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A Review of the Oboz Firebrand II Hiking Shoe

A Complete Review of the Oboz Firebrand II Hiking Shoe You Must See First!

The Oboz Footwear brand has been around for a decade now. Originally founded in Bozeman, MT, Oboz is now available worldwide and has succeeded in the very competitive world of outdoor footwear. Aside

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Internal Frame Spotlight – Gregory Deva 60 Review

Internal Frame Spotlight – Gregory Deva 60 Review

Gregory Mountain Products, often referred to as simply Gregory, is a brand with a colorful history beginning in 1977. Gregory’s founder, Wayne Gregory, always had the goal of creating backpacks that

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Arcteryx Fission SV Jacket Review - Stay Warm and Dry

Arcteryx Fission SV Jacket Review – Stay Warm and Dry

Arc’teryx is a Canadian brand created in 1989 with the goal of designing innovative apparel and gear. Unlike other outdoor gear brands that focus on the average consumer, Arc’teryx is a bit

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review of the scarpa zen multisport shoe

Scarpa Zen Multisport Review – A Good Lightweight Hiking Shoe?

Founded in Northern Italy in 1938, Scarpa is an old brand with a colorful history. They are known for their high quality footwear throughout the world, with their gear being used by everyone from science

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keen durand mid wp review

Our Keen Durand Mid WP Review – Pros and Cons

The Keen Durand Mid WP hiking boot is designed with your outdoor needs in mind. Crafted with KEEN PU and a dual compound rubber outsole, this is a hiking booth that offers comfort and durability that will

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top external frame backpack

Best New External Frame Backpacks – Rebirth of External Frames

Over the last few years, external frame backpacks have seen a sort of comeback, if you can call it that. After a long absence on the market, they have begun to resurface with new and innovative designs.

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top hot weather boots

The Best Hot Weather Hiking Boots for Your Next Adventure

When hot weather hits, I’m sure I’m not the only person to ditch my shoes for a pair of airy sandals. Let’s face it. Who really wants to walk around in shoes that are cooking their feet to a sauna

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3 best lightweight rain jackets for backpackers, campers, and outdoorsmen

3 Best Lightweight Rain Jackets for Backpackers, Campers, and Outdoorsmen

It’s very easy to get very miserable real fast in the outdoors.  This is usually related to the weather and rain, snow, and ice that cannot only make you very uncomfortable, but can be life threatening. Experienced

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The Best Internal Frame Backpacks – Get with the Times

The Best Internal Frame Backpacks – Get with the Times!

Did you see the movie Wild recently? Did you chuckle at Cheryl Strayed’s “Monster” backpack? Depending on your age, you might have worn an external framed backpack. During backpacking’s heyday

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the best headlamp for hiking

The Best Headlamp for the Outdoors – 3 Solid Options

It could be argued that one of the most important tools for camping and survival is a headlamp. Granted knives, flint, and shelter are also crucial for time in the woods but you really can’t go without

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