Columbia Wildside Jacket Review: The Jacket You’re Looking For?

The Columbia Wildside Jacket was designed with extremely cold temperatures and mountainous terrain in mind. For those outdoor enthusiasts who love exploring cold and rigged environments, the Columbia Wildside Jacket offers a plethora of protection and support for your journeys.

Made using specially designed textile fabrics and intricate pattern weaving techniques, the Columbia Wildside Jacket features a semi-thick design that is lightweight so you can perform at your highest level.

Columbia is known for producing activewear clothing that is designed for specific climates and habitats. The consistency of their quality production Is only the beginning of why you should trust that their designers know what they’re doing.

For years outdoor enthusiasts have been campaigning for robust outerwear and other forms of active wear clothing that meets all of the demands they require. The Columbia Wildside Jacket may just be the answer you’ve been looking for and soon you’ll find out why.

Continue reading this guide to get full design specifications and information regarding the Columbia Wildside Jacket. This guide will give you access to everything you need to know about the Columbia Wildside Jacket including where you can buy it and how it was made. By the end of this guide, you’ll barely be able to keep in your seat from all of the excitement running through your body just waiting to get your hands on the Wildside Jacket.

About the Company: Columbia

Columbia clothing came into existence during 1938 at the hands of immigrants who fled Nazi Germany. These same immigrants were the parents of the company president Gert Boyle who still runs the business today. When her parents fled Nazi Germany, he settled in Poland and bought a small hat manufacturing company then renamed it Columbia Hat Company.

Boyle’s parents’ named The Columbia Hat Company after the Columbia River Gorge located in Portland. For 80+yrs Columbia has been producing high-quality textile products that are designed to keep you protected against the most extreme climate conditions.

Columbia is still based in the pacific northwest until this day surrounded by mountain ranges and beautiful forests. This close proximity to the very environment that they produce apparel for is one of the main attributes that separates Columbia from other activewear brands.

The design team at Columbia consists of Boyle’s mother who has a dedication and passion for the brand that is represented in the quality of clothes that they make.

Complete Elemental Protection: The Columbia Wildside Jacket

The Columbia Wildside Jacket is crafted using high-quality Omni-Tech Rebound Stretch Heather which is exclusively produced by Columbia. The jacket lining uses innovative Omni-Heat Reflective Microtex Light polyester which insulates body temperature. These two materials alone provide full weather protection and water resistance so you can explore the great outdoors in comfort.

The Columbia Wildside Jacket features a removable storm hood which allows you to easily adapt to changing circumstances. The Columbia Wildside jacket incorporates Omni-Heat thermal reflective material which reflects excess heat away from the body helping to manage the overall temperature of your body with ease. The entire design and construction of the Columbia Wildside Jacket provide practical protection from an array of elements seamlessly.

Columbia Wildside Jacket Design Specs

  • Omni-Heat Reflective lining
  • PU Vision chest pocket
  • Omni-Tech Rebound Stretch Heather
  • Omni-Heat Reflective Microtex Light
  • 100g Microtemp XF II

Columbia got really ambitious with the design of the Columbia Wildside Jacket by combining lightweight, yet durable material sets to provide solid well-rounded outer protection. All of the materials used in the Columbia Wildside Jacket put comfort, practicality, breathability, and thermal regulation at the forefront.

With its unique manufacturing process, Columbia has consistently been able to innovate proprietary new textiles that deliver undeniable performance. Let’s perform a deeper inspection into the textile materials and manufacturing process of the Columbia Wildside Jacket to see why it’s so effective.

Columbia Wildside Jacket: Wearable Waterproof & Weatherproof Coverage

During the design phase of the Columbia Wildside Jacket, the textile engineers at Columbia has a vision for producing a jacket that provided full coverage for the harshest conditions. By combining a plethora of their uniquely synthesized fabrics, Columbia has been able to yet again create a durable and lightweight jacket made for serious outdoor enthusiasts.

