Best Cabelas Camping Chairs Guide: My Top 8 Picks

Have you shortlisted the top brands for camping chairs out there? If you’re a newbie, you may not know what to look for in camping chairs.

But you needn’t worry about ending up with the wrong choice because my best Cabela’s camping chairs guide will help you choose. From maximum comfort to excellent durability under tough weather conditions, you need to factor in essential features when looking for a camping chair. 

Through years of experience with campgrounds, campfires, and outdoor events, I know just what a high-quality and optimally-performing camping chair should have. In this guide, I will discuss my favorite camping chairs with you and tell you how to choose the best ones. 

Bottom line up front: I love the Cabela’s Outdoorsman XL camping chair. I think it’s the best chair on this list and always recommend it to my friends and family looking for a camping chair. 

My Top Picks

TravelChair ABC Camp Chair

  1. Best overall- Cabela’s Outdoorsman XL camping chair
  2. Best budget- Travel chair ABC camping chair 
  3. Best lounger- Cabela’s big outdoorsman lounger
  4. Best features- Bass Pro shops eclipse director’s chair 
  5. Best camp couch- Travel chair shorty camp couch 
  6. Best back canopy chair- Bass pro shops eclipse mesh 
  7. Best rocker camp chair- GCI Outdoor Sunshade rocker 
  8. Best Tripod Chair-  Travel Chair 3-in1 

How I Chose These Camping Chairs

If you love the outdoors like me, surely you leave no opportunity to go out and have a good time. It could be a camping trip for the weekend, a concert you’ve been looking forward to attending, or a cozy gathering around a campfire outside. 

But to make sure you make the most of your camping plan, you must pick a camping chair that is comfortable, pocket-friendly, and lightweight. In the best Cabela’s camping chairs guide below, I have listed the top features to look for when you’re out shopping. 


camping chair

A ‘camping chair’ offers a great deal of versatility. You can fold it up and squeeze it into a car to easily transport it, all while giving you a comfy place to sit outside. Before you set out to find one, you need to first narrow down your intended use for your camp chair. 

Depending on the size of your car, you should choose the most comfortable camping chair you come upon in the market. Some of the most luxuriously comfortable camping chairs can be large, even after you fold them. But if you have the space for it in your car’s trunk, look for this option that makes camping outside a therapeutic experience. 

The most comfortable camping chairs will have taller backs, are higher off-ground, and will have top-level stability and support. Moreover, comfortable camping chairs also have storage pockets, cup holders, and reclining options.  One often has to carry a lot of cargo, depending on the kind of camping trip they have planned. Keeping that in mind, you must look for camping chair features that will accommodate your needs. 


When considering the weight and portability of a camping chair, you shouldn’t consider if it folds but how it folds. Some camping chairs simply fold flat, offering a thin package to carry, measuring a total of four by six inches. 

However, you must remember that the folded camping chair will likely occupy 30 square inches of your car’s trunk.

If you cannot accommodate that size in your car, or the folded camping chair feels too burdensome on your back, then look at other options. It would be great to particularly find those with more manageable or smaller dimensions, making it easier to carry. 

You’d do well to check the options that come with straps resembling those we see on backpacks. Moreover, you’ll find a range of camping chairs in the markets that fold inwards, ending with a torpedo-like shape. By choosing one of those, you’ll find them sliding more easily into carrying bags. 


Are you one of those people who only go camping a few times at most? Perhaps it is only a summer activity for you. It’s true that due to certain lifestyles, not everyone plans camping trips frequently. In such a case, you’ll probably not want to spend too much on camping chairs. 

If you’re looking for budgeted options, you must look for camping chairs that fall within your price range. However, you ensure the products are pocket-friendly without compromising on build, stability, and quality of materials. 

You will encounter some budget frames that generally feature very thin materials and may wear off soon after use.

To avoid those, I would suggest looking for camping chairs in the bargain basement category. The budget category, on the other hand, is a viable option but be sure to check the quality of materials before you choose one. 


For most campers, the portability and convenience of carrying are of primary importance. Due to this, camping chairs are generally not very feature-rich products. In my years of camping, I always felt that storage features come in really handy. When you’re out in the woods, you always need somewhere to keep your essentials. 

If you follow my best Cabelas camping chair guides, you must look for storage options like cup holders and mesh pockets. These are great for things you need close by but also out of sight. Besides, there are certain models that take camping chairs to the next level these days with built-in coolers. 

If you’re not the kind of planning camps very far away into the wilderness, you could make storage an essential feature in your camping chair. However, if you plan on choosing more remote destinations, you may want to consider lighter options. 


camping chair

I have seen in my experience that durability often correlates with the price of camping chairs, but you shouldn’t let that cheat you. When you’re investing in a product, regardless of the budget range, you want something that will serve you well for a reasonable time span. 

