Alexapure vs Berkey: Which Water Filter is Best?

With our Alexapure vs Berkey comparison guide, we’ll find out if the Alexapure Pro or the Big Berkey is the better water filtration system to use. Water filters remove harmful contaminants such as Lead, Chlorine, and Glyphosate to make water safe for drinking and other uses. Not only is having one of these systems useful for outdoor pursuits such as camping where you need access to clean water, but it can be vital to have at home in case of an emergency as well. We’ll look at the features that both of these water filtration systems have, what their pros and cons are, the other alternatives on the market and finally we’ll show you which is the best to buy.

Main Differences Between Alexapure vs Berkey

The main differences between the Alexapure Pro and Big Berkey are:
  • Alexapure Pro is encased in a silver-infused ceramic shell, whereas Big Berkey is not.
  • Alexapure Pro doesn’t require another filter to remove Fluoride, whereas Big Berkey requires an additional Fluoride filter.
  • Alexapure filter only lasts for 5000 gallons, whereas Big Berkey filters can last up to 6000 gallons (3000 gallons per filter)
  • Alexapure is cheaper, whereas Big Berkey weighs slightly less.

Things to consider with a water filtration system

Before we have a look at the different features that Alexapure and Berkey water filtration systems have, there are a few things you need to think about first.


For short outdoor trips – for example, if you are going hiking for the day – you will just need a small supply of water and you can generally take that with you. However, for longer pursuits such as camping or even going on a hike for a few days, you’ll need to think about how much water you are going to need. It isn’t just the capacity that the system can hold that is important – how much water each filter can be used for is important too. Most water filters can last for a few thousand gallons but it is worth looking into this so you know how many filters you will need to buy.


If you are buying a water filter system for an RV or to take on a camping trip where you are simply parking up at the campsite then portability isn’t that crucial. As long as you can haul the system for a short distance to get clean water if you need it you should be fine. However, if you have a bit of a trek to a campsite or to wherever you are going to be staying and need to carry the system, you’ll need to think about the weight. It might seem ideal to have a water filtration system that can hold 10 gallons but remember you need to actually carry this and even if the system seems quite light when empty, there will be a big difference when it is full.


Cost is another thing to consider before you make a purchase. This ties in with point one – capacity. The more capacity a water system can hold then it will likely be more expensive however do you really need a one that holds a lot of water at once? Is there a close source of water you can fill it up and filter out the contaminants when outdoors? Also, what kind of extra features do you really need? Thinking about these things carefully can help you to bring down the cost of a water filter system so you aren’t spending a lot of money on something that is overkill for what you will actually use it for.

Exploring Alexapure vs Berkey features

The Alexapure Pro and the Big Berkey have many features that make these two models among the most popular water filter systems you can buy. We are going to look specifically at capacity, how they eliminate harmful contaminants, the lifespan of their filters and how easy they are to carry.


Both the Alexapure Pro and the Big Berkey have a capacity for 2.25 gallons on their water systems. This is ideal for between one and four people so if you are heading into the great outdoors with some friends or family for a few days, you won’t need to hold much more at the one time. We’ll look at the filter lifespan of these two water filtration systems later on but they will last for a while which means you can easily fill up the system when outdoors and have access to clean water.

Contaminant elimination

Alongside capacity, this is one of the really big things you need to look at when deciding between the Alexapure Pro and the Big Berkey. The whole point of these systems is to eliminate harmful chemicals and bacteria so that you have access to clean water. So, how well do these do this? There are some subtle differences between the two systems when it comes to contaminant elimination. Glyphosate which is the contaminant in Round-up has a 99.9% elimination rate with the Alexapure but only a 75% elimination rate with the Berkey. Lead, Chlorine, Chromium VI and Chloroform are all pretty the same between the two systems. One other difference is Fluoride. While both of these systems will work to eliminate this from the water, the Big Berkey requires an additional filter to be used while the Alexapure Pro doesn’t so that is something to take into consideration.

Filter lifespan

Water filters need to be replaced eventually and the Alexapure Pro and Big Berkey are no different. The filter lifespan with both the Alexapure Pro and the Big Berkey are fairly similar. The Alexapure Pro has a filter lifespan of 5,000 gallons. The Big Berkey filters have a slightly better filter lifespan of 6,000 gallons and this is because two filters are used on the Big Berkey that each work up to 3,000 gallons. So, you are getting a bit more with the Big Berkey.


Weight can also be a factor in buying a water filtration system. If you are using it for going on a hiking trip or camping somewhere that requires a trek to get to the campsite, you want the system to be easy to move around. If you’re simply parking up and leaving it at a nearby campsite and filling up your water bottle before you go off for a day trek then the weight is less of an issue. The Alexapure Pro weighs about 7.6 pounds when empty so it is very easy to transport around and makes it ideal for taking outdoors. The Big Berkey is slightly lighter as it only weighs around 7 pounds when empty. So, not a massive difference between the two, and you should be able to carry them around easily.

Comparing Alexapure vs Berkey pricing

These two water filter systems are very close to each other in terms of the cost of the system itself. In fact, for the actual water system, there is only a very small difference between the Alexapure Pro and the Big Berkey. Where you will find a price difference is when it comes to the filters. The Big Berkey uses two filters in its system. Two filters for the Big Berkey will cost just slightly more than one filter with the Alexapure Pro. You should get an extra 1,000 gallons of clean water with the Berkey filters so from a cost perspective you do get more for your money. One caveat to mention is that you’ll need an additional Fluoride filter for the Big Berkey so that can add to the cost whereas you don’t need this for the Alexapure Pro. Really there isn’t a massive difference in the overall price between these two systems but the cost of buying replacement filters is something to take into consideration.

