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Suunto Traverse vs Garmin Fenix 3: Which Is The Best Watch?

Today, “fitness tracker” is sort of a misnomer – they’re really more like lifestyle trackers, with fitness tracking being just part of the equation (along with things like heart health and sleep). As

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A Review of Casio ProTrek PRW3000

A Review of Casio ProTrek PRW3000: Will This Be the Watch You’ll Love?

The puts the previous Casio watch models to shame with its incredible advancements in size reduction, technology and overall wear. With more features then you can imagine, the Casio offers outdoorsman,

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Top 3 Best Activity Trackers for Hiking_featured

The Top 3 Best Activity Trackers for Hiking That I Love

Fitness trackers aren’t just limited to a gym setting. Hiking and nature walks can be an excellent workout and even if you don’t partake in the activity just for exercise, being able to see

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Best Dive Watches

Stay Under: The Best Dive Watches I Love

For divers, a good watch is far up the list of essential equipment, right up there with a knife and way ahead of strobes, lights, cameras and a lot of the other gear people spend money on. As well as its

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The Top 3 Best Altimeter Watches

While out on trails have you ever noticed some hikers, campers or other outdoorsman sporting some high-tech looking watches on their wrists? Even though a watch doesn’t seem like an important piece of

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