The Roofnest Sparrow Review – Is this Rooftop Tent Right for You?

When it comes to camping, having a high-quality RV or trailer that you can use to stay protected from the external elements is absolutely essential. There are a lot of different trailer and RV options out on the market to choose from all of which vary in terms of their overall design and integrated features.

Everyone has different needs when it comes to capabilities and design aspects. One way to sleep soundly while exploring the road is by using a collapsible rooftop tent which can save you tons of money on regular RV maintenance costs and all-around upkeep.

Rooftop tents give you the ability to use your standard vehicle in order to traverse nature while also allowing you to use areas that are commonly not provisioned for RV use to camp and sleep. 

Much like RVs, rooftop tents come in a wide array of different configurations, builds, and types. This makes it easy for you to find the right fit for your specific needs anytime you plan on taking an outdoor vacation.

Each rooftop tent has its own installation process, design, dimensions, and vehicle requirements all of which you’ll want to consider before making your final purchase decision. These factors are critical in helping you determine which rooftop tent option will provide the most comfort and security while out in nature. 

There are a lot of different rooftop tents available on the market, which can make finding the right fit for your specific needs quite challenging. The Roofnest Sparrow is a very popular rooftop tent option that gives people the ability to set-up a nice place to sleep and relax after hiking or adventuring the wild wherever they may be.

It comes with an array of easy to use installation steps, more than enough space for an adult individual, and a lot more great features that we’re going to cover the further we get into this topic. 

If you’re someone who has been looking for a durable and reliable rooftop tent that you can bring with you on your outdoor trips but has been struggling to find the right fit for your exact needs, today is your lucky day. In this guide, we’re going to provide you with an in-depth look at all of the features and capabilities that you’ll get access to when deciding to use the Roofnest Sparrow as your mobile tent of choice. 

To begin, let’s take a look at exactly who the Roofnest Sparrow was created for and how it will help make your next camping trip that much more comfortable. 

Who is The Roofnest Sparrow For? 

At its core, the Roofnest Sparrow was designed for those outdoor enthusiasts and nature lovers that want access to a comfortable place to rest their heads at night while out in the wild. The tent is made out of a very lightweight yet ultra-durable material which provides a nice barrier for you against the external elements while not restricting the overall comfort or security of the tent. 

The tent itself was made for people who like to explore and adventure their natural surroundings by way of minimalist living, camping, hunting, or simply hiking. For those going on long camping trips or expeditions in the wild, the Sparrow is not designed for you.

While it would be possible for you to use the Roofnest Sparrow as the main camping place for extended trips, the limited space is not optimal for more than one large adult so you’ll need several of these pop-up tents if you plan on doing some serious outdoor exploration with friends or a large family. If you’re looking for an easy-to-set-up tent that can be utilized for spur-of-the-moment camping trips or outdoor explorations, the Sparrow is perfect for you. 

Now, let’s take a look at some of the main specifications and features that you’ll get access to when using the Sparrow for your outdoor camping trips. 

Design Specifications: Inside the Build of The Roofnest Sparrow 

Like with standard tents, you will find a range of unique design features and technical aspects embedded into the Sparrow, and for good reason. With traditional camping set-ups and tents, you have to undergo a quite complicated process of unpacking the tent, setting in the anchors to ensure that it does not fly away, arranging the area to meet the set-up need of the tent, and a lot of other factors which can be time consuming and exhausting. 

With the Sparrow, on the other hand, all of these variables don’t mean much due to the fact that it’s a rooftop tent. That means that all of the normal variables and elements one would usually have to consider when purchasing a tent are drastically different. One of the main benefits of the Sparrow is that you can literally set it up anywhere. 

The Roofnest Sparrow has a very sleek and compact design which makes it easy to carry on your roof without worrying about excessive weight impacting your mobility. The Sparrow is a pop-up tent that features a very unique design that shows some advancements upon the previous models which have been released. 

