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A Review of the Montane Transition 100 Bag

A Lightweight Bag That Works? The Full Montane Transition 100 Bag Review

Montane is a UK outdoor gear brand specializing in providing apparel and equipment for endurance sports and athletic activities in the harshest environments. Montane, as a brand, focuses on certain design

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Best Backpacking Breakfast Ideas

My Ultimate List of Backpacking Breakfast Ideas

Breakfast is the the most important meal of the day. A healthy, satisfying breakfast essentially sets the stage for a productive, enjoyable day on the trail. This meal raises your energy levels and gives

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Top 3 Best Survival lighters

Top 3 Best Survival Lighters to Keep The Fire Going

Fire is high on the list of survival priorities, second only to shelter. If you’re caught outdoors in bad weather you need to get a fire going to help you keep your core temperature up. In any long-term

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The Top 3 Best Backpacking Pants for Women

The Top 3 Best Backpacking Pants for Women That You’ll Love to Have

If you’ve ever gone backpacking in denim or sweatpants, you probably found out the hard way that these types of pants just aren’t cut out of hiking activities. When it comes to backpacking

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The Top 3 Best Compass Options for Hiking

Find Your Way: The Top 3 Best Compass Options for Hiking

Most serious hikers probably have a handheld GPS for navigation. GPS may be easy to use but everyone should be able to navigate with the basics- a compass and a map. It’s highly recommended that

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The Top 3 Best Filtered Water Bottles

The Top 3 Best Filtered Water Bottles for Any Hike

There aren’t many activities quite as peaceful as hiking out into the backcountry, surrounded by nothing but nature. Outdoor adventures and activities are just as good for the mind as they are for

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Sleep Easy Anywhere: My Top 3 Best Backpacking Hammocks

Hammock camping and backpacking is becoming more popular than ever as people of all types realize how much easier and more comfortable this shelter is over traditional tents. There are unfortunately a

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7 Best Hiking Apps for True Outdoor Enthusiasts

Smartphones may seem more at home in an urban setting but more and more outdoor enthusiasts are relying on their phones to improve their adventuring experience. There are obvious ways phones can be useful,

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Kelty PK 50 Review – Does This Backpack Work as Expected?

Kelty has been around since 1952 and began as a husband-wife team with a goal for creating high quality outdoor gear. The days of making backpacks in a garage were short lived as just within a few years

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The Best Dehydrated Backpacking Meals to Bring on Your Next Trip

Every backpacker knows that the best way of eating well on the trail is to have prepared dehydrated meals. Dehydrated meals weigh significantly less than fresh food, take up less space, and are fast to

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