The Columbia Wildside Jacket is available for both men and women, so everyone has access to the protection they need. The Columbia Wildside Jacket boasts a bold yet subtle outer appearance that’s hiding premium protection and comfort on the inside. Throughout every aspect of its design, the Columbia Wildside Jacker remains dedicated to its intended purpose which is reliable coverage for your entire body.

Omni-Heat Thermal Reflective

The Columbia Wildside Jacket features an Omni-Heat Thermal Reflective lining that is designed to regulate body temperature and reflect excess heat. The material performs very efficiently under a wide range of conditions to ensure that you have enough energy to explore at peak performance. By reflecting excess heat and maintaining a constant temperature inside the jacket, Omni-Heat Reflective protects you from overheating and provides a material basis of comfort.

Omni-Heat Rebound Stretch Heather

The Columbia Wildside Jacket uses Omni-Heat Stretch Heather as its primary outer material. Omni-Heat Rebound Stretch Heather provides a tight yet flexible outer layer that allows you to move freely without sacrificing protection. Omni-Heat Rebound Stretch Heather retains its shape regardless of how much you stress and strain the material ensuring a tight fit and full coverage.

Omni-Heat Reflective Microtex Light

Omni-Heat Reflective Microtex Light provides an added layer of heat resistant and moisture repulsion. The unique material does a great job at managing excess water and retains natural body heat to keep you free of unnecessary weight. The intricately woven material is very lightweight yet very resistant to high amounts of moisture and atmospheric heat.

100g Microtemp XF II

The Columbia Wildside Jacket is insulated with Columbia exclusive material called 100g Microtemp XF II. 100g Microtemp XF II is a heat insulator that works independently to monitor and regulate normal body temperature. When combined with the other materials used in the design of the Wildside Jacket it adds even more stability to the interior durability and comfort of the jacket.

100g Microtemp XF II is so effective due to its ability to monitor temperature on a micro level correcting the smallest heat discrepancies so you never have to hassle with your jacket to achieve a comfortable fit while wearing it.

Omni-Tech Waterproof & Breathable Critically Seam Sealed

The Columbia Wildside jacket features Omni-Tech Waterproof materials that provide strong resistance against moisture. The material is lightweight and very efficient at keeping you dry in wet or damp environments. Its waterproof ability is achieved all while maintaining a breathable layer of material so that you stay dry while also being able to move freely and without restriction.

Columbia Wildside Jacket Style Information

Design Specifications


  • Sizes- S, M, L, XL, XXL
  • Ski pass pocket
  • Adjustable sleeve cuffs
  • PU Vision chest pocket
  • Underarm venting
  • Zippered hand pockets
  • Comfort stretch
  • Omni-Heat Reflective


  • Sizes- XS, S, M, L, XL
  • Interior security pocket
  • Goggle pocket
  • Adjustable cuffs
  • Drawcord adjustable hem
  • Comfort stretch
  • PU vision chest pocket
  • Underarm venting

Now it’s time to get into the intricate design and functional details of the Columbia Wildside Jacket. Below, the in-depth review will give you all of the information you need to know about the Columbia Wildside Jacket so you can decide on whether or not it’s the right choice for you.

Columbia Wildside Jacket Review

Typical activewear products focus on one area of protection and activity, the Columbia Wildside Jacket stays true to its name offering robust protection for practically any wild outdoor exploration. The Columbia Wildside Jacket incorporates an array of specialized materials that serve a practical purpose. The synthesis of these materials and design aspirations come together effortlessly in a jacket that provides full protection against virtually all of the elements.

The Columbia Wildside Jacket offers flexibility, protection, durability, water resistance, moisture manage, and a whole lot more in a lightweight package that looks good while offering all of these benefits.


The Columbia Wildside Jacket features Omni-Tech waterproof/breathable critically seam sealed technology that acts as a high-functioning protective layer against excessive moisture. The material is very lightweight and features a unique manufacturing process that irrigates moisture which may trap itself inside of the jacket.