One of the most important things about any tent is how easy it is to open, set-up and tear down. The best part about this tent is that is has a one-sided opening mechanism which allows you to easily access to living quarters of the tent itself. The tent has a hard exterior shell that is made out of a very durable yet lightweight which makes it the perfect combination of toughness and accessibility. 

The interior of the Sparrow is also made out of a combination of very comfortable and durable materials which makes it a very comforting tent for overnight camping. The tent has insulated walls created out of a unique material composition which provides a layer of protection for you against extreme weather temperatures and other external climate conditions. It also comes with an integrated foam mattress that uses high-density foam in order to provide you with a comfortable night’s sleep without having to spend extra money on top of the cost of the tent. 

The interior living quarters of the Sparrow is a little smaller than other pop-up tents available on the market however it is still enough space to relax comfortably for the amount of time that you’re out on your natural journey. However, because of this small interior space, you will have to deal with limited storage options so that is something to consider before making a final purchase decision.

Now that we’ve gone over some of the general design aspects and elements to expect when using the Roofnest Sparrow, it’s time to look at more exact specifications regarding its design and construction. 

Exact Details: Roofnest Sparrow 

We’ve covered all of the design specifications about the Sparrow however in this section we’re going to give you exact details about the tent so that you can have an up-close view of what to expect when choosing this pop-up tent for your camping and exploration needs. Make sure that you read this entire section in full to ensure that you will be making the right decision in terms of which tent will provide you with the best conditions while out in nature. 

Detailed Information About the Roofnest Sparrow 

  • Model- Sparrow Eye 
  • Type- Roof Top Tent 
  • Exterior Design Specifications- 47” x 82” x 11” height 
  • Interior Design Specifications- 45” wide x 80” long x 36” tall 
  • Total Weight- 120lbs. 
  • Sleeping Capacity- 2 Adult People 
  • Price- $2,495

You can purchase the Sparrow via their official website or you can go visit a local retailer in your area who sells tents to see if they have any of them available for purchase. Now, we’re going to provide you with a comprehensive review and in-depth look at the Roofnest Sparrow so you can know everything you need to know about the tent to see if it’s the right fit for your particular needs. 

In-Depth Review: Roofnest Sparrow 

When you go camping, you want to be able to simply pick a spot, set up your tent, and enjoy the night comfortably. With the Sparrow, this entire process couldn’t be easier thanks to its unique and versatile design which allows you to set-up a safe and reliable resting place for you no matter where you are.

To start, the Sparrow is extremely lightweight yet very durable at the same time which makes it the perfect option for those who are constantly on the go in terms of changing outdoor locations and environments. 

The Sparrow was created to fit up to 2 full-size adults with ease and the interior space is enough to stretch out while both parties remain comfortable. This is just scratching the surface in terms of the total amount of space and overall construction build of the Sparrow which is why you need to continue reading the following section to find out more. 

Installation Process 

The overall setup and installation of the Roofnest Sparrow are very easy and simple which makes it a really great option for those who need convenient access to a reliable pop-up tent on their outdoor adventures. All you need to begin the setup of the Sparrow is a hammer and screwdriver and about 2 hours of time to complete the entire process.

The tent weighs about 120lbs in total which means that you’ll want the assistance to lift the tent on top of your vehicle to successfully install it. The tent itself comes packaged in a neat and easy to open container and is wrapped inside of plastic so that you can be sure you’re purchasing a new and never before used product. 

The tent also comes with a complete instruction manual so you won’t have to worry about whether or not you’re following the proper directions in terms of installing this tent to the top of your vehicle. 

Ease of Use 

The Sparrow comes with a collapsible ladder inside of the box which is great because as soon as you finish the installation process, you can begin using the tent set-up. The shell of this tent is reinforced with a special compound known as ABS made which ensures that you don’t have to worry about it tearing or ripping easily when exposed to various external elements in your current environment.

The material surrounding the tent also has insulation for resistance against extreme weather conditions or temperatures while out in nature. 

