UAG Plyo vs Otterbox: Which Is Best for Everyday Use?

UAG Plyo vs Otterbox: Which Is Best for Everyday Use?

One of the most vulnerable electronic devices in day-to-day life is your mobile or smartphone. If you tend to use the same phone for a long time, you need a good case for daily use. Today, we’re doing a UAG Plyo vs Otterbox Symmetry comparison to help you decide which phone case is the best for your daily use.

UAG Plyo is by far their lightest and slimmest model, yet meets the military drop-test standards. Its weight might make you think it’s not as protective as cases offered by Otterbox, but don’t let that fool you. UAG Plyo is one of the best cases out there in this price range.

Otterbox Symmetry is also a slim and compact protective case that offers protection against fall damage, scratches, and dust and debris build-up. It’s available in various style options and can suit the needs of most types of buyers. But between the two, which one is the best?

Let’s take a look at the UAG Plyo vs Otterbox Symmetry comparison where we’ll touch on the main differences, features, pros, and cons, and alternatives to help you decide which is the best for your next outdoor adventure.

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Main Differences Between UAG Plyo vs Otterbox Symmetry

The main differences between UAG Plyo vs Otterbox Symmetry are:

  • UAG Plyo cases are cheaper and priced between $9 and $40, whereas Otterbox Symmetry cases are more expensive and priced between $40 and $60.
  • UAG Plyo cases have a slightly rugged finish, whereas the Otterbox Symmetry cases have a smoother finish.
  • UAG Plyo has a plastic finish, whereas Otterbox Symmetry has a rubber outline.
  • UAG Plyo is available in 5 color options, whereas Otterbox Symmetry comes in over 10 different color and style options.
  • UAG Plyo comes with a 1-year warranty, whereas the Otterbox Symmetry comes with a lifetime warranty.

UAG Plyo vs Otterbox Symmetry – Features

UAG Plyo vs Otterbox


Design is one big factor that people look for in their smartphone cases. Whether for durability, to add a classy look, or to stand out in a crowd. For daily use, you should look for a combination of protection and style, both of which are offered by UAG Plyo vs Otterbox Symmetry.

UAG cases are renowned for their heavy-duty design and build. The UAG Plyo is a breath of fresh air in their range. A lightweight yet surprisingly rugged phone case, the Plyo has an armor shell coupled with scratch-resistant skin pads.

The build materials include polycarbonate and rubber, with a plastic finish on the back and air-filled corners for padding. It is by far the slimmest case offered by UAG and I’m here for it.

Otterbox Symmetry is a more style-oriented case in my opinion and looks a lot like most smartphone cases you can find today. That said, it has some drop protection to it with the rubber borders and the polycarbonate finish, making it a good case for regular and outdoor use.

Otterbox Symmetry, compared to the UAG Plyo, is more sleek and stylish. It easily fits in your pocket and provides comfort with its smooth design. Being a style-oriented case, it is available in more color and design options, including transparent, floral, ombre, and metal.

Both the cases are light in weight and do not add a lot of volume to your smartphone. If I had to choose one between the two, in terms of design, I would go with the UAG Plyo as I feel it has more use in outdoor settings than the Otterbox Symmetry.


UAG Plyo

Both the cases have a somewhat similar texture with a few differences, but the materials are the same – polycarbonate finish and rubberized sides.

The UAG Plyo series has a plastic body with rubber sides and corners. The skid pads are scratch-resistant which is important for long-term, and especially outdoor use. That being said, because of the plastic body, the phone is slippery so I won’t call it the best case for wet environments.

Otterbox Symmetry has this nice glossy plastic finish and rubber outline, and can easily slip into your pocket. Because of its sleek design, you won’t notice a prominent bulge and the case won’t hinder your movement at all. However, as with the UAG Plyo series, the Symmetry case is also slippery, so it’s not really ideal around water or sweat.

One point to note is the feel of the cases. The Otterbox Symmetry has a rubberized outline to it, whereas the UAG Plyo has only rubberized edges for impact absorption.

