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Best Otterbox Alternatives: Better (and Cheaper)

Best Otterbox Alternatives: Better (and Cheaper)

For those of us lucky enough to have an iPhone, you know they are pricey and would do anything to ensure its protection.

Otterboxes are designed to protect your iPhone from damages, like breakage or digs from dropping it. Hence, helping you avoid costly repairs and to improve its longevity, and a better trade-in value should you want to upgrade your phone later. Otterbox has competitors that may have better pricing, provide more appealing styles, or have a more improved Customer Service. 

Bottom Line Up Front Summary: Feel free to read the entire article, but here’s my high level assessment…

Top Phone Cases like Otterbox

  1. CasetifyBest Overall Otterbox Alternative
  2. Speck CasesBest Less Rugged Upscale Alternative
  3. Lifeproof Case: Best For Outdoor Use
  4. PelacaseBest Environmentally Friendly
  5. SupcaseBest Budget Alternative Case
  6. Urban Armor Gear CasesBest Higher End Case
  7. Sonix Cases 
  8. JE Tech
  9. Spigen Cases

In order to decide on an Otterbox alternative, you first need to know what you need from it.

Here is a checklist of things to consider when buying a Protective Case for your expensive iPhone:

  • Cost: Know your budget and make sure your product choice gives you the ‘best bang for your buck’
  • Quality: How robust it should need to be in order to balance with the cost and function. You get what you pay for so be sure you don’t cheap out on an inexpensive protective case that doesn’t deliver the needs and expected functions you require.
  • Customer Service: Questions answered
  • Style: Do you want a slim case, a colored case, or maybe a design that reflects your style?
  • Protection: Protective cases can protect the iPhone case frame and include a screen protector…
  • Weight: Do you prefer a protective cover that has some weight or do you prefer it thin and light?
  • Warranty: Is it important for you to have warranty coverage, just in case the protective cover fails?
  • Needs: Your activity level can impact your protective case needs… do you run a lot or are you on the go constantly that make it difficult to keep an iPhone on you without it falling? Are you sedentary and don’t move around a lot, no worries the phone falls much? Are you on the phone a lot and need hands-free? Are you around water a lot?
  • Function: Is it easy to put it on your phone and remove, or difficult? Can you add charge cors and earphones easy, or hard, or not at all? Can the camera easily take pictures or is it cumbersome to do?

So, should you go with Otterbox case or one of their competitors, and if so who?

To help you make a comprehensive decision, I have provided an extensive list of Otterbox competitors for your review and consideration. 


They manufacture shell cases for mobile phones, tablets, and music players. They have been in business since 1998 and are located in St. Fort Collins, CO


Otterbox protective cases range in pricing from $39.95-$79.95

If you search the Internet before purchasing, you will find various Otterbox discounts from a variety of sources, such as Rakuten, Groupon, Couponfollow, and many more. Some even offer cash backs.

otterbox knock off brands

Pros Cons
Robust Case Covers Bulky Cases
Port Covers to prevent dust and dirt Hip Holsters break easily
Various Styles Pricey

Another common complaint is that Otterbox protects the SHELL and doesn’t act as a screen protector solution. 

Customer Service

Otterbox has suspended the Customer Service phone support during  COVID-19 however, they do have a Customer Support webpage that provides Live Chat 10-2MT, Tuesday to Thursday, and a form you can submit online for questions and support.


Trustpilot gave 2 stars mostly due to poor customer service and not standing behind their warranty or making it difficult to submit a warranty. Ratings are current.
Influenster gave 4.5 stars as most customers were happy with the product however, the ratings are not the most recent of this year.

Social Media

Otterbox can be found on TwitterFacebookPinterest,  and Linkedin


Otterbox provides a 1-year warranty against defects in material or workmanship.

A few of our Otterbox reviews:


Provides iPhone case options designed by expert fashion editors, and other accessories. They are located in Portland, OR, and were established in 2011.

Casetify Pricing

They offer 4 iphone protector case options…

casetify case

Pros Cons
Sleek and stylish design Pricey
Lightweight Mirrored cases scratch easily
Durable Slow Delivery

Customer Service

Their website provides a Contact page to submit questions and concerns to their customer service team.


Trustpilot reflects a 4-star review…most customers were happy with the quality of the product, but slow delivery, and there were mixed reviews on customer service.
Influenster reflects a 4.5-star rating with customers stating their happiness with the beauty of the case and its durability

Social Media

You can find Casetify on the following Social Media platforms: Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram,

Returns & Exchanges

If you are unhappy with the product they ask you to email the reason why. This must be done within 10 days from receipt of your case. They will then give you instructions on returning the case. You will have to cover the cost of shipping. If your case was customized, it will be subject to a 50% processing fee on the refund price.

Speck Cases

Editor's Choice
Why Go With Speck?

A little less protection that an Otterbox, but a more versatile (and affordable) protective case for hybrid use both in the office and on the trail.

