Arc’teryx Beta AR Jacket Review: Is it Worth the Price?

beta ar

Brands like Patagonia or The North Face may be widely popular amongst a large population of outdoor and backpacking enthusiasts, but the serious outdoorsman will already know that Arc’teryx is one of the best companies out there.

Although Arc’teryx regularly comes out on top for outdoor gear in terms of praise, their jackets are their most impressive product with weather protection and breathable features. They have various models available for men and women across all weather conditions and activities but their Beta AR is exceptionally a very impressive piece.

This all-around men’s jacket is just as beautifully made as it is tough and durable. If you’ve been looking for a serious jacket to take on your active lifestyle and need to stay dry, you may want to add the Beta AR to your wishlist.

Beta AR Main Jacket Specs and Features

Thanks to the high quality materials and impressive design, the Beta AR is loaded with features to make it your new favorite piece of outerwear for backpacking when needed and extra weather protection.

Here is a quick rundown of the Beta AR’s basic specs:

  • Recommended for multisport use, skiing, backpacking, and mountaineering
  • Jacket shell in Nylon
  • N80p- and N40r-X Gore-Tex Pro 3L materials
  • Jacket lining is Polyester tricot
  • Includes hood
  • Windproof and waterproof breathable material
  • Arc’teryx athletic fit with hip-length back length
  • In Men’s sizes XS to XXL, average weight 1lb 0.2oz
  • 6 color options (brights and neutrals)

The most significant features include:

  • Jacket made with Gore-Tex Pro Shell which combines 3 layers of fabric for water/snow/wind-proofing the outer shell
  • Jacket’s micro-seams are taped to further waterproof jacket
  • Arc’teryx’s Athletic fit is anatomically designed for men, offering enough roominess for movement and layering but without extra bulk
  • Design of the waterproof jacket allows unrestricted movement through the elbows and underarms without lifting
  • Built-in DropHood is complete with a laminated brim and enough room to comfortably wear a helmet under your pro jacket
  • Zipper chin guard is made from a soft micro suede for comfort
  • Arc’teryx’sWaterTight zippers used on external zippers (WaterTight zippers are highly water resistant- not waterproof) while the underarm zippers are laminated
  • Zipper garages further help prevent water from permeating zipper
  • Waist has a drawstring closure plus a hem drawstring
  • Bottom hem has a dropped back to prevent lifting while bending
  • Chest pocket located inside jacket with laminated zipper, plus two WaterTight zippered hand pockets

Looking at these features alone will make any outdoor enthusiast interested in the Arc’teryx Beta AR. Let’s take a closer look at what will make (or break) this breathable waterproof jacket.

Arc’teryx Beta AR

Beta AR Jacket Advantages

There are a lot of advantages to this piece of a jacket. One of the most popular praises of this jacket is just how waterproof it is. Sure, there are many waterproof jackets on the market that claim they are waterproof but extreme conditions often show the wearer that these claims just aren’t true and don’t have real weather protection. Either the shell ends up giving out or leaks start on the zipper and quickly dampen the lining.

The last thing you want to experience out in the backcountry or on the slope is a soggy jacket with no way to get dry quickly. Unless you happen to have a backup jacket on your pack your entire trip could be ruined by having to go home.

These issues are completely solved by the Beta AR. The Gore-Tex shell is going to stop rain, wind, and snowfall. The WaterTight zippers, while not waterproof, are some of the best water-resistant zippers on the market. They will keep water out from rain or snow, perhaps only letting moisture in if submerged but you will stay dry.

Aside from its water-resistant capabilities, the Beta AR is extremely comfortable as it is warm and breathable. While not appropriate for winter weather all its own, it is super easy to add layers under it. Alone it will work well in most cool weather conditions.

As mentioned before, Arc’teryx used their e3D Athletic fit design for men in this waterproof breathable jacket. The e3D patterning is short for Ergonomic 3-Dimensional and explains how the brand created an anatomically comfortable jacket for men who participate in outdoor sports.