The Sparrow also uses a one-sided operation which makes it really easy to get in and out of the tent quite seamlessly regardless of the environment that you may be in. for extra safety and protection, you may want to consider purchasing some extra roof clamps in order to secure the tent to the top of your vehicle roof with added protection. 

Build Quality 

The Sparrow is made using a high-quality reinforced fiberglass ABS material which provides a great barrier of durability and resistance against external conditions and variables which can impact your overall safety and comfort while out in nature. These high-quality materials and construction combine in a very nice and sleek aerodynamic design which ensures that the tent will not impact mobility while you’re out on the road. 

The Roofnest Sparrow has a foldable design that encompasses an outer hard shell in combination with an inner softshell. These two design aspects come together perfectly in terms of the final build of this tent to give you access to the comfort and protection that you should expect when using a pop-up tent. The actual walls of the tent are made from a combination of cotton and polyester that is also mixed with a polyurethane chemical which adds a waterproof quality to the tent. 

These design elements are very useful for those who regularly explore rather wild locations in which the weather and surrounding conditions are unpredictable. 

Storage Space 

When it comes to actual storage space inside the Roofnest Sparrow, options are quite limited because there aren’t any storage compartments besides a small piece of mesh hanging from the ceiling. If you want extended storage space on the Sparrow, you’ll have to purchase separate components or consider using extra spaces inside your vehicle for storage capacities like your trunk or other areas which may have easily accessible space in which you can store your extra accessories and items.

If you’re a rather minimalist outdoor explorer, using a nice sized storage bag will be the best option for you because they can fit a wide range of different things/ 

The Roofnest Sparrow is compatible with a wide range of different vehicle models and configurations which is great because no major modifications are required to install the tent on your roof. Some things that you may want to be mindful about are that exterior bike racks on the rear side of your vehicle may cause issues in terms of installation when using the Roofnest Sparrow so keep this in mind before attempting to install the tent.

The best part about the tent is that it comes with a pre-installed foam mattress so that you can instantly start enjoying the interior space of the tent as soon as the initial setup is complete. 

Now that we’ve covered some of the most important design features and capabilities that you can expect from the Sparrow, it’s time to look at some of the main pros and cons about the tent and why you should choose it for your preferred rooftop setup. 

Pros & Cons: Roofnest Sparrow 

The Roofnest Sparrow comes with a wide array of premium features and design aspects that will provide security and comfort to every individual who has an interest in outdoor camping and nature exploration. While there are many positive aspects of the Sparrow, there are an equal number of things that could have been different or changed before the production of the tent was finalized. 

In the following section, we’re going to provide you with a list of all the main pros and cons about the Sparrow that you’ll encounter when choosing to use this tent as your go-to rooftop tent setup. 

Roofnest Sparrow Pros 

  • Simple operating mechanics which allow for easy deployment and storing of the tent 
  • Weatherproof interior material lines the tent to provide you with ultra-comfort and security while out in nature 
  • Lightweight construction which makes the tent very easy to transport and carry with you on your outdoor journeys
  • An aerodynamic design which ensures that the tent won’t impact your mobility or speed when secured to the roof of your car 
  • The entire tent itself is weatherproof which means that you won’t have to worry about natural weather conditions affecting your ability to camp comfortably 
  • Very affordably priced for the build quality of the tent and all of the capabilities that you get access to 
  • High-quality zipper mechanisms and premium stitching which provides a solid tent overall
  • The sparrow also comes with a free ARB branded refrigerator 
  • Compact and portable design that is very durable and long-lasting 

Roofnest Sparrow Cons 

  • Brackets are made from a medium grade metal which isn’t very resistant to excessive weight 
  • The mechanism by which the ladder hooks to the tent to allow you to access the interior of your vehicle is not that secure and you may want to go with a more durable bracket setup 
  • Limited storage space and expandability options which means that you’ll have to purchase extra accessories for expanded space 
  • No extra racks for rooftop storage 

Now that we’ve gone over all of the pros and cons to consider when deciding on whether or not the Sparrow is the right option for you, it’s time to answer some of the most commonly asked questions that people have in regards to this tent. 

