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The Patagonia EVERlong Trail Running Shoe for Women: The Ultimate Review

Minimalistic running shoes have been all the rage lately but many brands have struggled to create a comfortable but tough trail running shoe with this design. It’s no surprise that Patagonia is one

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trail glove 3 reviews

A Merrell Trail Glove 3 Review – A Good Trail Running Shoe?

Merrell has been producing exceptional footwear since 1981. Though they began with a focus on footwear for hikers, they are now a popular and trusted brand amongst backpackers, runners and everyday people

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juxt multisport review

Vasque Juxt MultiSport Review – Are These Shoes Worth the Leather?

Have you ever dreamed about being a Navy SEAL? The Navy SEALs are an elite Special Forces all-male unit trained to conduct military operations on sea, air, and land. They’re pretty badass in our book.

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running hydration packs

The Best Hydration Packs for Running – Don’t Go Running Without One

One of the single most important aspects of successful and safe long-distance running for sport or fun is hydration. Runners of all types, from marathoners to trail runners, can quickly become dehydrated

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