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Cabelas Cooler vs Yeti Brand Compared

Cabelas Cooler vs Yeti Brand Compared

Purchasing a quality cooler is essential. Whether you are taking a summer trip, enjoying your backyard, or going fishing, having a durable and efficient cooler is a must. More so, you should look at a cooler as an investment in leisure. I’ve purchased a lot of horrible coolers, and they’re nothing but a headache.

I’ve spent years fishing, hiking, camping, and barbequing, so I can tell you one thing — your cooler isn’t an afterthought!

In this article, I’ll compare the Cabelas cooler vs Yeti brand to conclude which cooler is better overall. Cabela’s coolers provide similar-sized coolers compared to the Yeti brand, but they’re priced more affordably. I’ll review the coolers to discover why Cabela’s is more affordable and what makes the Yeti brand so exorbitant. 

Bottom Line Up Front

The Yeti Brand Cooler is the winner for me when comparing Cabela’s coolers vs. the Yeti brand. The Yeti brand provides multiple accessories to add to your cooler, a variety of colors and carries a better warranty than Cabela’s. The insulation of the two products is about the same, but the Yeti cooler still has better features, more variety, and is overall more appealing. 

The Cabela’s cooler is a less expensive alternative and will keep your drinks and food cold for an extended time. However, Yeti is my top pick mainly due to its variety and accessories.

yeti cooler

Main Differences between Cabela’s Coolers vs Yeti 

The main differences between Cabela’s Coolers vs Yeti are:

  • The handles on the Yeti cooler are challenging to grip, whereas the Cabelas cooler is much easier to grip
  • The Yeti coolers offer more insulation, whereas the Cabela’s coolers are slightly less insulated
  • The Cabelas cooler is suitable for those who are on a budget, whereas the Yeti cooler can be expensive
  • The Cabela’s coolers offer only a few colors, whereas the Yeti cooler offers many colors

Breaking Down the Features 


While both Cabela’s and Yeti coolers are durable enough to withstand most conditions, the Cabela’s cooler is not as durable as Yeti’s. Cabela’s coolers are typically made with cheaper materials but result in an overall more affordable product. 

The Cabela’s coolers are made using rotomolded polyethylene construction. However, they are built to last a lifetime even though the cooler uses lesser quality materials. The Cabela’s cooler also uses a less waterproof sealant than the sealant Yeti uses, which can affect how well the cooler withstands rainy weather. 

The Yeti cooler is considered more durable than the Cabela’s cooler because it is made from a proprietary plastic composite called rotomoid. Since the Yeti is made using high-quality materials, it is practically indestructible compared to a Cabela’s cooler. 

Personally, when I think of an extreme weather camping situation or something similar, the Yeti cooler would be a better option.



Both the Yeti and Cabela’s coolers are about the same weight. Even though the Yeti cooler has thicker insolation than the Cabelas cooler, it still has about the same weight when filled with ice. 

Even when the coolers are empty, they are very close in weight. The Yeti Tundra 65 Cooler weighs 29 pounds, and the Cabelas Polar Cap Equalizer, 60 Quart cooler, weighs 30.1 pounds. The Cabela’s Polar Cap Equalizer 60 Quart and the Yeti Tundra 65 can weigh 96 pounds when filled with ice and food.


The Yeti Tundra 65 cooler is 30.63 inches long by 17.25 inches wide by 16 inches high and weighs 29 pounds. It is large enough to comfortably hold 39 cans of beer while fitting the necessary amount of ice inside to keep it cool. 

The Cabela’s Polar Cap Equalizer 60 Quart cooler can also hold up to 39 cans of beer while comfortably fitting ice inside the cooler to keep it cold. The Cabelas cooler is 37 inches long by 19.5 inches wide by 18.75 inches high.  


The Yeti Tundra 65 offers ice retention for up to five days. Five days is a long time to be able to keep your food and drinks stored in a cooler safely. However, the Cabela’s Polar Cap 60 quart cooler can hold ice for up to seven days, which is even more surprising. 

Even though the Cabela’s coolers’ material is of lesser quality than the Yeti cooler, the Cabelas Cooler can keep food and drinks cool for about a week. However, both coolers are insulated enough that a wild animal like a bear can apparently not break through the coolers. 

The main difference between the insulation of these coolers is that the insulation in the Yeti Tundra cooler lasts about five days and the insulation in the Cabela’s Polar Cap lasts about seven days.

While you most likely won’t need to worry about keeping drinks cold for a week, having a cooler that keeps ice cold on an overnight camping trip is a nice luxury!


The Cabela’s coolers carry a warranty that states that there is a one-year warranty against manufacturer defects in materials and workmanship. For example, if you notice that the inside of your cooler is dented after you purchased it, that would be considered a defect in materials. 

However, you cannot use the warranty if your cooler has been scratched or dented after a long time of use. By purchasing a product from the Cabela’s website, it is guaranteed that you can return it with a refund or exchange if there is damage. 

The Yeti Cooler offers many different warranties, as long as you purchased your Yeti cooler from a Yeti authorized dealer. There is either a three-year warranty period or a five-year warranty period. You will need to provide a date of purchase and return the cooler to Yeti to prove that it is defective.

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Yeti offers a wide variety of cooler sizes. The Yeti Tundra comes in various models, like the 20, 45, 50, 65, 75, 105, 110, 125, and 250. 