See Active Deals
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.

Speck Products was founded in 2001. Later, the company was acquired by Samsonite, a luggage manufacturer. It manufactures protective covers and cases for electronic devices. The company is well-known for its distinctive designs and safety features. Speck is able to strike the right balance between bulk and protection, and also adds a few useful features that make their cases appealing options.

As long as the device is a US release, coverage is also excellent. Speck cases are available for all current flagships and a good mix of entry-level and mid-range smartphones. These cases can be a bit more costly depending on which phone you have. There are many cases available for entry-level smartphones that are cheaper than those for flagship models.

If you don’t require the added protection offered by Otterbox, or the large selection of cases available from Spigen, the brand is a great option. Speck is a fan favorite because of its unique design and great add-ons.

Under Armor Gear (UAG)

Supplies cell phone cases for Apple, Samsung, and Google. Also, protective cases for tablets and laptops and accessories. UAG’s headquarters is located in Laguna Niguel, CA and they were established in 2005.


Their pricing ranges from $9.95 – $69.95

UrbanArmorGear Case

Pros Cons
Protects Well Not Grippy
Slim Poor Customer Service
Lightweight Pricey

Customer Support

Their website has a Support page to engage in a Chat, North America, and Europe phone numbers to contact by text, or to create a support ticket.


Trustpilot gave a rating of 1.7  with issues raised on cost, timing, and customer service.
Influenster gives a 4.7 rating

Social Media

UAG can be found on Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest.


UAG offers a Limited Warranty Period 1a. product type which warrants the product for 1 year from the date of purchase (except for Monarch Series cases)

Lifeproof Case

Is a manufacturer of protective Apple iPhone case optioons, iPad, Samsung, and Google, plus tablets, and music players. They are located in Fort Collins, CO and their business started in 1998.


The iPhone protective cases range from $33.96 to $89.99

Lifeproof Case

Pros Cons
Waterproof case for 1 hour in 6.6 ft of water Pricey
Snow, Dirt, and Shockproof Difficult Customer Service
Drop-proof up t 6.6 ft (Drop Protection) Limited Style Choice

Customer Service

You can contact Sales & the Support Line via phone: 1-888-533-0735. Their website also includes a live chat between 10am to 2pm MT, Tuesday to Thursday.


Trustpilot shows a 1.7 review based on customer service and product quality
Influenster ratings are around 4.3 and higher due to quality, price, and durability

Social Media

Lifeproof can be found on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn


1-year for the original date of purchase of the product from an Otter-authorized dealer.



They provide biodegradable protective cases for iPhone and Android and also various other accessories. Their products are 100% compostable and if disposed of properly, the cases take 3 months to decompose.

You are able to bury the case in your backyard, at a local compost center, in your recycling bin if your local supports bioplastics, or you can mail your case to Pela 360 program for disposal. If you mail the case to Pela 360 program, you will receive 20% off your next purchase. Pelacase’s headquarters is located in Kelowna, BC, founded in 2007.


Pelacase offers 5 categories of protective cases with multiple choices to pick from.

  • Best Sellers $35.95-$44.95
  • Wallet Case $53.95-$58.45
  • Premium Engraved Cases $40.45-$44.95
  • Clear Case $40.45 each
  • Classic Colours $35.95 each

For USA Customers, they offer the “Try Before Buy Offer”-  you get a trial period of 7 nights to try a Pela Case for free.

Pros Cons
100% biodegradable material Pricier than some competitors
5% of all sales donated to ocean Durability test results unknown (no drop protection studies)
Multiple Choices Case cover color fades quickly

Customer Service

The Pelacase has a ‘Contact Us’ section that provides a mailing address, and a direct email address for customer service.


Trustpilot rates them with a 4.7 star mostly based on value, style, and that the product is environmentally friendly.
Amazon rates them with 4.6 stars, mostly stating that the product is slim, soft, but pricey.

Social Media

Pelacase can be found on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest, and Instagram.


Happiness Guarantee: They provide a 100% Guarantee based on 90-days (from receipt of product)  for a refund. The protective cases are built to last 2 years, as that is what they estimate your iPhone to last.

They state that the climate can impact the longevity of the case as well as wear and tear from taking the case off and putting back on can impact the case. Returns are subject to a $5.00 restocking fee, a $12 USD shipping fee, and a currency exchange rate.



They provide iPhone Protective Cases and accessories. They are located in Georgia, USA and their manufacturing is in China.


The cost of an iPhone and Android protective case is $28

Pros Cons
Affordable Price Inexpensive Quality
Design is Tough and Slim Holster brakes easily
Easy to put on and take off Fitting Issues

Customer Service

Supcase has a Contact Us page that provides a US and UK office address and a form to submit with questions and concerns.


Influenster appears to have a 5-star rating.

US Reviews lists Supcase with a 10-star rating for ordering, service, pricing, and delivery.

Social Media

Supcase can be found on Facebook, TwitterInstagram, Youtube, and Amazon.