What this means is that you can feel the plastic body when you’re holding your phone with the UAG Plyo case. If you are in a humid or wet environment, both these cases will slip from your hands, but I will give the edge to Otterbox Symmetry as it has a slightly better texture and grip.


Perhaps the most important factor when it comes to the long-term use of a phone case is protection. Considering that you’re going to be taking your smartphone outdoors regularly, it makes sense to choose the right one.

UAG Plyo Carbon case features rubberized gel-filled corners for military standard drop protection. In other words, your smartphone’s screen won’t smash into million pieces if it falls from a medium height of around 3 to 4 feet.

UAG Plyo Crystal also has military standard drop protection. The polycarbonate material also allows the case to take a beating and the skid pads help reduce scratch build-up over time.

Otterbox Symmetry has a rubberized outline and strong polycarbonate body that allows it to absorb impact from falls and bumps. It has a rubber-bumped edge over the camera that gives it some added protection from damage, a standard feature in Otterbox smartphone cases.

Otterbox Symmetry also meets the military standards for drop protection, but is prone to scratches, so that’s something to keep in mind when choosing between the two.

Both the cases are protected by a UV layer on the polycarbonate to stop them from turning yellow, giving them a longer life as compared to standard phone cases.

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The UAG Plyo is made of a strong layer of polycarbonate with rubberized edges. It smoothly slips into the pocket without causing any inconvenience. Putting the case on and taking it off is also hassle-free, unlike other protective cases that are bulkier.

Just apply a slight push and the phone fits into the case. Since this is a scratch-resistant case, I would recommend using it for outdoor activities but with care. You don’t want to get near water or use the phone when you’re sweating as it will easily slip.

Otterbox Symmetry also has a one-piece design which is very easy to put on. Like the Plyo, it will easily slip onto your phone like it was made for it. Putting the case on and taking it off is quite hassle-free and can even be done in a moving car as I tested.

If you’re taking your Otterbox Symmetry case for outdoor activities, make sure to clean it properly to avoid any dust, dirt, or debris build-up. While the rubber outline does give a slightly better grip than the UAG Plyo, I would still not recommend this case around wet environments.

UAG Plyo vs Otterbox case

Protective cases always make it challenging to use a wireless charger. But in this case, the polycarbonate case on both the UAG Plyo vs Otterbox Symmetry does not inhibit any charging wireless capacity.

Both cases are also compatible with a magnet-based car holder. Otterbox Symmetry recommends the use of Otterbox power accessories for the best experience whereas the UAG Plyo crystal series works great with any good wireless charger.

Smartphone Compatibility

As UAG Plyo is a relatively new series by the brand, it’s not compatible with as many devices, but that will change over time as more cases are introduced for different smartphones. Here are the devices that UAG Plyo is compatible with:

  • Apple iPhone: iPhone 6s and higher models.
  • Samsung Galaxy: Galaxy S10 and higher models; Galaxy Note 10 and higher models; Galaxy A51
  • Google Pixel: Pixel 3 and Pixel 3 XL
  • Motorola: Moto G Power, Moto G Stylus
  • Huawei: P20

Otter Symmetry, on the other hand, has a wide range of compatibility with most major smartphones models available in the market:

  • Apple iPhone: iPhone 5 and higher models
  • Samsung Galaxy: Galaxy S7 and higher models; Galaxy Note 10 and higher models; Galaxy J3 and higher models; Galaxy A10 and higher models
  • Google Pixel: Pixel 3 and higher models
  • Motorola: Edge+
  • HTC: One M8
  • OnePlus: 7T and higher models
  • Huawei: P30 all versions; Mate 30 Pro all versions

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UAG Plyo Vs Otterbox Symmetry – Pricing

The price difference is apparent as Otterbox Symmetry cases, on average, are more expensive than UAG Plyo cases. Depending on your smartphone model, the price difference can range from $10 to $20.

That said, Otterbox Symmetry offers a lifetime warranty on its cases, whereas the UAG Plyo cases come with only a 1-year warranty. Both cases are higher than the industry average, but when it comes to durable cases, they do offer a lot of value for money.