Commonly Asked Questions 

Before purchasing the Sparrow, you probably have some questions about the overall design and functionality of the tent in general. Below, we’re going to take a look at some of the most commonly asked questions that many people have about how to use it and figuring out if it has the essential features that you need. 

Q: How can I verify that the Sparrow is compatible with my vehicle?

A: The Sparrow is compatible with all vehicles that have a roof rack on top. As long as you have a mounting rack on top of your vehicle, you will be able to adjust the overall fit of the Sparrow with ease. 

Q: How many people can sleep inside of the Sparrow?

A: The sparrow can fit up to 2 large adults comfortably with its interior design. 

Q: Does the Sparrow come with a warranty? 

A: Yes, the Sparrow comes with a standard 2-year manufacturer warranty which protects you in the event of sorts of accidents 

Should You Buy It? 

Time for the bottom line, we’ve covered all of the important facts that you need to know about the Sparrow before making your final purchase decision, now we’re going to give you our honest opinion about the Roofnest Sparrow so that you will have a clear picture as to whether or not this is the right rooftop tent for your needs. For starters, the Sparrow comes equipped with a lot of advanced integrations such as insulated wall material, an embedded foam mattress, and a hard-shell exterior. 

All of these features combine to make the Sparrow a very reliable and durable rooftop tent option however it does lack in some areas. When out camping or exploring the outdoors, having access to a decent amount of storage space is essential in ensuring that you will be able to quickly use all of the items and accessories you’ve brought with you. The Sparrow has a very limited amount of storage space so you will need to find ways to expand it if you plan on storing large amounts of items. 

The tent itself is not bad, if you’re looking for a lightweight yet durable and easy-to-use rooftop tent for your outdoor adventures, the Roofnest Sparrow is definitely a great choice. 

Alternative Recommendations 

While the sparrow is a very high-quality option for those that want to go camping while having access to a durable tent that is portable and compact, there are several other options out on the market for you to choose from. In the following section, we’re going to take a look at some of the top rooftop tent recommendations out on the market for you to choose from right now so that you will have multiple options to choose from before making your final purchase decision. 

Keep in mind that all of these recommendations will come with different design aspects and build quality so you should always consider your personal needs in order to find the best tent that is just right for you. 

#1 iKamper X-Cover

The iKamper X-Cover features a unique design that ensures that the tent is always in a deployment-ready mode. The tent is made out of a patented material that is very durable and damage resistant so you don’t have to worry about it becoming easily scratched or damaged due to use over time. This tent is outfitted with an easy installation process that only requires you to secure the vehicle using a crossbar system any of which you can choose.

The tent is designed to be compatible with a wide range of different rooftop crossbar systems which makes it compatible with a wide range of different vehicle makes and models.

This tent has enough room to fit up to 2 full-size adults and 2 children so it’s rated for 4 people total and there is more than enough space inside. The tent only weighs about 120lbs which makes it very lightweight and compact. This tent also comes equipped with a window system that provides you a view from multiple angles within the tent to allow you to soak up all that nature has to offer.

#2 FSR Adventure Series A49H

The FSR Adventure Series A49H comes with an all-inclusive design which makes it easy for you to simply set the tent up without any extra installation steps involved. The tent also comes with a large interior living area which makes it perfect for those taking more than one person along on their outdoor journeys.

One really cool feature about the A49H is that it comes with Bluetooth control capabilities which allow you to adjust certain settings in the tent using an app on your smartphone. The tent is also packing integrated air vents which make living on the interior much more comfortable.


We’ve covered all of the most important features and aspects that you need to know about the Sparrow before making your final purchase decision. Before deciding that the Sparrow is right for you, take the time to go through all of the points we’ve gone through in this entire review so that you can make your decision based on accurate information and product knowledge.

If your someone that is looking for a durable and easy-to-use rooftop tent for your upcoming outdoor adventures, the Roofnest Sparrow is one option that we highly recommend. 

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