Even if you’re looking for lightweight models, you must ensure that the frame materials are robust, like aluminum. Although thin, this material does not let the outdoor elements dismantle its construction anytime soon. Also, when assessing the durability of camping chairs, don’t only consider their rivets and frame. Assess is build quality overall, including the seat fabric, the quality of the mesh, and its seams. 

Bonus Features

There has been an incredible number of developments in something as functional, mainly as camping chairs. Who would have thought that advancements would make an ordinary commodity like a camping chair something top of the line too?

But the unique design improvements, such as reclining, rocking, and swiveling features, are sure to make camping enthusiasts dizzy with delight. If you’d love to have something more updated and a camping chair that will enhance the level of fun, look for features like swiveling, reclining, rocking, and built-in coolers. 

Best Cabelas Camping Chairs- Top 8 Choices

Now that I have discussed the primary features to consider if you’re in search of the best camping chair for your expeditions, here are my top favorites. I have specially handpicked the following top eight favorites based on their optimal quality, features, durability under rough weather elements, and functionality. 

Cabela’s Big Outdoorsman XL Camping Chair (Best Overall)

Cabela’s Big Outdoorsman XL Camping Chair

Are you looking for an oversized camping chair for the great outdoors? Camping enthusiasts will find this an exceptionally great option, with its oversized dimensions that cater to every body type. 

Cabelas big outdoorsman XL fold-up camping chair has an overall size of 25.5×19 inches, keeping you nineteen inches off-ground. The highlight of this product is the 600-denier, heavy-duty polyester material that features a robust frame with powder-coating 

With patented braces for corner support, aluminum arms, and steel tubing of 22mm, there’s nothing that can beat the outdoor-grade camping chair. Its durability is unparalleled, and the additional carry bag featuring shoulder straps makes it a convenient option. 


  • Comes with organizer pockets and cup holders 
  • Has padded backs and seats 
  • Features 600-denier polyester and powder coating on frames 


  • user may encounter some stiffness in opening and closing

Travel Chair ABC Camping Chair (Best Budget)

Travel Chair ABC Camping Chair

If rest and relaxation are your primary objectives for your outdoor excursions, then consider the Travel chair ABC camping chair as your best companion. This chair makes all fishing, camping, backpacking, or lazy days by the lake a treat for tired bodies. 

Although lightweight, this camping chair, with its steel frame in powder coating and top-notch plastic components, promises high durability. The camping chair incorporates polyester fabric with padded seats to improve comfort, with easy mobility and setup advantages. 


  • Best camping chair for recreational and outdoor events
  • Ultra-compact offers easy transportation and storage
  • Tough plastic components promising unbeatable durability 
  • Mesh pouch


  • Does not feature a neck rest 

Cabela’s Big Outdoorsman Lounger (Best Lounger)

Cabela’s Big Outdoorsman Lounger

Don’t want to settle for a camping chair that’s nothing less than the best? Then you shouldn’t consider any other model than the Cabela’s big outdoorsman loungers. This comfort-maximizing chair is capable of handling heavy guys. 

It comes with a steel frame of 22mm and a system for bungee suspension that molds to your body, lending ergonomic and relaxing support. Its seat is 2-inches wide, with PVC support and 8600-denier polyester. With a seat like this one, there’ll never be a moment of discomfort on your camping trips. 

With foam padded and life-maximizing features, reclining options, and angle adjustment, you will have everything for your camping trips. 


  • Highly durable, with polyester and padded foam seats
  • A robust frame that can  accommodate heavy-duty people too 
  • Multi-position reclining adjustability 
  • Storage options


  • A higher-end product, not too pocket-friendly for those looking for camping chairs on a budget

Bass Pro Shops Eclipse Directors Chair (Best Features)

Bass Pro Shops Eclipse Directors Chair

Do you need a camp chair from where you can experience and see it all? The bass pro shops eclipse director’s chair might be just what you’re looking for. It features a bar stool that is taller than most ordinary modes and a metal table attached to it. 

The quality construction with powder-coating finishes and a robust frame in steel and polyester fabric for a water-resistant seat. You will love how this camp chair can accommodate up to 300lbs. It features accessory pouches, padded armrests, and cup holders in a super handy side table. 