The efficiency and effectiveness of Omni-Tech waterproof/breathable critically seam sealed material is undeniable and it adds even more value to an already well-designed activewear jacket.

Thermal Insulation & Reflection

The Columbia Wildside Jacket features a combination of heat-reflecting and heat-insulating materials. Omni-Heat thermal Reflective textile redirects excess heat away from the body to ensure that you maintain safe body temperature without overheating. The Columbia Wildside Jacket achieves heat insulation by using a custom textile material known as 100g Microtemp XF II.

100g Microtemp XF II works by trapping captured body heat with the fibers of the material. 100g Microtemp XF II retains natural body heat while working in combination with Omni-Heat Reflective material to regulate excess heat. The end result is a seamless balance of body temperature management which protects you from overheating while exploring wild terrains.


The Columbia Wildside Jacket features a very intuitive design that incorporates adjustability and durability. The Columbia Wildside Jacket features an adjustable storm hood that can be removed and adjusted to meet the demands of your activities as they change.

The Columbia Wildside Jacket comes with adjustable cuffs that can be altered in their length to provide more protection as needed. The cuffs also feature thumbholes to add more comfort and versatility for all of your outdoor exploration needs.


The Columbia Wildside Jacket features a PU Vision Chest pocket located over the left chest area for storage. The Columbia Wildside Jacket also features an interior security pocket that keeps your valuables protected. The Columbia Wildside Jacket comes with a ski pass pocket to make accessing your pass easier when on expeditions.

The jacket also features a goggle pocket where you can store your eyewear for easy accessibility. The Columbia Wildside Jacket comes with zippered hand pockets which can either be used for storing items or keeping your hands warm.


The Columbia Wildside Jacket features Omni-Tech breathable fabric which allows you to move freely. The unique material does a great job of providing an extra layer of protection without restricting your body or movements. The Columbia Wildside Jacket features a critically seam-sealed material that provides an airtight seal to protect your body from excess moisture and heat. The Lightweight material is very flexible and non-restrictive so you can move freely and stay protected at all time.


The Columbia Wildside Jacket features a robust design that makes it very versatile and unique. All of the materials used in the design of the Wildside Jacket offer specialized protection features that allow you to traverse a wide range of climates without having to change your outerwear.

It’s waterproof and thermal insulation capabilities combine to make a jacket that can be used in cold and camp environments while providing effortless protection.


The Columbia Wildside Jacket provides full coverage against harsh elements in an efficient and lightweight package. The comfort stretch material used in its design gives you the freedom to move without restriction while the jacket maintains its shape. The Columbia Wildside Jacket uses an array of different fabrics which work in tandem so subtly that the jacket feels like a natural extension of your body.

Pros & Cons: The Columbia Wildside Jacket


  • Heat insulation- The Columbia Wildside Jacket does a great job at insulating natural body heat to keep you warm. Its ability to resist cold temperatures and maintain body heat is achieved using high-quality fabric that is durable and lightweight.
  • Thermal reflective- The Columbia Wildside Jacket reflects excess heat away from the body to avoid overheating. The Wildside Jacket is a true marvel in its ability to resist unwanted heat exchanges without sacrificing natural body temperature.
  • Waterproof- The Columbia Wildside Jacket provides protection against unnecessary moisture and keeps you dry. The unique design material repels the entrapment of water within its fibers to ensure that no liquids enter the interior of the jacket.
  • Breathable- The Columbia Wildside Jacket is extremely comfortable and is made using lightweight material that allows your body to breath during strenuous activity. The Columbia Wildside Jacket uses critically sealed seams to ensure that nothing from the outside makes it’s way inside. The result Is a very durable jacket that protects your body without suffocating it.
  • Versatility- The Columbia Wildside Jacket is very versatile in its ability to provide changing protection. Adjustable cuffs, a removable hood, a drawstring adjustable hem allow you to get the perfect fit regardless of the environment. The flexibility achieved in the design of the Columbia Wildside Jacket is truly astonishing given its complex yet well put together design.
  • Full protection- The Columbia Wildside Jacket offers complete coverage for your entire body against the elements. The built-in storm hood, security pockets, & underarm venting provide full range protection for virtually every part of your upper body.
  • Moisture-wicking- The Columbia Wildside Jacket features moisture-wicking technology that ensures you dry. It works by trapping moisture inside of the material fibers where they are eventually evaporated. This allows you to stay sweat-free and light without worrying about moisture getting in the way of your adventures
  • Comfort Stretch- The Columbia Wildside Jacket features comfort stretch material that provides a full range of motion at all times. With the Columbia Wildside Jacket, you will experience no restrictions in which movements you can achieve. This ensures that you remain in full control of your body without the hassle of fixed material standing in the way of your exploration.
  • Storage- The Columbia Wildside Jacket features an array of storage area which allows you to easily carry all of your important equipment. The interior security pocket keeps your valuables safe while the PU Vision chest pocket and zippered hand pockets add even more storage room. The Wildside Jacket even features a built-in ski pass pocket to making accessing your identification card super easy.


