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the top 3 best utility knives for the great outdoors

The Top 3 Best Utility Knives for the Great Outdoors

A key element to any over-the-road bicycler is their “emergency pack” which includes a hand pump, spare tire tubes, assortment of wrenches, etc. If something were to happen to the bike on a long ride

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Bubba Blade Fishing Pliers Review [2019]: All You Need to Know

The wet conditions present in fishing requires the best tools, and that’s what Bubba Blade fishing pliers offer. These pliers are one of the best tools you should have when fishing out in the lake

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Top 4 Best Leathermans for Camping and Backpacking

The Leatherman brand is synonymous with quality multi-tools and knives, so much so that many people refer to multi-tools as a whole as Leathermans. Leatherman Tool Group was founded in 1983 by Timothy

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Leatherman Wingman Multi-Tool Review – Versatile Enough?

It’s hard to anticipate the sort of problems you might run into out in the world. That’s the purpose of a multitool: it gives you access to a wide variety of tools without forcing you to lug around

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Finding the Best Multi Tool – 3 Top Recommendations

So what makes a good multi-tool? That’s a bit of a loaded question, it’s bit of a subjective answer. Putting price, experience, and local laws aside there are a few traits that I find to important

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leatherman charge multitool review

Review: Our Take on the Leatherman Charge TTI

Before getting into the fool review, it’s helpful to understand a bit about the background of multi-tools. How Did Multi-tools Come About? Pocket knives have been around for a long time. The oldest

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