UAG Plyo Vs Otterbox Symmetry – Pros and Cons

samsung galaxy s9 plyo

UAG Plyo


  • Easy to install
  • Air-filled cushion corners for maximum safety from drops
  • Supports wireless charging
  • Skid pads to reduce scratches
  • Easily slides into the pocket and does not add a lot of volume to the phone due to its sleek design


  • Vulnerable to slips in wet and humid conditions
  • Does not offer a wide range of compatibility
  • Other cases by the same brand offer better value for money

Otterbox Symmetry

OtterBox Symmetry Series Case
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  • Ultra-thin design yet good drop protection
  • Raised edges on the corners and around the camera for added protection from impact
  • Wide range of compatibility and lots of design options to choose from


  • Prone to scratches
  • Vulnerable in wet and humid conditions
  • The edges are not adequately padded

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Are There Any Alternatives?

Pelican Marine

UAG Plyo vs Otterbox alternatives

If you’re doing a lot of water activities, it’s best to get a protective phone that offers the best water damage protection. The Pelican Marine is a great waterproof case. that offers protection of 30 min of continuous submersion in 2 meters of water. I’ve tested it myself and it does not let the water seep in, keeping your phone dry.

The Pelican Marine has a rubber outline for impact protection and comes with a scratch-resistant screen protector. It makes your phone waterproof without undermining the style and looks it. That said, it is not the best case when it comes to dropping protection and doesn’t offer a lot of compatibilities as it’s exclusively available for iPhones.

Otterbox Defender

We’ve tested the Otterbox Defender series and it’s definitely one of the best protective cases you can buy today. The Pro version is even better as it comes with an extra layer and more padding for protection. Otterbox Defender is a multilayered, rubber-finished rugged model that is ideal for all types of outdoor use.

Otterbox Defender is climate-resistant, heat-resistant, scratch-resistant, and has a great grip.

Otterbox Defender comes in multiple layers and putting it together is a little more difficult than the UAG Plyo vs Otterbox Symmetry. In addition, the bulky form factor may not appeal to a lot of buyers who want a case that works well for both regular and outdoor use.

UAG Monarch

UAG for iphone 11

The UAG Monarch is perhaps the best offering for the brand. It is a 5-layered protective case made up of rubber, polycarbonate, leather, metal, and rubber. It looks rugged, it feels light, and has a nice grip to hold onto.

Despite all that, the UAG Monarch is not a bulky case at all (though it is bulkier than the Plyo series). While it’s a great alternative to the Symmetry and Plyo cases, the Monarch is more expensive and bulkier than the two, so that’s something to keep in mind.


Question: Does the Otterbox Symmetry Offer Wireless Charging?

Answer: Yes, in fact, both the Otterbox Symmetry and UAG Plyo are compatible with wireless charging. Otterbox Symmetry recommends Otterbox accessories for the best wireless charging experience.

Question: Does the UAG Plyo Come With A Screen Protector?

Answer: No, neither the UAG Plyo nor the Otterbox Symmetry comes with a screen protector. You have to buy one separately.

Question: Do These Covers Turn Yellow Over Time?

Answer: No, both covers do not turn yellow over time. The polycarbonate casing on both series is covered with a UV-treated anti-yellowing layer, saving it from yellowing.

Our Verdict: UAG Plyo Vs Otterbox Symmetry – Which Is Better?

In the end, it all comes down to your preference and budget. Both the Otterbox Symmetry and UAG Plyo Crystal are great cases for regular use, but if I had to pick one, I would choose the Otterbox Symmetry.

Otterbox Symmetry has a great look and classy finish. It has decent impact absorption that makes it practical for outdoor use and comes with a lifetime warranty which is a big plus.

On the other hand, UAG Plyo is cheaper and offers comparable levels of impact protection. It’s not that great on the style end but the air-filled rubber edges are a good feature to have for drop protection. However, the largely plastic body makes it not an ideal phone for wet environments.