  • Limited colors- The Columbia Wildside Jacket is very robust in its design features however it doesn’t offer many color options.
  • No plus sizes- The Columbia Wildside Jacket comes in a variety of sizes however plus sizes are not available for the jacket.
  • No cut-resistance- The Columbia Wildside Jacket has a slew of built-in features to protect you from the harsh elements however it doesn’t include any material dedicated to resisting cuts or scrapes.

Where to buy

If all of the features mentioned above has sparked your interest in the Columbia Wildside Jacket, you’re probably wondering where you can purchase one. The good news is that Columbia products are widely available in an array of online and physical retail locations. Before purchasing, it’s best to confirm with your local sporting goods store that they have some in stock. Traditional stores like Academy carry the Columbia Wildside Jacket however styling and sizing options may be limited.

The Columbia Wildside Jacket is available for purchase on the official Columbia website and oftentimes you may be able to find discounted prices by purchasing directly from the manufacturer. Purchase options are vast so to ensure you get the best deals, do some research about local sporting goods stores in your area that carry the item.

Additionally, if you want full warranty protection then you may want to consider visiting the official Columbia website to buy the Wildside Jacket.

How will it fit? The Columbia Wildside Jacket

The Columbia Wildside Jacket features comfort stretch materials that are very adaptable in terms of body shape and size. An official sizing and measurements guide is available for the Columbia Wildside Jacket on the official Columbia website. You may want to read the sizing guide prior to buying so you can ensure that you get the perfect fit.

The Columbia Wildside Jacket provides a fixed yet flexible fit that can be customized according to your needs. This is great because even as the jacket begins to wear it never loses its shape or durability. If you purchase the jacket at a physical retail location, be sure to try the product on before purchasing to ensure that it fits you perfectly.

The Columbia Wildside Jacket was made with flexibility in mind so regardless of your size you’ll be able to find an exact fit. As long as you follow all of the sizing and measurement information listed on the official Columbia website, you should have no problems finding the right fit for your body.

Questions & Answers

Q: How long will it take to receive my Columbia Wildside Jacket from the official site?

A: Shipping from the official Columbia Website Typically takes 2-3 business days from the date of purchase. Tracking numbers for orders are typically issued with 1-2 days after purchase so you’ll be able to monitor when your Columbia Wildside Jacket is expected to arrive.

Q: How do returns and exchanges work?

A: You have 60 days from the original purchase date to return items back to Columbia if you purchased an item from their official website. Returns work the same way, you have 60 days from the original date of purchase to exchange an item by contacting Columbia customer service support.

Returns and exchanges typically take 7-10 business days to complete and you can check on the status via the official Columbia website. If you purchased your jacket at a third-party retailer, you’ll have to check with the store to find out about their return and exchange policy.

Q: What discounts and offers do Columbia offer?

