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Friday 15th of July 2022

hey! on your better-than-otterbox review page, it lists: "Customer Service: Questions asked"

It should say instead, "Customer Service: Questions answered" - at least that's what i think you were trying to say. thanks for the reviews!


Thursday 26th of May 2022

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Thursday 13th of January 2022

Dear friend,

we noticed some of our Amazon goods or our friends' goods were posted on your site. Kindly asking, could I submit deals directly to you? Our team are running dozens of Amazon stores include hundreds of products may be interesting to you. If there is any marketing promotion plan, please let us know.

We are glad to try in coming days.

Thank you!

Looking forward to your reply!

Elvira Wildemer

Wednesday 5th of January 2022


I’m Elvira wildemer and I’m a Content Manager. I recently visited your website and read several blogs.

I really appreciate your website's interesting and meaningful content, I would happy to be a part of your website.

The reason I’m reaching out is to ask if you are accepting sponsored posts. I understand the need for unique and well-researched content, and I am also very passionate about any topic or subject that I write about. Is it still room for me to write some actionable and useful content on your blog?

I’m interested in submitting a sponsored post on your website.

And If you charge any fee, then please let me know.

Awaiting your positive reply,

Regards, Elvira wildemer

Elaine Harbin

Monday 29th of November 2021

Hey All Outdoors Guide Team,

I was browsing the web for sites that could possibly feature our organization when I came across this post of yours (

My question is this: can we commission you to publish an article that will mention our company? We will come up with the article ourselves to ensure that it will not seem like an obvious sales pitch. Of course, we’ll write based on your guidelines.

Alternatively, we could just insert our link into a previously-existing post of yours. We’ll write a relevant sentence or two so that it seems natural.

How much would you charge for such services? We pay via Paypal.

Looking to hear from you soon.

With kindness,

Elaine Harbin Account Manager