Vasque Juxt Multi-Sport Review [Can They Hold Up?]

Vasque Juxt MultiSport Review – Are These Shoes Worth the Leather?

Need a shoe good enough for a Navy SEAL?

The Navy SEALs are an elite Special Forces all-male unit trained to conduct military operations on the sea, air, and land. They’re pretty badass in our book. Well, they where Juxt. 

The Vasque Juxt Multisport shoe was worn by DEVGRU (SEAL Team 6) during their campaign to eliminate Bin Laden.

Okay, so maybe you won’t be a Navy SEAL by wearing the shoe, but if the Vasque Juxt Multisport shoe is good enough for the United States Navy SEALs then they will be good enough for you!

The Vasque Juxt Multisport shoe is one of the most versatile shoes you’ll own. The shoe will bring you from the hiking trails to the desert to the office and back. They are built for comfort and work.

The Vasque Juxt Multisport shoe is lightweight, supportive, and stylish for everyday use. If you’re looking for a hiking shoe instead of a boot, the Vasque Juxt Multisport shoe should be your first choice.

Vasque Men's Juxt Multi-Sport Shoe
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Vasque Juxt Boot Construction

The Vasque Juxt Multisport shoe fits like a shoe but has all the best features of a hiking boot.

While the upper part of the shoe is nothing really to write home about, the footbed and the soles of the shoe are what sets the Juxt apart from its competition.

The outsole, or the bottom of the shoe, is made with Vasque’s special Off-the-Grid (OTG) technology that is durable for the worst conditions and will last for many seasons. Just think about the SEAL Team 6 who trekked through the mountains of Afghanistan and Pakistan wearing the Juxt.

As added protection from the elements and additional foot support and low ankle support, Vasque added a TPU plate in the midfoot without adding any extra weight to the shoe.

The shoe is designed a little longer than most shoes but contains a medium-volume Arc Tempo to help accommodate higher arches.

Vasque Juxt Tech Specs

Weight: 1 lbs. 13 oz.
Upper: 1.6mm Suede Leather
Footbed: Dual Density EVA
Midsole: Molded EVA TPU Plate
Outsole: Vasque OTG (Off the Grid)
Lacing: Standard
Waterproofing: Polyurethane-coated suede leather
Sizing: Men
Shoe Width Sizing: Medium
Color: Aluminum/Chili Pepper

Peat/Sudan Brown

Recommended Use: Cross-training; light hiking; every day
Manufacturer Warranty: 1 Year

While the Vasque Juxt Multisport shoe has some awesome features, the fit of the shoe isn’t for everyone.

The shoe is slightly longer and narrow than most sports shoes and tends to run a little large. It is suggested to size down from your normal hiking boot size.

The Juxt is made to have some extra room in the toe box so you don’t crunch your toes on any downhills. So as long as the shoe fits, you’ll probably fall in love with them fast.

Pros of the Vasque Juxt Hiking Shoes

  • The outsole is constructed with Vasque’s Off-the-Grid (OTC) sole technology providing excellent grip on most surfaces
  • The Midsole contains a molded EVA TPU plate that both protects you from protrusions and uneven terrain and provides your foot extra support
  • The Arc Tempo provides extra support for higher arcs
  • A roomy toe box
  • The US Navy SEALs and other military men use these shoes
  • Comfortable fit
  • Versatile for dry terrain
  • Excellent traction for rough terrain, light bouldering
  • Lightweight shoe

Cons of the Vasque Juxt Hiking Shoes

  • The fit of the shoe is not for everyone as it is long and narrow
  • The shoe does not contain any waterproofing membrane, but the uppers are considered water-resistant (waterproof shoes are generally less breathable)
  • Not ideal for snow or ice
  • Depending on your wearing pattern, the shoes can wear out within a few months if you’re harsh on them
Vasque Men's Juxt Multi-Sport Shoe
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The Hiker Feedback – What’s the Buzz?

Most hikers rate the Vasque Juxt Multisport shoe highly. The shoe is perfect for the “in-between” stuff during your adventures in the great outdoors with excellent long term durability and good traction for most uses.

While you probably won’t want to wear these on the Pacific Crest Trail with a heavy pack, these shoes are perfect for most hiking and running trails. The outsole of the shoe is really the best feature of the shoe.

Not only is the grid sole excellent on rock scrambles and trails, but the shoe is flexible. The flexibility of the shoe allows you to stick your foot in places your hiking boot probably won’t fit or go.

Additionally, due to the flexibility of this Vasque shoe, the Juxt can be used for trail running or (hopefully not) running from bears!

Can your hiking boots do that? Another feature of the Juxt is its toe guard that will help protect your toes from sticks and rocks. The only downfall of the toe guard is the indents in the design that make cleaning mud off the guard a little harder.

The biggest complaint the Juxt receives from hikers is the fit. The shoe is long and narrow. According to the Vasque website, you can order wide sizes; however, they are hard to find in stores and online. Most hikers will recommend sizing down a half or even full size due to their design. 

The Juxt is designed to have a roomy toe box so don’t confuse that with the shoe being too large. Just like any shoe, we recommend trying them on first. The Juxt shoe is constructed to last several seasons, but it depends on your wear and tear of the shoe.

Some people have owned the same pair for years with plenty of life left in them while some people need a new pair every 4-6 months. If you’re harsh on your shoes then they will need to be replaced sooner than most.

The Vasque Juxt Multisport shoe is designed to be versatile, durable, and is a great all-around shoe to have in your shoe closet. It will take you to the summit to the plane and finally to dinner with your in-laws.

If you travel a lot domestically or abroad then you might want to consider the Juxt. The Juxt has received rave reviews from a number of travelers because of its versatility.

The shoe is comfortable for spending your day eating and walking your way around Paris and then climbing the Alps the next day. The Juxt is also popular with military personnel and contractors overseas as the Juxt is a work shoe, but looks great in uniform and casual clothes at the dinner table.

Where to Buy the Vasque Juxt Shoes

These popular shoes can be a bit hit or miss for most online retailers. Here are some places I’ve had success with:

Vasque Juxt Alternatives

There are a few other options to consider in the same category as the Vasque Juxt line (including others in the Red Wing brand family). Depending on your specific needs, check these out:

Overall Assessment: Vasque Juxt Review

Overall the Juxt receives great feedback from hikers, trail runners, and military men and women. It’s not uncommon to see repeat buyers stocking up on the shoe in every color. Their best-selling features include their comfort, flexibility, and all-around versatility.

You can often see the shoe on sale at online retailers, but we recommend trying the shoe on first for fit at a store or purchase two sizes online and return the pair that doesn’t fit. 

Final Verdict on the Vasque Juxt Hiking Shoe

We believe this pair of shoes is a buy. It’s the perfect in-between shoe for hiking, trail running shoes, work, and everyday casual wear. You’ll see the Juxt on hikers, runners, travelers, and members of the military around the world. It is one of the best outdoor pair of shoes I’ve tested…

The shoe does run a little big and is not waterproof, but if you can get over those two facts then the Vasque Juxt Multisport shoe is a great shoe to have in your shoe closet.

Vasque Men's Juxt Multi-Sport Shoe
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07/21/2024 07:07 pm GMT

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