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Backpacker’s Pantry vs Mountain House – Who Has the Best Meals?

Although sharing a freshly cooked meal around a campfire is perhaps one of the most enjoyable experiences, it’s undoubtedly a bit of a luxury and one that most backpackers will not partake in. The

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Darn Tough vs Smartwool – Which is the Better Sock?

Not all socks are created equal and every outdoor enthusiast who has experienced cold, sweaty, or blistered feet can attest to how important sock selection is. There are a variety of different sock materials

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A Review of the Sawyer MINI Water Filter

The Ultimate Sawyer MINI Water Filter Review: Does It Work?

One of the single most important aspects of staying healthy and safe on the trail is access to fresh, clean water. Even though there are natural water sources far out in the country that are fairly clean

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Fugitive GTX

Asolo Fugitive GTX Boots Review: Are These Worth It?

Asolo is a popular footwear company that creates a range of different shoes but their hiking boots are some of their most popular. The Italian company has been around for nearly 4 generations now and they

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CG apparel

Under Armour ColdGear Infrared Apparel – The Full Review

If you are at all into athletics or outdoor sports/activities, it’s safe to say that you’ve heard of Under Armour. Under Armour or UA, was founded in 1996 as a sports clothing and accessories

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A Review of the Gregory Savant 58

Gregory Savant 58 Review: The Backpack That You’ll Love

Gregory Packs is a smaller outdoor gear brand that makes incredibly impressive backpacks. Their name may not be as well known as the bigger companies but those who do know of their quality and expertise

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A Review of the Oboz Sawtooth Mid Hiking Boot

Oboz is a highly respected outdoor gear brand that focuses on making some of the best outdoor footwear you can find. Those familiar with the brand may already be aware of the success of the Sawtooth Low,

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A Review of the Tarptent Notch Shelter

A Review of the Tarptent Notch Shelter: Does it Work as Promised?

Backpacking and camping are enjoyable outdoor activities for everyone, but ultralight backpacking is a more serious venture that typically only the experienced outdoorsmen practice. Ultralight backpacking

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A Review of the REI Base Camp 6 Tent

A Review of the REI Base Camp 6 Tent That You’ll Love

One of the biggest retailers of outdoor gear is REI. REI originally formed back in 1938 and quickly became a go-to source for gear and apparel aimed at outdoor living. They are a household name in the

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Marmot's ROM jacket

The Marmot ROM Jacket Review That You’ll Love

Marmot is all about outdoor gear. You can find everything you need, from tents to backpacks, but their apparel is where you’ll find some real fan-favorites. Some big brands are guilting of charging

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