what should be the best meals for backpacking

Best Meals for Backpacking – What Should You Pack?

Take a trip to your local camping/outdoor store and you’ll probably find an aisle dedicated to dehydrated meals designed for backpackers and campers. There are a lot of different ways to eat out

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backpacker’s pantry vs mountain house – who has the best meals

Backpacker’s Pantry vs Mountain House – Who Has the Best Meals?

Although sharing a freshly cooked meal around a campfire is perhaps one of the most enjoyable experiences, it’s undoubtedly a bit of a luxury and one that most backpackers will not partake in. The

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everything you need to know about the ula circuit backpack

Everything You Need to Know About the ULA Circuit Backpack

ULA Equipment has a bit of a unique backstory compared to most outdoor gear brands. ULA originally started in 2001 by a man in his garage, armed with sewing machine and ideas for lightweight backpacks.

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fun camping ideas for the whole family

Fun Camping Ideas for the Whole Family

Kids and outdoor adventures go together like peanut butter and jelly, but sometimes parents need to lend a helping hand in keeping their youngsters entertained during a camping trip. Keep the “I’m

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the best knee braces for hiking you will love

The Best Knee Braces for Hiking You’ll Love

Hiking is an excellent way of getting exercise, spending more time with friends and family, and reaping the benefits of being out in nature. For some hiking is a casual activity and something they do on

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everything you need to know about the zamberlan vioz gtx hiking boots

Everything You Need to Know About The Zamberlan Vioz GTX Hiking Boots

Zamberlan is an Italian footwear company that was founded back in 1929. This brand is still owned by the Zamberlan family today, with the third generation siblings now running the company. The Zamberlan

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darn tough vs smartwool - which is the better sock

Darn Tough vs Smartwool [2018 Update] – Which is the Better Sock?

Not all socks are created equal and every outdoor enthusiast who has experienced cold, sweaty, or blistered feet can attest to how important sock selection is. There are a variety of different sock materials

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A Review of the Sawyer MINI Water Filter

The Ultimate Sawyer MINI Water Filter Review: Does It Work?

One of the single most important aspects of staying healthy and safe on the trail is access to fresh, clean water. Even though there are natural water sources far out in the country that are fairly clean

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kleencanteen vs hydroflask

KleanKanteen vs Hydro Flask: Choose One!

When it comes to the world of insulated bottles, there are two brands that reign supreme – and . Both companies make high-quality products and have fan bases that claim their preferred company is

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Fugitive GTX

Asolo Fugitive GTX Boots Review: Are These Worth It?

Asolo is a popular footwear company that creates a range of different shoes but their hiking boots are some of their most popular. The Italian company has been around for nearly 4 generations now and they

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