There are also various Yeti Roadie coolers similar to the Tundra series. The Roadie coolers are smaller than the Tundra coolers, compact, and easy to transport. You can also purchase Yeti soft coolers if you’re looking for something more lightweight.

Besides the Polar Cap series, the Cabela’s coolers come in a few models. This one is the only sizable hard cooler that they carry. Cabela’s carries the Coldsnap Latch cooler, the 12 can soft-sided cooler, the 18 can soft-sided cooler, and the 30 can soft-sided cooler.


The Cabela’s cooler vs. Yeti brand offers fewer colors depending on the size of the cooler. Cabela’s coolers only offer five different colors: tan, quarry gray, olive green, seafoam, and white. 

The Yeti series offers ten different colors: navy, desert tan, white, alpine yellow, charcoal, bimini pink, offshore blue, black, stainless steel, and seafoam green. If you are looking for a cooler with more variety of colors to choose from, you might choose the Yeti brand vs. Cabela’s coolers.

Bonus Features 

The Cabela’s cooler vs. Yeti brand features integrated bottle openers to make it convenient for you to open your bottles without looking for an opener. There are molded-in handles that make your cooler easy to carry and rope handles that make carrying even easier. The rope handles are helpful when the cooler is full and gets heavy.

The Yeti cooler has similar features to the Cabelas cooler. It has molded-in handles and rope handles, ensuring you can easily carry the cooler. Yeti brand coolers do not have built-in bottle openers. You can purchase the Yeti accessory separately and mount it to your cooler.

You can add some cool accessories to your Yeti cooler, including a cooler seat cushion, lid latches, beverage holders, cooler baskets, and slick horns. Cabela’s does not offer any cooler accessories at this time. 

Other Alternatives to Consider

If both the Cabela’s brand and the Yeti brand are not suitable for you, there are other alternatives.

Coleman 316 Series

Coleman 316 Series 

The Coleman 316 Series 62 Qt. Wheeled cooler is an excellent alternative to Cabela’s coolers vs Yeti brand. You can choose between three colors; dark blue, white, and gray. This cooler is well insulated and can hold ice for up to five days, even on hot days when it reaches over 90 degrees. 

The wheels make it easy to roll with you, empty or full, and there are swing-up handles if you would prefer to carry the cooler. The lid on the cooler can act as a seat, holding up to 250 pounds. The Coleman 316 Series is leakproof and can hold up to 101 cans. 

There are built-in cup holders included in this cooler, and it is not an added accessory. Overall, the Coleman 316 Series is a less expensive and more efficient alternative to Cabela’s and Yeti brands. 

Igloo Marine Ultra

Igloo Marine Ultra 

The Igloo Marine Ultra is an excellent alternative to the Cabela’s cooler and the Yeti cooler. This cooler is a bit roomier than the Coleman Series, Yeti Tundra 65, and Cabela’s Polar Cap 60 quart coolers. This cooler is 72 quarts and can store up to 114 cans. 

The cooler is well insulated and will keep your cans or food cold for five days. There is a non-slip grip on the sides to carry the cooler and swing-up handles for added convenience. This particular cooler only comes in white. 

The great thing about the Igloo Marine cooler is that it was built to last in rough marine conditions and can withstand sun damage due to the UV inhibitors it features. This cooler is an inexpensive and roomy alternative if you are looking for other options.

Igloo BMX

Igloo BMX

The Igloo BMX 52 quart cooler is a heavy-duty alternative to the Cabela’s cooler vs. Yeti brand. Everything about the cooler is excellent. It keeps your beverages and food cold for up to five days in 90-degree heat due to its super thick insulation. 

There are rubber grips to hold or swig up handles to make it easier to carry when it is full. There is even a threaded drain plug, so you can quickly drain away from the ice in the cooler when it melts. 

This cooler is a bit smaller than the other options and only holds up to 83 cans. However, it is affordable and comes in various colors. You can purchase this cooler in tank green/orange, rugged blue/tactical gray, and oil green/tactical gray.


Question: How long does Cabela’s cooler hold ice?

Answer: Due to the freezer-grade gasket in the lid of the Cabela’s cooler, it can hold ice for up to 12 days if it is not excessively hot. The Cabela’s Polar Cap cooler typically has ice for up to seven days if it reaches 90 degrees or higher. 

Question: Where are Yeti products manufactured?

Answer: The Yeti Tundra coolers are manufactured in the United States at Yeti facilities located in Wisconsin and Iowa, along with a facility located in the Philippines. Rambler drinkware and Hopper coolers are manufactured in China.

Question: Where are Cabela’s polar cap coolers made?

Answer: Cabela’s polar cap coolers are made in the United States. The craftsmanship that goes into making the Cabela’s polar cap coolers ensures that you will receive a reliable product.

Question: Are RTIC coolers the same as Yeti?

Answer: For the most part, RTIC coolers are the same as Yeti coolers. They are both made using quality materials and have a very similar design. The quality of the product is the same, but the warranties offered are different. 

Cabelas Cooler vs Yeti Brand: Conclusion

I recommend choosing the Yeti brand between the Cabela’s cooler vs the Yeti cooler. Overall, Yeti has much more to offer regarding color, accessories, and durable materials. The Cabela’s cooler is an excellent option for a less expensive option but does not have as much to offer as Yeti.