  • – powder-coated finishing on a steel frame 
  • Water-resisting features of polyester fabric 
  • Integrated footrest options with tall bar height 
  • Side accessory holders on a built-in side table
  • Maximum portability with flat folding technology 


  • Tall height may cause inconvenience or discomfort for shorter people 

Travel Chair Shorty Camp Couch (Best Camp Couch)

Travel Chair Shorty Camp Couch

There’s nothing like an intimate camping trip with your partner or your best friend when it’s time to unwind from the pressures of life. In times like these, a camping chair like the Travel Chair shorty camp couch is the finest option, giving a convenient place for two to rest and relax. 

For those who plan to go frequently camping with friends and family, this camp couch is an excellent option. It has a robust steel frame with top-quality plastic components that promise to stand strong under tough elements. 

With the polyester seat with its sewing featuring a bar tack, you will find nothing but extreme comfort, splendid functionality, and easy mobility and setup. This couch can carry a weight of 200lbs. on each of its seats, making it perfect for bulkier people as well. 


  • Rugged frame in steel 
  • A PVC-free model with lightweight features 
  • Ultra-compact folding 
  • Easy and quick setup 
  • The ripstop fabric of the seat 


  • High-end option

Bass Pro Shops Eclipse Mesh BACK Canopy Chair (Best Back Canopy)

Bass Pro Shops Eclipse Mesh BACK Canopy Chair

Camping chairs with shades make for extremely comfortable lounging options. I cannot think of a better option than bass pro shops eclipse mesh back canopy chair. With its polyester fabric offering water-resistant qualities, with a mesh-back nylon panel for better breathability, you’ll find this one a fine option for warm-weather camping trips too. 

The camping chair has a robust steel frame with powder-coating to boost its long life. The built-in and the adjustable canopy is just the icing on the cake, offering maximum protection and shade from the sun and increasing the fun factor. 


  • Adjustable canopy 
  • A portable and highly comfortable model
  • Nylon mesh back-panel for extra breathability 
  • Water-resistant fabric 
  • Takes a few seconds to open and close 


  • Stitching quality may require assessing 

GCI Outdoor Sunshade Rocker (Best Rocker Camp Chair)

GCI Outdoor Sunshade Rocker

If your camping trips have started to feel boring and not so much fun, here’s a camping chair to fix that little problem. The GCI outdoor sunshade rocker promises a blissful respite from the blazing hot sun on your camping trips and a bit more fun than your usual jams. 

Thanks to the rotating and angle-adjusting features of this camping chair’s unique design, you can enjoy different views and maximum comfort no matter where you camp. Even on overcast days, this camping chair will not make you compromise on your outdoor relaxation. 

Besides, the rocking motion with the spring-action technology also comes with a mesh backrest promise to make the outdoor experience feel extra special. 


  • Canopy with back and front adjustment, flat-folding sunshade features 
  • Cup holders and mesh pockets for storing valuables out of sight 
  • Rocking technology for smooth rocking throughout your stay outdoors 


  • On the higher and may not be suitable for shoppers working on a budget. 

Travel Chair 3-in1 Slacker Tripod Chair (Best Tripod Chair)

Travel Chair 3-in1 Slacker Tripod Chair

Those looking for the easiest to travel with and pack, highly portable, convenient, and ultra-lightweight camping chair will love this model. Travel Chair 3-in1 slacker tripod chair is for minimalist campers who are out for an adventure. 

This chair is a superb combination of durability, portability, and comfort. This camping chair will feel non-existent when hiking with it since it weighs just a little over a pound. 


  • Closing straps with a hook and loop 
  • Adjustable seat height 
  • Extra durability, although lightweight 
  • Steel frame with powder coating 
  • Duck feet for extra stability 


  • Not a suitable choice for campers who prioritize relaxation and rest 
  • Not robust enough for bulky or heavy-weight people 


Question: What are Some Important Features to Look for in the Best Camping Chair?

Answer: The primary features of the best camping chair are sturdiness and portability. It must be of metal, steel, or aluminum frame. 

Question: What is the Lightest Camping Chair?

Answer: Tripod chairs like the Travel Chair 3-in-1 slacker tripod chairs are the lightest models. 

Question: What is the Best Style for a Camping Chair?

Answer: Camping chairs with a canopy for sun protection and storage pockets are the best style of camping chair. 

Question: Can You Fish in a Camping Chair?

Answer: You may use a camping chair for fishing, but it must have reclining and rotational technology features to give you the freedom of mobility. The latter is important for all fishing activities. 

Final Thoughts

It can be tricky to choose the best camping chair, considering the range of options at your disposal in the markets. But after narrowing down your intention of use and highlighting the sort of camping trips you intend to plan, you can determine the best style of camping chair for your needs. For me, Cabela’s Outdoorsman XL camping chair is the best overall camping chair. 

My best Cabelas camping chairs guide will help you pick just what is right for your future outdoor excursions. Good luck with your next campout! 

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