Pros and Cons

Alexapure Pro

  • Good capacity for outdoor trips at 2.25 gallons
  • Filters last for up to 5000 gallons
  • Don’t need an additional filter to remove fluoride
  • Lightweight for easy to transport when empty
  • Removes contaminants in the water effectively
  • Replacement filters are expensive to buy

Big Berkey

  • Ideal for camping trips and outdoor pursuits with a 2.25-gallon capacity
  • Lightweight, so you can move it around easily
  • Replacement filters are a bit cheaper
  • The two filter system lasts for up to 6000 gallons
  • Removes a large number of contaminants from the water
  • Need an additional filter to remove Fluoride

Are there any alternatives?

Santevia Gravity Water System

The Santevia Gravity Water System is designed to remove contaminants such as Fluoride, Chlorine, and Lead. There are two tanks with this system. The upper tank has a capacity of 1.3 gallons while the lower tank has a capacity of 2.6 gallons. The containers are made of plastic but they are BPA free. The water is cleansed of contaminants through a multi-filter system and the filters on the Santevia last for different durations. The ceramic filters last for 1 year, the five-stage filters for 6 months, and the mineral stones can last for 2 or 3 years. So, you won’t need to buy new filters or change them very often although it will depend on your overall usage. It also comes in a bit less expensive than the Alexapure Pro and the Big Berkey which is ideal if you are on a budget.

Berkefeld Gravity Water Filter System

The Berkefeld Gravity Water Filter System is similar to the Alexapure Pro and Big Berkey as it can hold 2.25 gallons. In fact, it is slightly lighter as well weighing 6.9 pounds when empty. The filters on this water filtration system last for six months which is great and it is also good at removing a wide range of water contaminants. It is a bit more expensive than the other water filter systems we have looked at so that is something to bear in mind. If you want a slightly lighter water system to take with you when you head outdoors for camping, hiking or whatever your pursuit is, the Berkefeld Gravity Water Filter System is a decent albeit slightly more expensive alternative.

Frequently Asked Questions about Alexapure and Berkey

How much water can the Alexapure Pro and Big Berkey hold?

Both the Alexapure Pro and the Big Berkey have a water capacity of 2.25 gallons which is ideal for short trips away with a few people.

Should I get a water filtration system for home use?

While we recommend a water system to have clean water for camping and other outdoor pursuits, it is useful to have one at home in case of an emergency.

Do I need to replace the water filters on the Alexapure Pro and Big Berkey?

Yes. Both the Alexapure Pro and the Big Berkey require you to replace the water filters after a period of time. On the Alexapure Pro it is after 5000 gallons and for the Big Berkey, it is 6000 gallons for two filters (each lasting 3000 gallons).

Do I get a warranty with the Alexapure Pro?

Yes. Alexapure Pro offers a 30 day no questions asked return policy on unopened items. They have a one year warranty if your water filtration system is defective or damaged.

Do I get a warranty with the Big Berkey?

Yes. Berkey offers a 30-day return policy and they also have a lifetime warranty on the Big Berkey too.

Do these water filter systems remove contaminants?

Yes. Both the Alexapure Pro and the Big Berkey have been tested to remove different contaminants in the water. They both have a high success rate with contaminants such as Lead, Chlorine, Chromium VI, Chloroform, and Glyphosate. Please note that to remove Fluoride with the Big Berkey you need to purchase an additional filter.

How heavy is the Alexapure Pro and the Big Berkey?

The Alexapure Pro weighs 7.6 pounds when empty and the Big Berkey weighs 7 pounds when empty. This means they should be fairly easy to transport on your outdoor adventure.

Our Verdict: Alexapure v Berkey – which one to choose?

Deciding on what water filter system to choose isn’t easy because when it really comes down to it there isn’t a lot to separate the Alexapure Pro and the Big Berkey. Both of these water filtration systems are ideal for short trips away. They both hold 2.25 gallons and do a great job at eliminating contaminants. The Alexapure Pro and the Big Berkey have been proven to get rid of bacteria and chemicals such as Lead, Fluoride, Chlorine, Chromium VI, Chloroform, and Glyphosate. So, how do we pick one? Well, after using both of these products I’m going to go with the Big Berkey.  Taking out the fact that Berkey is a more established name than Alexapure, there are several reasons why I’ve decided to choose the Big Berkey as my ideal choice for camping trips, hiking expeditions, and other outdoor adventures.
The filter cost is one. Even though you do need an additional filter to remove Fluoride with the Big Berkey, you get two standard replacement water filters for the price of one for the Alexapure Pro. The Big Berkey filters also last for 6,000 gallons (the system has two filters which each lasts for 3,000 gallons) as well which is 1,000 gallons more than Alexapure. The Big Berkey also weighs slightly less than the Alexapure Pro when empty. Not a massive difference but something that does give it a slight edge. You get a lifetime warranty with the Big Berkey too which is better than what Alexapure offers. In all honesty, these are two really good filtration systems and will remove contaminants in the water when you are outdoors. They are also really useful to have around the house in case of emergencies as well. While there isn’t much between them at all, the Big Berkey has the slight edge so that is what I would recommend if you are in the market for a new water filtration system.

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