Speaking of outdoor sports, this pro jacket is really designed for use across a wide range of activities. While typically sold for use for various types of winter sports, it is equally useful for hiking, backpacking and even climbing. The DropHood jacket hood easily accommodates any sports helmet and the gusseted underarms allow for quick movement without discomfort or lifting.

The special underarms also allow a lot of arm movement that is needed in skiing or snowboarding. Additionally the underarms also have built in breathable ventilating zippers so if you really work up a sweat you can cool off without sacrificing warmth or waterproof-ness.

Arc’teryx Beta AR

The length of the jacket was also designed with multisport use in mind. A jacket that is too short is obviously uncomfortable and having the back lift while bending is a privacy issue as well as a warmth issue. This hip length jacket will fit all but extremely tall men very well and the dropped back hem prevents any peeks of skin while moving around. Overly long hems aren’t as much of a problem as too short of a hem but can be an issue with climbing gear. The specific length of this waterproof jacket allows for easy use with a climbing harness.

The Beta AR waterproof breathable jacket has plenty of small features that add up to really comfortable wear. Arc’teryx truly paid attention to details. The zipper pulls are all cord for silent movement and easy grip. The hood has a laminate brim to perform even better at repelling water away from the face.

All drawcords (hem and waist) can be adjusted with only one hand. Zipper garages protect from water droplets entering through any gaps to keep you dry. The insulated jacket has an attractive but not overwhelming embroidered logo and a chafe-less label.

Overall the Beta AR waterproof jacket is really just a great overall luxury jacket, especially for men who participate in many outdoor activities but also want something that looks great for use around the town. This jacket will keep you warm, comfortable and completely dry- even in severe weather conditions. It is also durable and tough, making it a long-lasting piece of outdoor gear that will put up with extended use for many years.

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Beta AR Jacket Disadvantages

There isn’t much wrong with the jacket itself. It delivers everything you could want in an all-around outdoor jacket like a real weather protection, but there is one factor that could be a significant disadvantage for some individuals. Putting it bluntly, this jacket is expensive! Priced new just under $550 (check this listing for the latest live prices) means the  waterproof Beta AR is quiter the investment.

It’s important to keep in mind that Arc’teryx is a professional brand for outdoor gear- they use one of the best waterproof breathable material on the market combined with high-tech design. You truly get what you pay for and this rings true for the Beta AR.

Arc’teryx Beta AR Jacket Alternatives

It’s hard to make decisions without context. Here are some of the other jacket options we’ve evaluated:

Sabre LT Jacket | Arc'teryx

The Sabre LT Jacket is a highly versatile big mountain jacket built for weather protection in a progressive design. Fully waterproof and breathable Gore-Tex fabric with Gore C-Knit backer technology is quiet and comfortable through wet and winter weather. 

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Fission SV Jacket Men’s | Arc’teryx

You're out on the slopes no matter what the forecast says, and the Arc'teryx Men's Fission SV Insulated Jacket is the reason why. A two-layer Gore-Tex membrane keep yous dry even in the wettest and heaviest snow, while Coreloft insulation brings the warmth without the weight. Pair the light synthetic insulation with a breathable Permeair liner and you'll be set with comfortable warmth when you're building up steam darting through tight tree lines.

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One of my FAVORITE Jackets – Atom LT by Arc’Teryx

Rarely do I find a jacket that has insulation to keep me warm AND the flexibility to support high intensity activities. The Atom LT is the perfect mid-layer. Best of all, the patented stretch technology means you are not hindered at all.

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Final Zip: Is the Beta AR Jacket Worth it?

If you are a serious outdoor enthusiast who really puts their gear through tough conditions then you will really be happy with this piece of a great jacket. However, if you just enjoy hiking or going skiing on the weekends every now and then, you may feel like this jacket could be a waste of money.

Aside from its price point, the Arc’teryx AR is an incredible jacket that doesn’t disappoint. Consider how much you’ll actually use this jacket before buying it to ensure you will feel happy with its price.

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