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Hydro Flask vs Thermos: Which is the Better Brand?

In years past many outdoor enthusiasts relied on plastic bottles for their drinking water or an old-fashioned thermos-style bottle for hot drinks. Brands like Nalgene popped up and became the go-to bottles

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fifty/fifty vs hydro flask – which is the better bottle

Fifty/Fifty vs Hydro Flask – Which is the Better Bottle in 2018?

More people than ever have switched to reusable water bottles thanks to consistent marketing promoting awareness on the wastefulness of plastic bottles and cups. Over the past decade or so there has been

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A Review of the Sawyer MINI Water Filter

The Ultimate Sawyer MINI Water Filter Review: Does It Work?

One of the single most important aspects of staying healthy and safe on the trail is access to fresh, clean water. Even though there are natural water sources far out in the country that are fairly clean

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kleencanteen vs hydroflask

KleanKanteen vs Hydro Flask: Choose One!

When it comes to the world of insulated bottles, there are two brands that reign supreme – and . Both companies make high-quality products and have fan bases that claim their preferred company is

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takeya vs hydro flask - which is the best insulated water bottle

Takeya vs Hydro Flask in 2018 – Which Is the Better?

Everyone knows they should be drinking more water, but sadly this health benefit has turned into environmental concern as so many water bottles end up in landfills. Approximately 50 million water bottles

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How to Select the Best Water Filter System for Backpacking

How to Select the Best Water Filter System for Backpacking

The right water filter can be the difference between surviving or not in the great outdoors. Depending on the size and scope of your backpacking adventure, this can take on even greater priority. Even

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here are the top 4 best hydro flask alternatives you can easily find online

4 Best Hydro Flask Alternatives for 2018

Keeping hydrated, especially when you’re outdoors hiking or otherwise enjoy nature, is very important. The average person simply doesn’t drink enough water and the potential for dehydration,

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Sawyer Mini vs Lifestraw Comparison

Sawyer Mini vs Lifestraw Comparison [2018]: Which Personal Filtration System Works Best?

Whether you are traveling to another country or taking a long backpacking trip, you may want to invest in a personal water filtration system. A personal water filtration system makes it so you can drink

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Top 7 Best Insulated Stainless Steel Water Bottles: An Expert List

Stainless steel water bottles are becoming more popular with the vast majority of people. If you’re taking your water bottle hiking and banging it on things or just want to keep your coffee warm at work,

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Hydro Flask vs Yeti in 2018: Which Flask is Better? An Expert Opinion.

The Hydroflask and Yeti bottles rank amongst the best water bottles in the world, surpassing Nalgenes and Camelbacks with ease. Yet their unrivaled success only warrants one question: which is better? We’ll

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