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benchmade mchenry williams review, is this a quality knife?

Benchmade McHenry Williams Review – Is this a Quality Knife?

If you’re cutting the gear you carry down to the bare essentials, the last item you’d ditch is your knife. You can do without practically everything else but a good blade is vital. It has myriad uses

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review of benchmade north fork knife

A Review of the Benchmade North Fork Knife: Is it Right for You?

Whatever outdoor activity you’re planning, the first item on your kit list should always be a knife. Along with fire it’s one of the most basic tools – when you have a knife you can manufacture almost

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Our Benchmade 940 Review - A Good All Around Survival Knife?

Our Benchmade 940 Review – A Good All Around Survival Knife?

Any time you head into the wilds you should have a few essentials with you, and one of the most important is a good knife. It’s a basic and invaluable tool with one function – to cut things – but

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a review of the benchmade griptilian

Benchmade Griptilian Review – A Versatile Folding Knife?

If you take one piece of equipment with you when you venture off the beaten track, make it a good knife. Whether you’re hiking, hunting or sailing it’s an essential tool that can get you out of a lot

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etrex 20 reviews

Our Garmin eTrex 20 Review – A Good GPS for the Money?

The navigation system built into your smart phone might be fine for casual use, but if you’re serious about outdoor sports you’re much better off getting a proper, dedicated GPS handset. There are

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best hiking gps for your next adventure

The Best Hiking GPS – Don’t Get Lost!

These days just about every smartphone comes with GPS capability, so why would you want to spend money on a dedicated GPS handset? It turns out there are a few reasons. For a start, a lot of phones actually

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Top 3 Best Water Filters for Hiking - Stay Thirsty!

Top 3 Best Water Filters for Hiking – Stay Thirsty!

Fresh, clean water is essential when you’re camping; you’ll want it for drinking, cooking and brushing your teeth at a minimum. The only problem with water is it’s heavy. A one-quart bottle will

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-The 3 Best Solar Chargers for the Outdoors – Free Juice

The 3 Best Solar Chargers for the Outdoors – Free Juice!

Not long ago the only battery-powered gadget most campers carried was a flashlight. If you ran out of spare D cells you’d have to rummage for gear after sunset, and so your reading by firelight, but

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top cold weather gear

The Best Cold Weather Gear for the Outdoors – Start with These!

Winter sports are always popular. Snowmobiling, ice climbing, cross-country skiing and other cold-weather activities are all attracting new devotees to join an already large army of enthusiasts. There’s

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The Best Camping Axe for the Outdoors – 6 Top Selections

Most camping trips involve cutting something at some point. If you just need to cut a length of string, or open a stubborn pack of cookies, a folding knife will do the job for you. That’s just one reason

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