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The Best Ice Climbing Gloves On The Market!

There are few things our digits dread more than a day’s ice-climbing. Other than the threat of mild maulings at the hands of an ice screw, a misplaced ice-axe or crampon, or stray lumps of ice sent sailing

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The Best Hiking Gloves: Our Ultimate Guide

Oh, the great outdoors. At least, they’re pretty great when you have the right gear. Without the proper equipment and research an outdoor adventure, whether a short trip or a long haul, can become

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the best heated gloves to keep your hands warm in the winter

The Best Heated Gloves Review

Keeping your hands and fingers warm in winter during an outdoor excursion is important for obvious reasons. Not only are cold hands uncomfortable and inhibit dexterity, but persistent exposure to cold

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best thin lightweight winter gloves

4 Best Thin Lightweight Winter Gloves for 2019 (That WILL Surprise You!)

One of the very first things you learn about cold weather outdoor activities is the importance of ensuring you always keep your extremities warm and dry. In cold weather settings, whether it’s a

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The Top 3 Best Touchscreen Gloves: Stay Connected and Warm!

As smartphones have become all the rage, many people (especially in winter) often find themselves having to take their gloves to check something on their phones. This gets frustrating and sometimes the

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top hiking gloves for cold weather

The Ultimate Best Cold Weather Gloves for Hiking

When cold weather arrives gloves become a bit of a necessity for hiking. Keeping extremities warm is extremely important, particularly fingers. Even if you don’t have to deal with snow, cool weather

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