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The Top 8 Best Toddler Boots for Hiking!

Hiking can be an amazing adventure for small children. It gets them outside the house, it allows them to explore nature in a safe way and allows some quality time as a family. However, as any parent of

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The Best Hiking Trails in Austin – Don’t Miss Out!

Don’t be fooled by the fact that Austin is a metropolitan area – there are miles upon miles of hiking trails here, leading you to green spaces, the woods, the river and more. Whether you’re looking

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The Best Hiking Trails in Phoenix That You’ll Love

It’s the fifth most populous city in the US and located in the sweltering, sand-strewn bowl of the Sonoran Desert’s Salt River Valley, but Arizona’s capital city, Phoenix, boasts a wealth of scenic,

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15 Best Dog Breeds for Off-Leash Hiking

One of the most rewarding feelings is taking your best friend into nature with you. Having someone who is always up for the adventure and living on the wild side. Who is more likely to be up for any hiking

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The Best Hiking Trails in San Diego

Hiking may not be the first thing that springs to mind when you think of California – sun-drenched vineyards, surfing, and the Hollywood sign are at the forefront of my mind – but hiking is actually

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The Best Hiking Trails in Dallas – Don’t Miss Out!

When I think of Dallas, I get visions of big hair and humidity, and I hear thick accents. When Dallas locals talk about their beloved hometown, they’ll mention the Cowboys, America’s Team; top-of-the-line

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The 5 Best Through-Hiking Shoes That You’ll Love

Choosing a great hiking shoe is one of the most important decisions you are going to make when prepping for a through-hiking trip. Getting the wrong shoe could leave you extremely uncomfortable, tired,

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A Complete Guide to the Best Merrel Hiking Shoes

Regardless of whether you are planning a day trip or a multi-day hike, there are some items that are necessary. One of the most important and individual items that a hiker needs are your hiking shoes. It

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The Garmin 64st Review – Is It The GPS of Your Dreams?

So you are an outdoor enthusiast. You love hiking and exploring nature. Or maybe you are a prepper, who wants to be prepared when there is an emergency, or some type of apocalyptic event. You have all

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The Best Hiking Trails in Alabama You Should Not Miss

Alabama is filled to the brim with gorgeous natural sites, stunning beauty and a large number of indigenous animals. You can find breathtaking mountain views and peaceful, cascading waterfalls, and along

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