A: Columbia offers a variety of product discounts and offers that vary from time to time. To find out what special deals or discounts are currently being offered by Columbia, visit their site then select the product you want to buy, and discount information will be available.

Washing & Care Instructions: The Columbia Wildside Jacket

Columbia activewear products are very easy to maintain as they don’t require any special cleaning agents or detergent. To ensure that your Columbia Wildside Jacket maintains its material quality, wash the jacket using cold water and mild detergent. By doing this you’ll be able to remove germs from the material without damaging its effectiveness or durability.

To further protect your Columbia Wildside Jacket, use the delicate wash or hand wash cycle to clean the garment. Never use bleach or fabric softener as these substances will damage the outer protective layer and inner material fabric of the jacket. Another care procedure you should avoid is ironing, ironing will completely ruin your Columbia Wildside Jacket so avoid it at all cost.

To dry the Columbia Wildside Jacket, use air dry modes for drying machines or hang your jacket to dry naturally. High-temperature drying will ruin the finish and material of your Columbia Wildside Jacket so it should be avoided when possible. Stains should be removed using sponges or blotting methods however rubbing the stain will cause it to become embedded in the fabric ruining your jacket.

Columbia Wildside Jacket Warranty Information

The Columbia Wildside Jacket is covered under the default Columbia warranty that states if your jacket was received with factory defects of damages you are entitled to a full refund or exchange of the product. If you need to return an item, you’re responsible for shipping the item back to the Columbia warehouse.

If your return or exchange is accepted, Columbia will pay for all shipping costs related to sending the item back to you. The Columbia warranty doesn’t cover wear and damage caused by the use of the jacket over time, it only covers manufacturer defects and damages. If your item can’t be repaired or replace, Columbia will issue you a virtual merchandise credit that allows you to buy any Columbia product online.

You can file a warranty claim on the official Columbia website and the company will provide consistent updates during the process until the issue is resolved. To receive warranty coverage, a copy of your original purchase receipt will be required once the item is received at the warehouse. The warranty process will determine whether or not your item can be repaired, replaced, or credited.

The Columbia warranty covers a wide range of potential issues with product malfunctions. If you would like more information regarding Columbia warranty coverage, visit their official site under the warranty section.

Is the Columbia Wildside Jacket Right for You?

The Columbia Wildside Jacket is an innovative and robust design accomplishment that offers total protection for those who wear it. It features uniquely incorporated design aspects and high-quality materials that allow you to move freely and remain comfortable without sacrificing any important elements. Its lightweight design and adjustable cuffs allow you to tailor the Columbia Wildside Jacket to your exact needs without much hassle.

The Columbia Wildside Jacket features moisture-wicking technology that keeps you dry even in the dampest of environments. If you’re someone who regularly explores wet and cold climates, the Columbia Wildside Jacket has the functionality that you need. Even with its multiple material layers and heat-resistant fabric, the Columbia Wildside Jacket never feels like a standard bulky activewear piece.

On top of the protective design features, the Columbia Wildside Jacket features an array of convinced storage slots that secure your valuable items. If you’re looking for a reliable activewear jacket that provides lasting protection and robust storage options, the Columbia Wildside Jacket has everything you’re looking for.

Final Thoughts: Columbia Wildside Jacket

The Columbia Wildside Jacket was designed with mobility, protection, and comfort in mind. Outdoor exploring can present a variety of challenges that push you to your physical and emotional limits. The Columbia Wildside Jacket is here to make those stressors less impactful during your journey so that you can roam and explore free without any restrictions. 

The Columbia Wildside Jacket features unique design elements that are streamlined to flow with your body. Its water-resistant outer layer will protect you from carrying unnecessary water weight or coming in contact with liquids that may be harmful. Aside from water resistance, the Columbia Wildside Jacket features moisture-wicking technology that repels excess moisture in the air and on your body, so you remain dry.

Its Omni-Heat thermal reflective lining does a great job at repelling excess heat away from your body, so you don’t have to worry about overheating. The Columbia Wildside Jacket also features insulating materials which help manage your normal body temperature so that you stay warm even in the coldest climates.

