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How to Clean a HydroFlask: Do’s, Don’t and Best Practices

Water bottles are a staple in most peoples lives. Outdoor people especially. So it is no surprise that these handy vessels are seen everywhere. The HydroFlask is currently one of the most seen water bottle

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The battle of the Outdoor Sports watch: the Suunto Traverse vs. Suunto Traverse Alpha

Suunto, a Finnish company, which has been around for more than 80 years, is one of the top innovators of premium sport watches, and dive computers. Therefore, it is no surprise that this company is responsible

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suunto traverse

Suunto Traverse Review: Is This The Best Outdoors Watch?

The Suunto Traverse was first introduced in September 2015 and is a watch that literally helps to keep you from getting lost. Yes, it is a watch that has far more perks, bells, and whistles than any watch

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Kershaw vs Benchmade Knife Brand: Which has the Best Survival Knife?

Survival knives are not just a trendy purchase, but a smart one. These make the perfect gift because they are something that you can keep for long periods of time and they have lots of practical uses.

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Swig Savvy vs. Hydro Flask

Swig Savvy vs. Hydro Flask: Which is Best for your Outdoor Adventures?

Insulated bottles are a sort of combination between a sports bottle and a steel thermos, and they’re an incredibly practical, versatile option (not to mention environment-friendly) for both your outdoor

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eureka solitaire tent

Eureka Solitaire Review: Is this the Best Tent For You?

There are so many tent options out there that it can be dizzying to narrow them down. When it comes to solo camping, though, especially for backpackers who have to consider weight and pack size, smaller

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The Kelty Horizon 2 Person Tent Review – Is it a Good Buy?

Backpacking is always a better time when experienced with a significant other or a close friend. The only problem is that it is really hard to find a 2 person tent that is both lightweight and easily packed.

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The Big Agnes Tiger Wall UL2 Tent Review: Features, Pros and Cons

Twenty years ago, the monopoly that big-name brands like Hilleberg, The North Face, Mountain Hardwear, and Wild Country had over the tent-maker market was such that any newcomers attempting to enter the

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Eco Vessel vs Hydro Flask: Which Will You Love?

Are you an outdoor enthusiast that wants to have the best gear for your next adventure? Well, if you are, remember that a water bottle or flask is on that list. When you’re looking for a flask that is

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“Bombproof” Backcountry Boltholes: The Best Extreme Cold-Weather Tents

Compared to other demographics of outdoors-goers, the hardy bunch of backcountry enthusiasts who can rightly call themselves “winter campers” are relatively few. This paucity of peeps who do their

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