Protective cases are covered by a 1-year warranty from the date of purchase.


They are an online retailer that offers iPhone Protective cases and various accessories. Their head office is located in Springhill, Virginia.

Pricing: The price of Sonix iPhone Protective Cases range from $19 to $65. Their headquarters are in Torrance, CO




Trendy Styles Large Variety
Protects Well Styles may not be for everyone
Easy to Install and Remove Pricey

Customer Service

Their website has a Contact page with an email address to contact customer service.


Amazon shows a 4.7 rating out of 5. Many folks love their case, a small amount was not impressed.

Social Media

Sonix has the following social media platforms: Facebook, and Instagram.

Warranty/ Guarantee

Limited lifetime warranty with proof of purchase. The protective case will be refurbished, replaced, or exchanged with a product of equal or lesser value at Sonix’s discretion. You will be responsible for shipping costs.

JE Tech

Provides cell phone accessories. They are located in Arlington Heights, IL.

JETech Phone Cases | Amazon

Quality JETech phone cases for your tech's protection, available to purchase at Amazon.

Buy at
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.


Price ranges for protective cases from $6.99 to $13.99

JE Tech

Pros Cons
Low Cost Slippery
Lifetime Warranty Turns Yellow
Port Covers Feels Inexpensive

Customer Service

Their website provides a Contact Us page that includes contact information by phone, email, or via the website they also include a customer service chat box.


The Review Indes rates the case at 9.3

Social Media

JE Tech can be found on the following social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, and Youtube.


A lifetime warranty needs to be registered and is provided on protector cases. If the case is not registered then only a 1-year warranty will be provided.


They offer cell phone cases for Apple, Samsung, Google, LG, Huawei, and others plus accessories. Spigen’s headquarters is located Irvine, CA and they have been in business since 2005.

Spigen Phone Cases | Amazon

Air-cushion technology on all corners with raised edges to leave the screen untouched. Explore the latest case lineup at Amazon.

Check Price
We earn a commission if you click this link and make a purchase at no additional cost to you.


iPhone Cases prices range from $14.99 to $44.99


Pros Cons
Stylish cases Low Quality
Affordable Weak iPhone coverage
Large product range iPhone case wears down quick

Customer Service Contact

Their official website provides a Help Center section to search for frequently asked questions and to contact them. A support ticket is generated to track your issue.


Trustpilot rated Spigen with 4.3 stars. A total of 73% of customers found the product(s) excellent, 13% provided a bad review for various reasons.
Influenster has high ratings for Spigen…stating it is affordable and has saved phone damage from falls.

Social Media

Spigen on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest provides Spigen Case Review. and on Linkedin

Warranty / Guarantee

They provide a 2-year warranty if you buy their products directly from their website.

Spigen provides a 30-day money-back guarantee.


Sells aluminum and waterproof cell phone protective cases and other accessories. Headquarters Vancouver, BC


Protective cases range from $19.99 to $109.99

On their website, they offer 20% off selected items and free shipping over $50


Pros Cons
Durable Water Resistant Cases
Stylish Cases Pricey
Multiple Selections Tough Cases

Customer Service

Their website has a Contact Us page to contact customer service via webpage or email.


Knoji reflects a 4.3 rating for Hitcase based on price point, damage resistance, and more.

Social Media

You can connect with JE Tech via the following social media platforms: Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, and Instagram.

Guarantee/ Warranty

30 Day money-back guarantee within 1 month of your protective case purchase.

Their warranty covers products against defects in material or workmanship for a period of 1 year from the date of purchase.


Question: Where should I shop for iPhone Protective Cases?

Answer: The iPhone Protective Cases can mostly be bought from each individual supplier’s website. If not, then you can likely search for the cases online through Amazon, Best Buy, Walmart, Staples, Etsy, or eBay.

Question: How can I prevent my phone from breaking?

Answer: Implement due diligence. Be smart and careful when handling your iPhone. Place a protective cover over your phone, handle your phone with care, keep it away from water and the edges of tables, avoid running with it, or avoiding manual labor unless it is secured in place.

Conclusion on Otterbox Competitors

iPhone Protective Cases have multiple suppliers who have multiple competitors…even knock-off companies. It is best to do your due diligence to ensure your expensive iPhone is protected.  The protective case doesn’t have to be expensive, it’s the quality that counts.

The material should be durable to withstand drops (drop protection) and then your choice should balance with cost and your style…. bulky, lightweight, color, pattern, and so on. Many of us don’t really think about Warranty until the unthinkable happens, so since you are trying to weigh out your options on Suppliers and what they offer, please consider the best Warranty out there.

Must Try
MagSafe Compatible Impact Cases | Casetify

One of the new features of the iPhone 12 Pro Max is MagSafe. These cases will allow you to freely utilize the MagSafe functionality plus they are customizable. The supported technology extends to a family of beloved CASETiFY products, including the best-selling Impact Case.

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