone. The Otterbox defender is a multi-layer case that consists of a polycarbonate shell, synthetic rubber slipcover, and polycarbonate holster.

The synthetic rubber slipcover absorbs the initial impact if you drop your smartphone from a height, while the internal two-piece polycarbonate shell soaks up the rest of the impact. You also get protection with the polycarbonate holster on the back of the case.

The Defender comes with several port covers to prevent dirt, dust, and lint from getting into your phone’s charging or earphone ports. The raised edges around the phone and camera lens add a further level of protection, and this case allows for wireless charging, which is always a big bonus.

The Defender case is pretty heavy and bulky, so be prepared to add additional weight to your smartphone. The case weighs about 3 ounces, and you do notice the bulkiness, although it is a small price to pay for the protection on offer.

Read my full in-depth Otterbox Defender review for more information.

Are There Any Alternatives?

If you don’t fancy either the Casetify Impactt or the Otterbox Defender, here are two alternatives you can consider.


The UNDER ARMOR Gear phone case is an excellent alternative if you don’t want the Casetify Impact or the Otterbox Defender. The case is made from a combination of leather and polycarbonate. There is a whopping five layers of protection with this case, including:

  • Armor frame
  • Shock-resistant core
  • Layered with top-grain leather
  • Polycarbonate shear plate
  • Alloy metal hardware
  • Impact-resistant rubber surround

The case can protect your phone up to 20 feet, which is better than both the Impact and the Defender. This is an ideal heavy-duty phone case that is also very responsive, so using your smartphone is effortless even with the case on.

The UNDER ARMOR Gear does come in a few different colors, although it certainly doesn’t have the same style and aesthetic as the Casetify Impact (it is closer to the Defender in design). Also, the Gear phone case will set you back a bit of money, and it isn’t the cheapest protective case, but you can have a look below at my other alternative if you are on a tight budget.

Overall, the UNDER ARMOR Gear phone case will do a brilliant job of safeguarding your phone even against high drops and impacts on rough ground.


Features soft impact-resistant core & honeycomb traction grip. Soft raised screen surround bezel to protect screen and lens.

Check it on Amazon
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11/26/2022 12:45 am GMT

Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro

If you are looking for a cheaper alternative for your smartphone, I like the Supcase Unicorn Beetle Pro. This case is a lot more cost-effective than either the Otterbox Defender or the Casetify Impact.

The Unicorn Beetle Pro comes with a multilayered TPU and polycarbonate construction, ensuring your device is well protected against impacts and drops. The case can absorb impacts of up to 20 feet, and it puts it near the top of the leaderboard for drop protection.

The in-built kickstand is a nice feature that allows you to set your phone either in portrait or landscape mode and use it hands-free. Also, there is a pen/stylus holder too.

If you want to save some money on a new protective phone case but you still want to safeguard your device effectively, the Unicorn Beetle Pro is worth considering. Some parts of the case can break easily, but it is hard to find a better alternative for the price.

Read how Supcase vs Otterbox compares against each other.

Supcase Unicorn Beetle Phone Case | Amazon

Multilayered TPU and polycarbonate materials for maximum drop protection of at least 20 feet. Built-In Kickstand: Convenient hands-free viewing from either landscape or two different angles of portrait mode, doubles as ring holder.

Buy at
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11/25/2022 03:14 pm GMT


Question: Is Otterbox cheaper than Casetify?

Answer: Both Otterbox and Casetify are relatively expensive compared to some other phone case brands, such as Rhinoshield and Supcase. However, even though their cases are at the higher end of the pricing scale, they offer complete protection for your device.

Question: How heavy is the Otterbox Defender?

Answer: The Otterbox Defender is a bulky phone case that will add about 3 ounces to the weight of your smartphone. It isn’t a huge amount, but it is noticeable when you install the case for the first time

Question: Should I buy a protective phone case?

Answer: Yes. A protective phone case is essential if you regularly or even occasionally go outdoors onto rough trails, camp, hike, or even climb. Smartphones cost a lot of money to fix, so investing in a high-quality protective case will safeguard your phone against shocks, drops, and even adverse weather conditions.

Question: Is the Casetify Impact and Otterbox Defender wireless charging compatible?

Answer: Yes. Both the Casetify Impact and the Otterbox Defender support wireless charging, which is ideal as you don’t need to remove the case to charge up your phone without a cable.

Question: Do I get a warranty with Otterbox and Casetify?

Answer: Yes. Otterbox provides an impressive seven-year warranty on their phone cases, covering manufacturing defects and similar issues. Casetify only offers a six-month warranty on their cases, but they are easy to deal with if you need a replacement.

Casetify vs Otterbox: Verdict

My recommendation for the best phone case from Casetify and Otterbox is the Casetify Impact. This phone case comes in a vast range of different styles, and you can pick up a quirky case to add a fantastic aesthetic to your smartphone. The qitech material provides excellent drop protection from nearly seven feet, and the case helps to absorb impacts and shocks. The raised area around the camera lens provides an additional protection level.

The Casetify Impact is a quite expensive phone case, but it represents a worthwhile investment for your outdoor adventures for the styles available and the protection it offers.

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