The rare versatility, protection, and comfort found in the Columbia Wildside Jacket provide the foundation for a practical activewear jacket that delivers performance on a consistent basis. its comfort stretch material makes it easy for you to move freely regardless of how many accessories you’re carrying.

The Columbia Wildside Jacket comes with an adjustable drawstring hem that makes it easy for you to adapt the amount of coverage it provides. The Columbia Wildside Jacket addresses all of your needs without you having to state them, the sheer amount of detail included in its material patterning is second to none.

An airtight seal and durable outer layer will keep you warm, dry, and efficient on your journey, so you never have to stop and make adjustments. The style of the Columbia Wildside Jacket is very subtle which makes all of the functional features stand out even more in such a simple design.

If you’re looking for a comfortable activewear jacket that fights just as hard as you do against the harsh elements, the Columbia Wildside Jacket is a perfect choice. The Columbia Wildside Jacket comes in men’s and women’s styles so everyone can get the protection they need. To add icing to the cake, Columbia incorporated a ski pass pocket in the jacket which makes accessing the slopes painless and convenient.

It simply doesn’t get any more robust or versatile than the Columbia Wildside Jacket in terms of full coverage for outdoor enthusiasts.


The Columbia Wildside Jacket is yet another successful design accomplishment achieved by the genius team at Columbia. The Columbia Wildside Jacket features intuitive design features and practical textile integration that work so well together you’d forget how much effort was put into making the jacket. It features moisture-wicking technology, heat resistance, waterproof materials, temperature insulating fabrics, robust storage pockets, and more in a lightweight design that makes moving inside of the jacket feel natural.

The Columbia Wildside Jacket achieves total coverage and protection in a package that isn’t bulky or restrictive. The adjustable components of the Columbia Wildside Jacket including the cuffs, hood, and outer layer provide a basis of versatility for all body types and activities. The Columbia Wildside Jacket has security built into its core with an interior security pocket that protects your valuable items against theft or damage.

Columbia has such a consistent history of producing high-quality activewear jackets that the Wildside jacket feels like something you should expect from manufacturers however often times we see that this belief is not rooted in reality. The reality is that Columbia is able to use its uniquely designed textile materials and years of experience to deliver quality products that are always one step ahead of the competition.

The adjustable sleeve cuffs on the Columbia Wildside Jacket allow you to customize your coverage amount with ease. its underarm venting feature keeps your armpits dry and free of moisture to avoid bad odors or skin irritation. The Columbia Wildside Jacket has zippered hand pockets, an interior security pocket, a PU vision chest pocket, and a ski pass pocket which is a lot of storage space.

These features make it easy for you to carry large amounts of items without the need for external backpacks. The Columbia Wildside Jacket also features a removable/adjustable snap-back powder skirt which adds more protection against coming in contact with the elements. The Columbia Wildside Jacket is contoured yet flexible enough to fit comfortably on a wide range of body types.

The storm hood provides maximum protection for your face and head against extreme temperatures. The comfort stretch fabric and thermal reflective lining provide a snug and durable layer of protection that is flexible enough to adapt your body effortlessly. It’s amazing how many unique design innovations Columbia was able to achieve with the Wildside jacket while keeping it lightweight and very practical.

The Columbia Wildside Jacket is a robust activewear piece that will add tons of value to your outdoor explorations. Its unique design incorporates the freedom of movement with an entire slew of protective features that will ensure your health and well-being. If you’ve been looking for a durable, lightweight, versatile, insulated, and warm jacket for your outdoor exploration the Columbia Wildside Jacket may be the right choice.

The Columbia Wildside Jacket is the epitome of what it means to design functional activewear that can stand harsh weather and climates without even breaking a sweat. We highly recommend this jacket for any hardcore adventurer that is going to be withstanding harsh winter elements.

With the Wildside, you will look great, stay warm, and be ready for the gnarliest adventures known to man!

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